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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Wear When What Why.

We launched in July 2022 with the aim of being the number one online packing guide exploring how to pack for different seasons for global locations and tourist attractions.

The site is run by Leona, a successful blogger and writer with a passion for travel. Leona has lived all around the world with her husband and two children including UK, Netherlands, Qatar and the UAE and has travelled extensively including completing a round the world trip with a toddler.

Leona found that packing guides on the internet are usually fashion focussed and aren’t the practical guides that Leona and her family needed which is how Wear When What Why has been formed.

On this site we aim to give you the most practical packing guides on the internet for women, men and children for all seasons and destinations.

While we aim to have the most comprehensive coverage, this site is still new so if there is a location or place you have a question about please do get in touch.

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