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What to wear in Florida in Summer

What to wear in Florida in Summer

Are you wondering what to wear in Florida in Summer? Summer in Florida is classified as June, July and August so no matter whether you are heading to Disney World and theme parks, Orlando, Miami or the Keys during this time we have the perfect outfit inspiration for you!

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Note: This guide covers the Florida generally however if you are going to a specific theme park you may want to check out our dedicated posts.

Florida Weather in Summer 

Couple at sunset taking selfie on beach in FLorida
What to wear in Florida in Summer (June, July and August)

Floridian summers are known for being hot and humid. In fact the temperatures regularly reach 92-95F in the summer but it is not unknown for temperatures to get to over 100F.

Also with the high temperatures it should come as no surprise that the hot and humid weather is broken with big afternoon thunderstorms so you need to be prepared to experience some rain on your Florida summer vacation.

What to Wear in Florida in Summer (June, July or August)

In this section of our guide what to wear in Florida in Summer for men, women and children whether you are hanging out at the beach or pool, hitting the theme parks or visiting other attractions such as the Space Center, Florida Keys or heading to Miami.

What to wear in Florida in Summer for Women 

Woman in pink top and shorts on beach in Florida
What to wear in Florida in Summer (June, July and August)

T Shirts

One of the things I love about Florida is how casual a place it is. For this reason t shirts and tank tops are my go to top for summer.

If you are going to the theme parks then we also recommend taking some themed ones with you either just regular Disney or Universal character ones. 

Also it is worth noting that you will see theme park related attire in most of the shops and restaurants in Orlando (particularly in the more casual eateries on International Drive for example). Therefore don’t feel like you have to only wear theme park attire only in the theme parks.


When I think of Florida I think of theme parks and beaches. Both of these locations of course have the potential for you to get very wet. 

As Orlando in Summer is definitely short weather we recommend bringing a couple of pairs of shorts with you, including a pair of Quick Dry shorts with you just in case you get wet at one of these locations 

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Dresses are my number one pick for beaches as not only can a maxi dress double as a beach cover, they can also be used in restaurants at resorts and in evenings when you go out. 

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A hoodie is great for airplane outfits when you are heading to beach destinations and can be good for lounging around the pool on cooler days. 

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Although the weather is hot in summer it is also wet. For this reason we recommend taking a packaway waterproof.

And if you don’t pack your waterproof you will at least want to keep a poncho with you!


Whether you plan on hitting the beach, waterparks or even John Pennekamp State Park you will need swimwear with you for Florida. I usually pack two pieces of swimwear so I always have one to wear and one to dry.

You can pick the style of swimwear you are most comfortable in however if you plan to visit waterparks you may find it easier to have a one piece of tankini with you for the slides.

For men, a pair of board short style trunks are perfect as they work for beaches, pools and waterparks alike. 

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Rash Vest 

As I mentioned, the sun in Florida can be fierce. I personally burn easily so always pack a rash vest.

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Again, for added sun protection, always have a hat with you wherever you are traveling in Florida and spending a lot of time outside.

I like to wear a straw hat when at the beach but Florida is a casual place so a baseball cap is equally acceptable.

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Beach Cover

For those times you are wandering around on the beach or grabbing a bite or drink I recommend having a beach cover with you that is easy to pull on and off.

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Best Shoes for Florida in Summer

When visiting Florida you will definitely need a couple of pairs of shoes with you due to the different types of locations you will be visiting. However the most important thing is that you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes with you.

Whenever we visit Florida we always visit at least one theme parks in Orlando and during our theme park days we always do at least 25K steps a day. For this reason having a good pair of walking shoes in an absolute essential.

We recommend taking the following shoes with you on any visit to Orlando:


Whether you are visiting the beaches, malls or theme parks in Orlando you will be needing a good pair of sneakers with you.

Most places you will visit in Florida will require a lot of walking especially at places like Walt Disney World. Therefore we recommend packing your most comfortable pair of sneakers. 

It doesn’t matter what they look like so long as you find them comfortable. My favorite sneakers tend to be Sketchers Go Walk, Toms or an All BIrds sneaker for walking days. Just be sure if you buy new sneakers you have worn them in before you travel. 

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Sandals are great for beaches and restaurants in Florida.

Flip Flops

You will not want to wear these for days where you are doing lots of walking however they are useful for beach and pool days and won’t take up much space in your case.

Water shoes

Now flips flops are great for walking around at the waterpark but for beaches in Florida I like to pack a pair of water shoes too especially if you plan on spending time snorkeling and doing watersp

What not to pack for Florida in Summer

Orlando I always think of as a relaxed dress code place and as such there isn’t a long list of what not to wear in Florida in Summer. But given the casual nature of Florida you are unlikely to need formal wear unless you have a specific event you need it for. 

Also I would avoid synthetic fabrics as they will make you sweat. Also although we recommend packing flip flops we would not use them on flip flops.

Florida Packing List (Non Clothing)

Couple in a green beach hut on Miami beach
What to wear in Miami

Sunscreen and Waterproof Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential whatever time of year you are visiting Florida. Just be sure to take plenty with you and apply it regularly to make sure you don’t burn. 

Also be sure to pack waterproof sunscreen if you are planning to spend time at the many Florida beaches, Hotel pools or some of the waterparks. 

If you or your children are prone to burning then you may want to add a rash vest

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Make Up

Florida is a relatively casual place so bring as much or little of make up as you want. Basically just do what you feel most comfortable in. However if you are bringing a foundation or moisturizer then we recommend one with added UV Protection. 

For our essential guide to the best travel toiletries to pack check out this post.

Beach Bag

As you will be spending a lot of time on the beach you will want a beach bag with you.


If you are planning long theme park days we recommend packing a backpack with you.


Sunglasses again are an essential whatever time of year you visit Orlando. 

Water Bottle

As you will be visiting a lot of hot places during your October trip to Orlando, pack a water bottle with you. Save the planet and your pennies at the same time. 


Is it warm enough to swim in Florida in Summer?

It is absolutely possible to swim in Florida in Summer, in fact with the high temperatures and humid weather swimming can be a very refreshing break from the summer weather. We recommend packing at last one piece of swimwear with you if you plan to visit Florida in Summer.

What to wear in Florida at Night?

If you are wondering what to wear in Florida at Night there is good news. Florida has a relatively relaxed dress code at night. 

Most people eating out in Florida will have come straight from the theme parks or the beaches and therefore you see a lot of relaxed attire in restaurants in Florida. 

Just be sure to bring a pashmina or blazer or added layer as the restaurants in Florida have fierce air conditioning and it can get quite chilly. 

Have you visited Florida  in Summer? We’d love to hear what you wore and anything you wished you’d left behind in the comments.