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What to wear in Greece in November

What to wear in Greece in November

Are you wondering what to wear in Greece in November? We cover everything you need to add to your what to pack for Greece in November list to help you deal with the Fall weather, create outfits appropriate for dress codes and more. So whether you are traveling to the mainlands or the islands keep reading to find out how to dress for Greece so you don’t look like a tourist.

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Weather in Greece in November

Although November is still Fall in Greece you will find that the weather is getting more Wintery. So what can you expect from the weather in Greece in November?

Parthenon in November
What to wear in Greece in November

And while in this guide I will give you an overview of the Greek weather in November it is important to point out that there inevitably some regional differences across Greece especially between the islands, the mountains and the rest of mainland Greece in this shoulder season.

Therefore if you would like some more specific weather information check out our regional packing lists too:

Also it is worth noting that the weather between months changes dramatically in Greece. For this reason we recommend checking out our other monthly guide if your trip spans a couple of months:

How Cold is Greece in November?

Although Fall has well and truly settled in and Greece is moving towards Winter, the temperatures still actually aren’t freezing by any means. 

Generally speaking the daytime temperatures on mainland Greece in November hover between 15°C/59F and 2°C/35F for instance. However it is worth noting that the north tends to be cooler than the South. While on the islands are quite variable particularly in relation to how wind chill affects the temperatures.

Overall Athens does tend to be warmer than the islands especially in the afternoons and evenings because some of the islands i.e. Santorini and Mykonos can get windy which brings the temperature down.

However no where in Greece can be called freezing in November .

If I were to generalise about how the weather in Greece in November affects your packing lists, it would be to say that lots of light layers are the key to a successful packing list.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

Does it Rain in Greece in November? 

As the temperature decreases, the rain actually increases in Greece. Typically speaking there will be  32% of rain however it is not usually too heavy.

Considerations for you Greece November Packing List

Before we get onto the exact items to include in your Greece November outfits, we thought is would be worth outlining some considerations for your packing list. These are:

Packing Light

No matter the destination you are going to we always recommend packing light and aiming to travel with a capsule wardrobe. But this is especially important for Greece.

The reason for this is because one of the key experiences of traveling through Greece is island hopping and traveling around the country, which is often done at least partly by public transport. If you want to do this you will not want to have to lug heavy luggage with you.

For help in avoiding overpacking and creating a Greece Fall Capsule Wardrobe check out our 54321 and Sudoku packing techniques.

Comfy Shoes

Many of the main tourist attractions in Greece i.e. the Acropolis and archaeological sites such as Delphi have uneven cobbled walkways. You will need very comfortable walking shoes that can handle this terrain.

Nothing that Drags on the Floor

Although I love wearing maxi dresses in Europe, I recommend checking that none of your clothes drag on the floor for Greece.

Many of the Greek tourist attractions such as the Acropolis or the ruins at Delphi get very busy even in the off peak season (which November is), and you don’t want to have anything that drags on the floor and can be trodden on in the crowds.

Note: the queues to get into the Acropolis can get long even in the off peak season. For this reason we recommend buying skip the line tickets in advance. However visiting in November does come with the added benefit of having cheaper tickets than during peak season.

How do local people dress in Greece in November?

The Greeks know that the key to how to dress in November is having plenty of light layers.

In Greece you will start seeing lots of jackets and top layers no matter whether you are on the islands or on the mainland.

What to Wear to Greece in November

What to wear in Greece in November for Women

Woman stood with Parthenon in background with autumn trees
What to wear in Greece in November / What to wear in Athens in Fall

As Fall has started in Greece in November you need to prepare for cooler temperature. The best way to do this is to have lots of light layers in your capsule wardrobe for Greece. The items we recommend including in your Greece Capsule wardrobe include:


If you are wondering what to wear to Greece in November, one of the key items to put on your packing list has to be a jacket or coat. It can feel cold, especially in the mornings or evening so a coat is an absolute essential.

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Wool Hat or Beanie, scarves and glove

Although you are unlikely to need thermals for November in Greece, we still recommend hat, scarf and gloves for the evenings.

Click here to shop winter accessories for Venice.


Jeans are perfect for Greece in November no matter if you are on an island or in the cities.

Also you will see all types of jeans in Greece so you don’t need to worry about the type of jeans you pack. Just be comfortable.

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Jumpers are an essential part of what to wear in Greece in November.

Merino wool is a great fabric choice when you are trying to pack light for November. It is a relatively thin material to pack, however is insulating and repels smell packing it perfect for capsule wardrobes.

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But generally speaking for a week in Greece I would pack 3 top layers. As well as a jumper I would also pack a cardigan for nights, and a hoodie for more casual daytime looks.

T Shirts

Although summer has ended t shirts should still be on your packing list for Greece. The only change though is that we now recommend packing more long sleeve tops to short sleeve tees.

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Blouses are perfect for Greece in November as they work brilliantly for cooler nights paired with a statement cardigan.

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Midi skirts and dresses

Short skirts and dresses are on my what not to wear in Greece list. That is because they are not appropriate in churches. Instead I prefer to pack a midi length skirt or dress.

For me a wrap dress or a thinner sweater dress is perfect for November.

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Trousers are a great pick for Greece in November. We recommend having a mixture of trouser weights with you for November.


It doesn’t matter where I am traveling in Europe, a pashmina is always on my packing list. A pashmina can be used as a scarf or lovely accessory to transition an outfit from day to night and is also useful for churches in Greece.

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PJs, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.


Greece is bright even in November so sunglasses are definitely an essential in the cities just as much as on the beaches. Just be sure to have a pair that has good UVA protection.

What to Pack for Greece in November for Men

For men visiting Greece in November, I actually recommend actually keeping things similar to the ladies packing list in terms of layers and level of smartness. This includes packing:

Jeans / Chinos

Jeans and chinos /dockers are a better pick weight wise for men traveling in November. I

T Shirts and Shirts

T Shirts are perfect for Greece during the day and in most places at night even in November.

Again I would recommend avoiding anything with a graphic or slogan or in overly loud colors if you want to fit in with the locals. And for November more long sleeve tees would be required.

A shirt is also useful for if you plan on visiting some nicer restaurants in Greece.

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Something like a puffer jacket is perfect for November.


As it can be cool in Greece during November we recommend having a couple of weight layers with you. Usually for 1 week in Greece in November we recommend a smart jumper, a casual hoodie and a jacket.

Underwear and PJs

Best Shoes for Greece in November 

For November, we recommend at least 2 types of shoes. The 2 we would pack for Greece are:


Sneakers are great for touring archaeological sites in Greece. My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are are Hoka and AllBirds as these are great for walking in. However you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything fashion wise. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes.

Note: if you plan on doing any longer length hikes then you may need hiking shoes.

Also we always recommend wearing sneaker socks with sneakers in Greece to help reduce sweat and odour in your shoe.

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Ankle Boots

As the weather is changeable in Greece in November we recommend having a leather boot with some waterproofing as well as a sneaker. These are also better for going to restaurants too and for in the cities.

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Flip Flops (Optional)

Although you won’t be having much beach or pool time in November, flip flops are so lightweight to pack that you can pack these if you plan on heading to a beach.

What to Pack for Greece in November (Non Clothing)

Kavala City in Greece in Fall
What to pack for Greece in Fall / What to wear in Greece in Fall

So now you know what to wear for Greece in November, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Greece in November other than clothes.

Our essentials to pack for Greece in November are:

  • Universal Travel Adapaters  for electronics – Greece uses standard European outputs and plugs.
  • Backpack – for storing items on your day trips.
  • Crossbody Bag – anti theft type if you are planning to visit cities and tourist attractions which tend to attract pickpockets.
  • Lipbalm with SPF – as I mentioned the sun is strong so on top of sunscreen we recommend packing lip balm with sun protection. Our favorite brand at the minute is sun bum.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – given the heat in Greece it is important to stay hydrated. We recommend taking a reusable water bottle to help you reduce your plastic waste while traveling. If you are worried about space try packing a collapsible one or have it in built to your backpack.
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  • Power pack / Battery Pack
  • Medication and Documentation
  • Toiletries – for our essential travel toiletries checklist click here.

FAQs About what to wear in Greece in November

Do you need a jacket in Greece in November?

Light layers are key to any Greece packing list for November. However as the weather cools in November a top layer of a jacket or coat will also likely be needed.

Do I need swimwear in Greece in November?

Although when you think of Greece you may think of beautiful beaches and blue seas however swimming is unlikely to be on your itinerary in November. Therefore it is usually safe to leave the swimwear at home in November.

Can you wear jeans in Greece in November?

There are no reason why you can’t wear jeans in November in Greece. In fact I find them a really great choice especially for the cities in Fall.

Are you visiting Greece in November and have questions about what to pack still? Then drop us your question in the comments below and we will do our best to answer!