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The Versailles Dress Code Explained

The Versailles Dress Code Explained

Have questions about the Versailles dress code? In this guide we tell you what to wear in Versailles for every season along with examples.

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Versailles Dress Code

People in Gallery in Versailles
Versailles Dress Code

Versailles is one of the most popular day trips to take from Palace and is renowned for its ornate interiors, in particular the Hall of Mirrors.

So what should you wear to Versailles Palace and is there a Versailles Dress Code.

I was surprised to see that there is actually a dress code in Versailles, however it is not too rigid.

The Versailles dress code states that:

  • visitors must dress appropriately
  • Visitors must dress in a manner that does not cause offence or public disorder
  • shoes can not be removed in the grounds and buildings of Versailles Palace
  • shirts must be worn in the grounds and building of Versailles Palace.

However it is also worth noting that the Versailles restaurants do have their own dress codes. If you dine at the Versailles Palace Restaurants then you should stick to a smart casual dress code at a minimum.

What Can You Not Bring to Versailles

Although the dress code at Versailles is not overly strict, there are some things that you can not bring to Versailles Palace.

Things that you can not bring into Versailles Palace are:

  • metal framed strollers and prams
  • food and drink
  • photography accessories such as selfie sticks
  • animals.

Also bags over 55cm x 35cm x 20cm are not permitted inside Versailles.

What to Wear to Versailles for Women

Woman in Versailles
What to wear in Versailles Dress Code Rules

If you are visiting Versailles in Summer or one of the shoulder seasons then I recommend wearing one of the below:

A Maxi Dress

A loose and flowing style is very on brand for Paris in Summer and will help keep you cool in the heat.

Also Versailles is one of the most instagrammable and photogenic places in Paris so a nice dress can make for some great photographs.

A Maxi Skirt

Maxi dresses paired with a blouse, t shirt or a tank is a perfect combo for Versailles in Summer.

Loose Cool Cotton or Linen Trousers

Although there are no dress codes that say you can’t wear jeans to Versailles however we do not recommend them for Versailles in the summer as you will be too hot.

However in Winter and cooler days a pair of jeans and jumper are a great choice.

A Blouse

A blouse is great for Versailles as it is a great day to night transition piece if you are going straight from the palace to dinner in Paris.

Sweater / Top Layer

We always recommend bringing a sweater with you to Versailles in Summer. Versailles can get quite windy and it is usually a few degrees cooler in Versailles than it is in Paris. Therefore you will want one additional layer with you for a day trip to Versailles from Paris.

In Winter and the shoulder seasons you probably will need a coat or jacket.

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What to Wear to Versailles for men

There is no specific dress code for men at Versailles so long as you keep shoes and shirts on.

In Summer we recommends cool cotton ankle length trousers and t shirt for summer but jeans and sweaters in the winter are perfect.

Best Shoes for Versailles

Any day trip to Versailles Palace involves a lot of walking. From walking through the Room of Mirrors to exploring the grounds, or simply getting there on public transit, you are definitely going to rack up the step count.

For this reason we recommend wearing sneakers on a day trip to Versailles whatever season you are visiting. In summer we recommend taking a lightweight and breathable sneaker such as an All Birds tree runner, as Paris can be hot in Summer.

However if you want a sandal we recommend making sure you have something that has good arch support for all the walking you will be doing.

And in Winter, we recommend selecting a shoe with some waterproofing as Paris can be rainy in Winter.

FAQS about what to pack for Versailles

Can I bring a picnic to Versailles?

Yes picnics are allowed in the park of Versailles. A great spot for this is on the Saint Anthony Plain, between the Palace and the Trianon palaces

Do you have questions about the Versailles Dress Code we haven’t answered here? Please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.