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Can you wear crocs to Universal Studios?

Can you wear crocs to Universal Studios?

Can you wear crocs to Universal Studios? In this guide we will tell you if you can wear crocs to Universal Studios in Orlando or Hollywood as well as look at how comfortable crocs are for a full day in the park. a

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Can you wear Crocs at Universal Studios?

In short you absolutely can wear crocs to both Universal Studios Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood. In fact my family always have crocs with them whether they are visiting Universal Studios no matter the location.

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Can you wear crocs to Universal Studios?

Although there are strict rules about what you can’t wear in the parks, Crocs are definitely not on them.

However now that you know you can wear them – the next questions should be are Crocs comfortable for Universal Studios? And if Crocs are good for Universal Studios?

Are Crocs comfortable for Universal Studios?

In my opinion yes Crocs are definitely comfortable for Universal Studios and to be honest Crocs are always on my Universal Studios packing lists.

The reason we think Crocs are comfortable for Universal Studios are:

  • They are breathable and are good in hot weather because of the holes.
  • They are comfortable for lots of walking.
  • They are comfortable even when wet which is especially if you. are traveling to Florida or Orlando in the rainy season.
  • They offer more support and are better for your feet than flips flips

Note: If you are considering packing flip flops be sure to check out our Can you wear flip flops to Universal Studios post before putting your packing list together.

Top Tip: Whatever you decide to wear to Universal Studios please make sure you wear them in first as there is nothing worse than getting a blister at a theme park.

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Are Crocs good for Universal Studios?

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Can you wear crocs to Universal Studios?

As we said above we think that Crocs are good for Universal Studios as they are comfortable to walk long distances in – and trust me you will be walking a lot in the park. The lowest step count I’ve ever had for a day at Universal Studios was 20K. For this reason good shoes for walking in theme parks is essential.

Crocs are also a good pick for wet weather and water rides at Universal of which there are many i.e.

  • Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls (a log flume ride which you will inevitably get drenched on).
  • Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges and
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure.

I find that water rides at Universal tend to get you wetter than the counterparts at Disney World. Therefore having shoes that can cope with water rides is important. For this reason we think crocs are better than sneakers as they dry quickly and the water can get out of them and they are breathable if you are traveling to a park during warm weather.

We also love the fact that you can get some great Jibbitz that are themed for rides at Universal Studios i.e. Harry Potter Jibbitz.

However it is worth noting that you may have to remove your Crocs on some rides if you choose to wear them without the back strap. The rides where you may be asked to do this are rides where your legs dangle.

What are the best Crocs for Universal Studios?

One of the things we love about wearing Crocs at Universal Studios in both Orlando or California is that you can buy many that are themed to your favorite Universal characters and films.

The main reason we travel to Universal is to visit Harry Potter World and for this reason Harry Potter crocs are my favorite!

Though there is nothing wrong with just wearing plain Crocs you have at home of course. It is just we love to wear themed items as much as we can whenever we are in an amusement parks.

Best Crocs Accessories for Universal Studios

However if you don’t want to go to the expense of buying specially themed Universal Studio Crocs you can buy some Crocs accessories. These accessories are called Jibbitz and you can get them related to Harry Potter, Marvel characters, and The Simpsons to name just a few! that you can use to theme your Crocs in the park but can remove them easily when wearing at home.

These Croc bade accessories are called Jibbitz

Where to Buy Crocs for Universal Studios


If you want to buy Universal crocs before you travel the best place we have found is on Amazon. There is a huge variety and the price point is very competitive.

Click here to shop Crocs on Amazon.

Crocs Online and Crocs Stores

The Crocs direct retailer, both physical and online is of course another great place to buy Crocs.

Orlando Superstores

Also the Orlando Superstores in the vicinity of the parks had a great selection of Crocs. So even if you leave yours at home you should be able to buy some locally to the park.

Have you worn Crocs to Universal Studios? Let us know your experience in the comments below!