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What to wear in Iceland in July

What to wear in Iceland in July

Wondering what to wear in Iceland in July? In this guide we will tell you EXACTLY what to pack for Iceland in July in terms or clothes and other essentials.

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Weather in Iceland in July

Iceland is an amazing country no matter the time of year you visit. However the weather is not the reason you travel to Iceland.

But what can you expect from the Iceland weather in July?

The truth is you can expect a bit of everything! In fact there is a famous Iceland saying which goes “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes” and we found this to be very true.

How warm is Iceland in July?

People watching strokkur geysir erupt in July
What to pack for Iceland in July

Summer is in full swing in Iceland in July. However don’t expect scorching temperatures. It can still be pretty chilly in Iceland in July.

In July the average temperature in Iceland is  50-59 F / 10 to 15 C but can go as high as 77 F /25 C and as low as 41 F / 5 C.

For this reason even if you are visiting Iceland in Summer, you will still want lots of layers with you.

Remember if your visit to Iceland covers two months be sure to check out our other monthly guides which will give you alterations for your packing list.

Is it rainy in Iceland in July?

Iceland can get rain no matter the month of travel and July tends to get 10 days of rain in the month accumulating to 50mm. This is actually one of the drier months in Iceland but with over 30% chance of rain on any day you will still want waterproof clothes with you.

Also even if it isn’t raining there are some activities where you will get wet no matter the weather. For instance at the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, if you go on the trail that takes you behind the waterfall you will get sprayed with quite a lot of water.

We also found out jeans got soaked at Skogafoss too. Therefore it is worth having waterproof clothes with you even if rain isn’t forecast.

Is it snowy in Iceland in July?

It is unlikely that snow will fall on the lower ground in Iceland in July. However you may still be able to see snow on the mountain tops.

With this in mind you are unlikely to need snow gear from Iceland in July.

Iceland Clothing Advice for July

When you are looking to put together your Iceland Capsule Wardrobe there are a few things to remember

  • Layers are your best friend.
  • Waterproof clothes are required 365 days a year in Iceland.
  • Swimwear is always a good idea in Iceland.
  • Formalwear isn’t required and most restaurants have a casual dress code.

It is also worth thinking about how much storage you will have in your accommodation in Iceland. For instance if you plan to camper van around the Golden Circle and the rest of the country you will definitely need to pack lighter than if you are staying in a hotel.

If you are thinking about renting a car or camper van in Iceland you can compare prices here!

What to wear in Iceland in July

Couple taking selfie in Iceland in summer
What to wear in Iceland in July

When you are looking at what to wear in Iceland in July the main concerns should be the weather and the activities you will be doing.

Most people who visit Iceland aren’t doing so for the nightlife or food scene (though it is good for both of these things).

And as the activities and weather dictate a practical wardrobe, this packing list is gender neutral and can be used as a what to wear in Iceland in July for women and man guide.

So without further ado we recommend including these on your Iceland Packing List for Summer

Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof jackets are required no matter the month of year you travel. We also recommend having this with you for days when it isn’t even raining. That is because firstly the weather changes quickly in Iceland and secondly because some hikes such as Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss will get you soaked even on a dry day.

When you are looking at the best jacket for Iceland in Summer we recommend picking one that is fully waterproof not just water resistant and one that also has a high wind resistance.

Shop waterproof jackets for Iceland here

Waterproof Walking Trousers

My number one pair of trousers for Iceland in July are waterproof walking trousers. That is because the rain and waterfalls can get you pretty wet. Therefore this will prevent you walking around in wet trousers for the rest of the day.

My preference is to wear zippable walking trousers that can be worn as trousers or shorts. Although you are unlikely to need shorts every day it is nice to have the option if you get a hot spell. However if you don’t want to wear walking trousers, at a minimum we recommend having over trouser waterproof trousers to protect your bottoms on walks or for in the rain.

Click here to shop waterproof trousers for Iceland

T Shirts

When I think of the Iceland dress code I would have to say it is casual. Locals and tourists in Iceland spend a lot of time outdoors and even in when going out for dinner in Iceland you will find most people are dressed relatively casually.

For this reason we think t shirts are your best friend in Iceland. We recommend packing a mix of long and short sleeve t shirts so you can amend your outfit for the weather.

I like short sleeve t shirts in Reykjavik but long sleeve ones for cooler days, around standing water and evenings. Click here to shop t shirts for Iceland.

Sweaters or Fleeces

Even though it is summer, the key to any Iceland packing list is layers. Personally I would aim to be wearing 3-4 layers for Iceland in Summer.

Although sweaters and hoodies are good for Iceland my go to top is a microfibre fleece. This is because they are easier to condense into carry on or a backpack and have better water and water resistance.

It is also worth noting though that my favorite Iceland souvenir is one of the beautiful wool Icelandic jumpers. These aren’t great for a top layer in the rain but are perfect for evenings in iceland or sunny and crisp days. Click here to shop fleeces for Iceland.


I personally don’t recommend wearing jeans in Iceland for sightseeing in places such as beaches and waterfalls or on rainy days. For me, there is nothing worse than sightseeing in wet jeans. They are uncomfortable, are slow to dry and get cold.

However I like jeans for evenings in Iceland. But would opt for a smarter pair if you plan on using these a for dinners etc.


Goes without saying.


As hiking boots are the main shoes we recommend for Iceland in July we recommend packing hiking socks.

These will protect your feet more and prevent blistering.

But if you are packing sneakers then you may also want sneaker socks with you too. Click here to shop hiking socks for Iceland.

Lightweight PJs

Iceland accommodation does not often have air conditioning and you won’t want windows open in all places such as the Lake Myvatn due to bugs like mosquitos. For this reason we recommend packing only lightweight nightwear.


What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland
What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Although sea swimming and sunbathing are not something on anyone’s Iceland summer itinerary I still recommend packing swimwear.

That is because a visit to the Blue Lagoon or a hot spring is an an absolute must do. To enjoy these places you will need swimwear as nudity is forbidden.

One pieces, bikinis, speedos or trunks are all appropriate so pick the swimwear you feel most comfortable in.

For more information on what to wear in the Blue Lagoon check out this post. And for more information on what to pack to visit hot springs keep reading as we have more details below!

Hat, Scarf and Gloves

There aren’t many summer packing lists that include hat, scarfs and gloves but you will definitely want these even in Iceland in Summer. Though a normal day shouldn’t require these there are some activities where you really feel the cold even in summer i.e. on boats going whale and bird watching and on the very cold but cool glacier walks.

They can also be good for those staying in a camper van or who plan on camping as even with the almost perpetual daylight, it can still be cold if you are sleeping outside. Click here to shop hat, scarf and glove sets on amazon.

Best Shoes for Iceland in July

Woman in Iceland in June wearing hat, coat and jeans

For me there is one essential shoe for visiting Iceland, and some nice to have.

My essential shoes to pack for Iceland are:

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Even in Summer hiking boots are required on lots of trails and waterproofing is essential all year round. Click here to shop hiking boots on amazon.


While we don’t recommend these for trails or activities in Iceland they can come in useful for Reykjavik and the cities and towns of Iceland.

If you plan to visit some museums while in Iceland having sneakers for these venues can give your feet a rest from the boots.

Flip Flops

Although you won’t be jumping in the sea or spending time sunbathing on a beach in Iceland flip flops are a good idea for walking around at the Blue Lagoon or at hot springs more generally.

They are useful too if you are staying in a hotel that has a pool or more likely a sauna or hot tub.

What to pack for Iceland in July

Woman with back turned to camera in Iceland in July
What to wear to Iceland in July

Now you know what to wear in Iceland in July, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Iceland in July besides clothes to make sure you have an enjoyable but also more budget friendly stay.

Our must have items on your Iceland Summer Packing List include:


Normally I leave toiletries off my packing lists. That is because you either have to restrict volume for carry on or need to pack them carefully for hold bags.

However I always bring toiletries to Iceland from home. ICeland is an expensive place for food aswell as toiletries. Therefore you will save yourself both time and money by brining them with you.

Note: be sure to check liquid volume restrictions if you are traveling with carry on only. preferring to buy them on arrival. However Iceland is an expensive place for food and toiletries.

Normally my toiletry bag for Iceland will include:

  • Moisturiser – the wind and rain in Iceland along with the salinity in the hot springs take the toll on your skin. A good moisturiser is therefore a must.
  • Conditioner – again the salinity in the hot springs and blue lagoon can damage your hair therefore we recommend packing a good quality conditioner with you for visiting Iceland.
  • Toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Hairbrush and Hairbands – Iceland gets windy even in Summer so tying your hair up can be essential, especially for photographs.
  • Make Up – I am normally quite minimalist with my makeup in Iceland due to the activities I will be doing. The key however for all makeup you bring to Iceland is that it is waterproof.
  • Deodorant
  • Medicines – as required.

Sleeping Mask

One of the downsides to visiting Iceland in Summer is that you won’t get a chance to see the Northern Lights. However the upside of this is the long daylight hours. And by long daylight hours I mean almost 24/7 daylight in some regions of Iceland.

This means you can sightsee in daylight for much longer and increases what you can accomplish in one day. But it comes withe disadvantage of being hard to get to sleep. Rooms are bright and even when exhausted my body finds it hard to sleep in blazing sun. For this reason be sure to pack a sleeping mask withy you.

Click here to shop sleeping masks for Iceland.

Note: if you are traveling to Iceland with toddlers or little kids you may want to look into travel blackout blinds too.


Icelandic hot springs are a must for any Iceland itinerary and although the Blue Lagoon provides towels in its ticket prices – you can find out more about the Blue Lagoon packages and what is included here), not all hot springs will provide towels.

For this reason we recommend packing a towel. If you can bring a quick dry one as there aren’t many places to dry your towel in Iceland accommodation.

Click here to shop quick dry towels.

Back Pack with Rain Cover

To keep everything you will need for a day out in Iceland you will need a backpack with you. I also recommend bringing a rain cover for your back pack in Iceland to help protect your electronics, towel and clothes you have.

Click here to shop backpacks and raincovers.


Although the temperatures aren’t sky high in July you will still want sunscreen with you as you will be spending the vast majority of your time outside in Iceland in summer. Shop sun screen here.

Lip Balm with Sun Protection

And as well as protecting your skin also protect your lips with a lip balm that has sun protection. Our favorite brand at the moment is Sun Bum.

Insect Repellant

Iceland does get midgies, black fly and mosquitos in Summer. Insect repellant is therefore a must for any summer visitor.

Click here to shop insect repellant.

Hat with mosquito net

A hat is a good idea in Iceland. We like to have one with a mosquito net if you are visiting in Summer. That is because in places like Lake Myvatn, where there is largely still water you will find there are lots of insects. The net can really help reduce the irritation factor of these bugs. Click here to shop hats with mosquito nets.

Water bottle

Food and drink in Iceland is expensive, a resusable water bottle is a great way to cut costs and is better for the environment. Shop reusable water bottles here.


Iceland is an expensive country and one of the biggest lines on your Iceland budget will be food. Iceland allows you to bring certain foods into the country with you – no raw eggs, raw meat, or milk, up to 3kg in weight.

To save money, if you are bringing a checked luggage we recommend using your 3kg of food allowance to pack snacks and food to help reduce your costs.


Days in Iceland require early starts to get to most of the sights and beat the crowds. To help me get up and at them I always take a thermos which I can fill with my morning coffee before heading out for the day.

Shop thermos and travel mugs for Iceland here.

Travel adaptor

If you are traveling to Iceland you will need a electrical travel plug adaptor. Iceland uses European C and E sockets. Click here to shop universal travel adaptors for Iceland.

Battery Pack

You will be using your phone a lot in Iceland for sat navs, cameras and more and just me this drains your battery quick. Therefore if is worth having a battery pack charger with you as well as a USB cable for charging in your car. Shop battery packs here.


Iceland is a stunning place bring the best quality camera you have with you.


Summer is one of the best seasons for birdwatching in Iceland. If you plan on birdwatching or whale watching in Iceland we recommend bringing a good pair of binoculars with you to enhance the viewing experience.

SHop good value travel binoculars here.

FAQS about What to wear in Iceland in July

Can you wear shorts in Iceland in July?

There is nothing stopping you wearing shorts in Iceland in July however I would advise you to pack more trousers than shorts. The reason for this is that the weather isn’t all that hot in Iceland in Summer.

Instead of just packing shorts we recommend packing zippable walking trousers instead. These are more practical for the activities you will be doing and can be converted to shorts in case of a hot spell.

Should I pack a dress for Iceland in July?

Dresses are not really appropriate for most activities you will be doing in July in Iceland. They aren’t good for hiking, whale watching etc. For this reason we don’t recommend taking dresses for during the day in Iceland.

However if you have enough room in your luggage dresses can be nice to change into for smarter dinners in Iceland. And the good thing is, there don’t tend to be dress codes to follow so you can wear the style you are most comfortable in.

What to wear to Reykjavik in July?

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and people will usually make at least a quick stop in the city. So what should you wear in Reykjavik in July?

Well the truth is Reykjavik is actually a pretty casual city and most people will feel perfectly comfortable in jeans and a sweater (my favorite is an Icelandic wool jumper) or even a t shirt on warmer days.

I have even seen people in their hiking outdoorsy clothes in the city. Personally I like to change for nights out in the city and tend to wear a sneaker with jeans and smarter top or even a dress. However it is hard to look out of place in the capital in July.

Can I wear leggings to Iceland in July?

There are no Iceland dress code rules that leggings go against. For a warm day then leggings can be a good pick, however I would avoid wearing these on rainy days or days where you do waterfall hikes where you may get wet.

However for most of the time in Iceland I find leggings to be cold for Iceland. For this reason I don’t personally normally include leggings on my Iceland packing list unless to use as an extra layer under trousers in Winter.

Do I need thermals in Iceland in July?

Whether or not you need thermals in Iceland in July will depend on if there is a cold snap during your dates of travel and if you are planning to do a glacier hike.

If then answer is yes to either of these contingents then I would recommend packing thermals for Iceland even in July.

Do you have questions about what to wear in Iceland in July that we have yet to answer? Please drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer it as quickly as we can.