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Cruella Disneybound Ideas

Cruella Disneybound Ideas

Are you looking for Cruella Disneybound ideas? In this guide we round up our favorite Cruella de Vil Disney bound outfits.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What is Disneybounding?

What is Disney bounding? Disney Bounding is essentially a way for teenagers and adults who can’t dress as their favourite characters to pay homage to them through their outfit choices.

Disneybounding Rules

As I mentioned above, anyone over the age of 14 (except at special events) can not enter the park in a costume or cosplay outfit. However, Disney bounding is perfectly acceptable attire in the parks as long as you follow the below general rules

  • Your outfit can not be qualified as a costume
  • You do not sign autographs as a character or pretend to be a Cast Member
  • It does not contain anything that could be deemed offensive or not family friendly
  • No Disneybound can drag along the floor. 

How to put together a Cruella Disneybound? How to Dress like Cruella

When I am putting together a Disneybound for any character there are a few things I look at about the character’s original costume.

The first thing I look at is always the color of the characters costume. I try to replicate this as closely as I can or I might try and invert the color scheme.

Therefore if you want to dress like Cruella I suggest you incorporate the colors red, white and black. And of course with her obsession with Dalmatians you could add something with white and black spots.

The next thing I consider is the silhouette. For Cruella this is quite slick with a fur coat which may or may not be practical depending on your park – more on this later.

And lastly I consider any motifs or patterns associated with a character. For Cruella this has to be spots, fur and of course Dalmatians.

Now we have considered how to dress like Cruella we will now turn our attention to what to wear for a Cruella Disney bound.

When to Wear a Cruella Disneybounding Outfit

You can wear a Cruella Disneybounding outfit whenever you visit the parks however I think the best times to wear a Cruella Disneybound is in September and October as part of the Halloween Season in the parks.

For more information on what to wear during the Halloween seasons in the parks check out our guides below:

I also love trying to wear my Disneybounds when I am meeting the character I am bounding as. Cruella isn’t a permanent character meet and greet in any Disney park around the world however you are more likely to see her in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

Last time we were at Disneyland we saw Cruella in a calvacade several times and you are more likely to see her during Halloween Parades and of course the halloween parties.

What to wear for a Cruella Disney bound?

Note: This Cruella De Vil Disneybound has been put together with classic Cruella from 101 Dalmatians in mind. If you would like inspiration for a Disneybound from the Cruella film then especially the iconic red dress check out this Cruella red dress Disneybound ideas post.


Although Cruella normally wears a dress, I would suggest wearing a skirt and top or short and top instead of a dress purely for practicality reasons.

Dresses can be more cumbersome getting on and off of ride so I personall normally go for some spotty shorts however I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it for a CRuella Disneybound.

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Red Shoes

I often get asked about the best shoes for Disney and I always say comfort is key. Always make sure you have worn in your shoes before you visit Disney and have a pair with you that can cope with a lot of walking.

If you are doing a Disney bound especially for a character such as Cruella it can be tempting to want to add red heels to the outfit. This however isn’t practical and therefore we recommend adding a red pair of sneakers instead. I personally love these Toms.

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However if you want to add heels to the outfit then I recommend taking for use in photos but having something more practical with you for the rest of the day.


Ears are an essential part of any Disney outfit in my opinion. Ears also work for a Disney bound. I love these ears for a Cruella Disney hound.

Faux Fur Coat

If you are planning to do your Disneybound in Disneyland Paris in October then a faux fur coat is fine. The weather at Disneyland Paris is cooler than in Florida and California and will be a great layer especially for the nighttime Halloween parties and parades.

If you are traveling to Paris or in Winter for a DInseybound this faux fur will complete the outfit however we recommend another time of jacket

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When a faux fur coat is impractical I would instead pleb for a white leather jacket, particularly if you can get a a racer type that would suit Cruella and her road rage driving.

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We always recommend packing a Day bag for Disney whichever park you are going to. If you are going to Disney with a baby then you can use your nappy bag for lots of stuff and in truth any backpack will work. However if you want to add a bit of Disney magic to your outfit we think the best backpack for a Disneybound is a lounge fly one.

Loungefly have Disney bags themed to every film and virtually every character including Cruella De Vil. We love this Cruella De Vil backpack to finish off the perfect Cruella Disney bound outfit.

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Have you ever done a Cruella Disneybound? Let us know below what you wore and where you went.