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Ultimate Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe

Ultimate Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe

Are you looking for the best cottage capsule wardrobe? In this guide we tell you how to have fill your wardrobe with cute cottagecore outfits while still maintaining a minimalist wardrobe.

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But before we get onto the specific items we put in our favorite cottagecore capsule wardrobe items, we first thought it would be a good idea to tell you the things you should be considering as you put together your cottagecore outfits and what a capsule wardrobe.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

To know what a cottagecore capsule wardrobe is, it is worth outlining what a capsule wardrobe actually is!

Generally speaking a capsule wardrobe is a method of limiting the amount of clothes you buy or what you pack for vacation by creating more minimalist packing lists, and thus preventing you from overpacking or buying unnecessary wardrobe items.

Any capsule wardrobe uses a few key pieces of clothing to make up several mix and match outfits. Basically meaning that every piece of your wardrobe, can be used in multiple outfits to create completely different outfits.

So now you know what a capsule wardrobe is we will turn our attention to the cottagecore capsule wardrobe.

What is Cottagecore?

Woman with back to camera wearing a pink floral dress in a field
Cottagecore capsule wardrobe (outfits and aesthetic inspiration)

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that idealises rural life. It usually celebrates a more European rural aesthetic rather than an American country one and was an aesthetic founded on the internet and gained traction through tumblr.

What is a Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe?

A cottagecore capsule wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe that celebrates European rural style. It usuallyt incorporates a lot of florals, pastel colors and puff sleeves which will be incorporated into our capsule wardrobe.

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How to put together a Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe

Woman with back to camera wearing a blue floral in a field
Cottagecore capsule wardrobe (outfits and aesthetic inspiration)

Whenever I am putting together a capsule wardrobe I always start making my wardrobe in the same way using a couple of considerations these are:

Color palettes

Having a clear color palette is essential for creating any successful capsule wardrobe. Cottagecore capsule wardrobes are usually inspired by florals and more pastel palettes.

Therefore you tend to find lots of:

  • pinks and lavenders
  • light blues,
  • and muted yellows and grens.

Plan out your outfits in advance

Whenever I am packing my capsule wardrobes, I always lay my clothes out and plan my outfit combinations.

This way you know that everything you have goes in your outfits and can be used multiple times. This is why I like the sudoku method as it is the easiest method of laying out outfits.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are a big part of cottagecore outfits. Cottons and linen are perfect for cottagecore looks.

Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe Essential Items

So now you know the principles of how to put together a cottagecore capsule wardrobe we will look at some of our favorite pieces to include no matter the destination.

This guide has been split by pieces for easier navigation but if you use the items we lay out in this guide you will have enough outfits that can work for multiple settings and scenarios.

Best Dresses, Skirts and Pants for Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobes

Usually when I start putting together my capsule wardrobes I start with the pants / trousers first as this is usually the most difficult part to coordinate. However, in the cottagecore movement you will generally see people wearing more dresses and skirts than pants as part of its aesthetic.

The essentials on your coastal capsule wardrobe list are:

Floral Dress

Floral dresses and summer dresses are a huge part of the cottagecore look. Usually they will be midi in length but sometimes maxi length. Dresses and skirts in cottage core are never short.

We like to incorporate delicate floral patterns and pastel colors in our cottage core dresses and as puff sleeves are a huge part of the aesthetic we like to have a dress with a puff sleeve.

Linen Dress

Natural fabrics are an important part of the cottagecore aesthetic so linen dresses are a great if not essential addition to your cottagecore capsule wardrobe. Pinafore style dresses also marry with the cottagecore look.

Linen Trousers / Linen pants

Although dresses and skirts are more popular with many cottagecore fans, a linen trousers is a good pant pick.

We like to pick linen pants in a neutral color such as cream, beige or white as they work well no matter the color you pick for your capsule wardrobe.


Although for tropical beach destinations jeans are not a great pick. But for the New England style coastal grandmother jeans are a good addition. To fit into this aesthetic we recommend selecting a light blue wash pair in a thinner denim.

Also as you are going coastle looser silhouettes are more fitting than skinny ones.


When looking for skirts to add to your wardrobe we recommend going with something flowing and tiered.

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Best Tops for Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobes

So now you know our favorite bottoms for your cottagecore capsule wardrobe we will turn our attention to tops.

And our first pick has to be:

Blouse / Shirt

Blouses and shirts are a better pick than t shirts and tank tops for the cottagecore look. There are two types of blouse tops that I think go well in cottage core.

The traditional peasant style blouse like this.

And the other type I like is a simple floral blouse

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Best Layers for your cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe

Cottagecore capsule wardrobes have layers that are great for each season.

My favorite layers are:


For cottage core I like a cardigan with some floral patterning.

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Something cosy that works across seasons is perfect.

Cottagecore Shoes

Shoes can often be the difficult part of the cottage core look. However picking traditional style European shoes is a great way to find the perfect cottage core shoe.


Soda Women’s Topic Black Nubuck Syntheticsandals (Tan Nubuck, numeric_8_point_5)
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  • Cute and comfortable Wedge Sandals
  • Ankle Strap Style for easy on/off
  • Fashion Espadrilles Wedge Sandal

A sandal is perfect for cottagecore looks. We like something leather or fabric.

Mary Janes

A Classic Mary Jane is another shoe essential for your wardrobe.


If you want a winter cottagecore outfit a Victorian style boot is perfect.

Best Accessories for your Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobes

Everyone knows that good accessories can transform an outfit and can really help elevate a capsule wardorbe. For coastal looks the accessories we recommend selecting:

A Pashmina

Pashminas are so versatile as a great layering piece and are always part of my perfect cottagecore capsule wardrobe. They can be used as an extra layer in the cooler weather and of course they are a great day to style an outfit differently for a day to night transition.

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Jewelry in cottagecore wardrobes is usually more minimalist and delicate but it is worth having a couple of pieces with you particularly for evening looks.



Hats are an essential for cottagecore wardrobe in summer. We like a wide-brimmed hat that can protect your face from the sun.

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Hair Scarf

A hair scarf and headbands are another favorite accessory in the cottagecore wardrobe.

Winter Cottage Core Outfits

The above cotttagecore essentials are great for summer and spring and fall outfits. However if you want a Winter cottagecore look we recommend adding

Cord Trousers

Our preference is a high waisted cord that is warm.

Thick Knits

Thick knits that are cosy are essential for your Winter cottage core wardrobe.

We hope this has helped you put together your own cottagecore Capsule wardrobe! And we would love to hear about your cottagecore looks in the comments below.