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What to wear in Barcelona in September

What to wear in Barcelona in September

Are you wondering what to wear in Barcelona in September? We cover everything you need to add to your what to pack for Barcelona in September list to help you deal with the heat, dress for Barcelona dress codes and more.

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Weather in Barcelona in September

Although technically summer in Barcelona ends at the start of the month, you will still get pretty warm temperatures throughout the month.

How hot is Barcelona in September?

Parc Guell full of tourists
What not to wear in Spain

Even though you are moving into Fall/ Autumn, Barcelona is still pretty warm in September. In fact the average low is a balmy 20C / 69 F with average highs of 26C / 79F.

With this in mind you need to fill your packing list with lightweight and natural fabrics that will cope with the hot temperatures. Also remember, Barcelona has lots of beaches – 40kms of them are in fact inside Barcelona city limits. So you will want your swimwear / resort wear with you too!

Note: the weather between months changes quite dramatically in Barcelona and between regions in Spain. Therefore if your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly:

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Does it rain a lot in September in Barcelona?

The rainfall difference between August and September in Barcelona is quite noted. In fact in September you will get around 10 days of rain, though it is likely to only be significant on 5 of them.

With around 86mm of rain falling across the whole month.

What to Wear in Barcelona in September

Best Shoes for Barcelona in September

People walking down La Rambla in Barcelona in May
What to wear in Barcelona in May for sightseeing

When thinking about shoes for Barcelona in September I would say they fall into three categories

  • Sightseeing Shoes
  • Night time shoes and
  • Beach shoes

And for all three of these shoes it is important that they can cope with the heat.

With all this in mind I normally pack 3 pairs of shoes for a week in Barcelona in September. The shoes that always make it on my packing list for this time of year are:


Sneakers are the best shoe for Barcelona in September. The reason is because you will be doing a lot of walking in Barcelona and as a hilly city, you will need good shoes.

That is why sneakers are the best shoe for Barcelona at any time of year.

When looking at sneakers for Barcelona in September look for something that is not only lightweight bit also breathable.

The reason for this is that you don’t want to get sweaty feet or have stinky shoes in your aconmodation. And remember to wear them with sneaker socks to reduce odour and sweat.

Currently our go to hot weather sneaker are the Tree Model Sneakers from AllBirds which are good for regulating foot temperature.


After sneakers my favorite shoe for Barcelona in Summer is a sandal and these tend to be what I wear for going out to dinner in Spain in summer especially for when going for tapas which involves walking between bars.

My favorite style of sandal for Barcelona is flat Spanish style sandals. I have even been known to pick up a pair or two as a souvenir from Spain.

I like to wear a sandal instead of sneaker for dinner in Spain, even for tapas which usually has a more casual dress code.

And if you want a shoe with height, which I don’t tend to advise for Barcelona, I would say go with a wedge as these are safer on cobble stone streets.

 Click here to shop sandals.

Flip Flops

These are only needed if you plan to hit the beach in Barcelona.

Note: Water shoes are unlikely to be necessary in Barcelona on the beach as the beaches are sandy rather than rocky.

What to Wear in Barcelona in September for women

Woman in parc Guell
What to wear in Barcelona in September

Skirts and dresses

As I have mentioned before, in Barcelona really anything goes so select skirts and dress types that you are most comfortable in. Though having said that I would recommend sticking to natural fabrics due to the heat in September.

On top of these I would personally choose summer dresses that are more flowing than tight fitting, again to help cope with the heat.

The only place where you will have to be careful in the type of skirt or dress you wear is at the Sagrada Familia which requires a modest dress code i.e. shoulders and knees covered for entry. Click here to shop dresses.


Linens tend to be my go to trouser for Barcelona in September but chinos and cotton capris are also a good choice.

If you do decide on picking linen, be sure to check out our guide on how to pack linen for travel.

Personally I don’t wear jeans in Barcelona in early September as it is just too hot to be comfortable. Click here to shop trousers

On top of trousers you will definitely want a pair of


These are great for beaches and for sightseeing, just not for churches. Click here to shop shorts.

T Shirt

Barcelona in September is still hot, and being a casual city we recommend bringing short sleeve t shirts. Long sleeve t shirts are probably too hot.

Tank tops are erfectly acceptable anywhere in Barcelona other than in religious settings where you can use a pashmina to make your outfit adhere to dress code.

In Barcelona you will see everything from bold colors with patterns to plain darks so pick the t shirt that you feel most comfortable in. Click here to shop t shirts.


A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights. And something with a longer sleeve can help protect you from mosquitos which are rampant in Barcelona in September.

Click here to shop blouses


A pashmina should be on your Barcelona packing list whatever the month of travel . It is just such a versatile accessory.

It can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler evenings and can help make your outfit more modest for visits to places such as the Sagrada Familia. Shop pashminas here.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are best especially if your Barcelona accommodation does not have air conditioning which not all Spanish accommodation does.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying. We recommend having a few pairs of sneaker socks with you to help reduce the sweat and smell inside of your sneaker when sightseeing.


Sunglasses are essential in Barcelona during the Summer.


I always recommend taking a sun hat if you are visiting Barcelona in summer. Whenever I travel with a sun hat I recommend taking this as carry on instead of a suitcase to help maintain the hats shape.

In Barcelona straw hats are more commonly worn on the beaches, but you may want to consider a less beachy hat for the city and sightseeing also. Click here to shop sunhats.


If you plan on spending anytime on Barcelona beaches be sure to remember to pack your swimwear for both sunbathing and swimming.

You will see a mixture of one pieces and bikinis on Barcelona beaches so wear what you feel most comfortable in.

It is worth noting however that most people will cover on the board walk so it is worth having a beach cover or a sarong with you also. Shop swimwear here.

What to pack for Barcelona in September for Men

Men putting together a packing list for Barcelona in September should really be putting hot weather at the forefront of their mind and pack accordingly.

Key pieces for your Barcelona Mens Packing list have to be:

Chinos/Linen Trousers

As with the packing list for women chinos and linen trousers are perfect for Barcelona in September as they are the perfect weight for the weather. Click here to shop men’s summer trousers.


Shorts are also a great choice for September especially on beaches and days when you aren’t visiting the Sagrada Familia.

Locals tend to wear more tailored shorts over cargo shorts and whatever you do don’t pair shorts with socks and sandals as nothing will make you more like a tourist than this look! Click here to shop shorts.

T Shirts and Shirts

Short sleeve t shirts are perfect for sightseeing during the day in September.

However for evenings I would recommend having a button down shirt if you are planning on going to a nicer sit down restaurant.


An essential for men and women who plan on visiting the beach on their Barcelona vacation or staying somewhere with pool access. If neither of these things apply to you then you can leave the swimwear at home. Shop mens swimwear here.


An essential no matter the month but particularly essential for September.


For same reason as above.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

Again, if you plan on doing lots of walking in sneakers we recommend having some sneaker socks with you to reduce sweat and odour in your shoe.

What Else to Pack for Barcelona in September

Woman walking in Barcelona in Summer
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun  – just in case you get burnt but I hope you don;t/ Aftersun
  • Insect Repellant you do get mosquitos in Barcelona in the summer
  • Travel Adaptor  – For my American readers you will need an EU Type C Country plug adapter
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger
  • Crossbody bag – one with plenty of zips that can put off pick pockets is best. Unfortunately there are some issues with pickpockets in Barcelona as there are in many big cities that are tourist attractions. I am not saying this to scare you but because I really think careful bag selection is important for Barcelona.
  • Towelfor those planning on spending time on the beach. We recommend a quick dry one where possible.
  • camera – it is a beautiful city you will want to take lots of photographs

FAQs about September Barcelona Packing List

Woman in Park Guell in Barcelona
What to wear in Barcelona in September

Can I wear a bikini on a beach in September?

Yes you can absolutely can wear a bikini on a beach in Barcelona.

You will see the whole range of swimwear on Barcelona beaches from bikinis, thongs, and one pieces for women and trunks to Speedos for men. Therefore pick the swinwear you feel most comfortable in.

What to wear to dinner in Barcelona in September?

Barcelona is a great foodie city. From great tapas bars to fancy Michelin starred restaurants, Barcelona has something for everyone.

And while Barcelona is a casual city, you will find that most people tend to stick to smart casual dress codes for more high end dinner.

In the Boqueria Market Barcelona however there is a casual dress code.

Top Tip: Just remember if you are dining by water, there may be mosquitos so you may want some longer length tops and bottoms with you to reduce your risk of being bitten

What would you add to this Barcelona September Packing List?