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What to Wear in Iceland in October

What to Wear in Iceland in October

Traveling to and wondering what to wear in Iceland in October? In this guide we will round up all the essentials for your Iceland Fall Packing List. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Iceland Weather in October 

There are a few things you have know about Iceland weather in October. Firstly in answer to is Iceland rainy in October I can say yes it definitely is. October is actually  the wettest month in Iceland. 

Although the rain in Iceland is more of a drizzle rather than a heavy downpour you can still get soaked through in Iceland in october. This should definitely affect how you pack.

How cold is Iceland in October?

October isn’t the coldest month in Iceland but it is certainly chilly. The average temperatures in October in Iceland are 37oF about 3oC so you will definitely need some layers with you. 

Probably the trickiest thing about packing for Iceland in October is that October is a shoulder season and a month of changeable weather. October usually signifies the start of Winter in Iceland so the later in the month you go the colder it will likely be. 

Is it snowy in Iceland in October

Although October is the start of Winter in Iceland it is still a good month to go as the snow and ice have not really set in yet.

What to wear in Iceland October

Waterproof Jacket

As I mentioned above October is the wettest month for travel to Iceland. Although it won’t be great downpours the drizzle will slowly soak you through. A waterproof top layer in the form of a waterproof jacket is an absolute must for visiting Iceland in October

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Waterproof Trousers

I have seen a lot of debate online about whether you need waterproof trousers in iceland but in my opinion you really do but this is especially true if you are visiting Iceland in October. 

With all the rain in OCtober waterproof trousers will save you from getting cold and soaked. And the great thing is that as  a top layer they can easily be pulled on and off during your stay so you won’t have to wear them at sites when there isn’t rain. 

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Woolen Hat

As the temperatures tend to hover around the 3 degree Celsius mark in October in ICeland it can feel chilly. Especially when you are hiking on glaciers or on one of the wind swept black sand beaches. 

To protect your extremities be sure to pack a nice woolen hat or beanie to take with you. This is especially necessary for those who are planning to go out in evenings to hunt for the Aurora Borealis.  

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As I mentioned above, it is important to protect your extremities when traveling to ICeland in OCtober. Therefore you really shouldn’t forget your gloves when traveling to ICeland in October. 

Our preference for gloves for Iceland are the type that allow you to be able to use your electronics while wearing gloves like the ones below. 

You will want to be taking a lot of photographs when you are in Iceland and it would be a real pain to have to keep taking your gloves on and off whenever you want to use your phone. 

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For when it gets extra cold a scarf is brilliant to protect you from the wind or can be used as an extra layer in an emergency. 

Ear Muffs or a head band

If you are visiting later in October then you may want to add some ear muffs or a headband on top of your beanie hat. The wind in Iceland can be very chilly especially at certain points at the start of the ring road for instance and therefore it is worth having an extra head layer with you. 

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It is best to have a warm coat with you when traveling to Iceland. I recommend a down waterproof coat as this will protect you from wind, rain and snow all of which you might experience on a single day in Iceland In October. 

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Jumpers are a staple of the Icelandic October wardrobe. YOu will need a few of these with you (I recommend one for every day you are in Iceland). 

If you want to look like a local then you could get one of these traditional Icelandic jumpers that are very stylish and a great souvenir. 

However, do bring enough from home as Icelandic jumpers can be expensive.

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Walking trousers

Iceland is a place best explored on foot and through outdoor adventures therefore you need the right trousers with you. 

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Jeans are usually on my what not to wear in Iceland list however I still recommend bringing a pair with you. 

You don’t want to be wearing jeans for your outdoor excursions as jeans are uncomfortable in the cold and wet weather however these are the perfect answer to what to wear for dinner in Iceland


Leggings are one of the top things to pack for Iceland whatever time of year you are visiting Iceland. In October leggings are perfect because on warmer days you can wear them as trousers in their own right or if it is a cold day.

While in October thermal leggings aren’t an essential if you feel the cold and you are going out in the evening to hunt for the Northern Lights it might be a good idea to have them with you especially if you are traveling towards the end of October. 

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Hiking Boots

Iceland is a country where the outdoor activities are unrivaled. You will be doing a lot of walking and many of the locations you will be walking may be icy, snowy or slippery. 

Therefore you will definitely be needing shoes with a good sole. In our opinion the best types of hiking boots for October in Iceland are absolutely hiking boots. 

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Thick Socks

The fact that you will need hiking boots means that you will also need thick socks. Be sure to have several good pairs of thick walking socks with you.

There would be nothing worse than having sore feet in boots and thick socks will go a long way to help prevent this.

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While early October in Iceland isn’t too cold, if you go later in October then the weather will be getting colder especially if you are going to look for the Aurora Borealis.

 If you are going to Iceland in late October and plan to go out to see the Northern Lights I would pack some thermals with you just in case you get a very chilly evening. For more information check out our guide on what to wear to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

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What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland
What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

While it may seem counterintuitive to be packing swimwear for a cold weather destination in October, you will definitely be wanting swimwear for Iceland in October. 

Some of my favorite things to do in Iceland are visiting some of the hot springs, the most famous of these being the Blue LAgoon. If you want to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or another hot spring then you will be needing swimwear. 

Can you wear a bikini to the Blue Lagoon?

The blue lagoon dress code does not have a rule over what type of swimwear you have to wear so just pack the swimwear you feel most comfortable in. So feel free to wear a bikini to the blue lagoon if that is what you feel most comfortable in. 

For a full Blue Lagoon packing list check out our what to wear to the Blue Lagoon post. 


If you are visiting Iceland and the Blue Lagoon in October the floor can be very cold when you are getting in and out of the water and walking to the changing rooms. To make your visit to the Blue Lagoon in October more pleasurable we recommend taking a pair of slippers with you for walking around the site. 

Alternatively you could wear anti slip water socks which would do the same job. 


The sun in Iceland can be dazzling whatever time of year you go, even in October. Therefore we recommend you take sunglasses with you when visiting Iceland in October. 

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Warm Pyjamas 

The weather in Iceland is starting to cool down in October. Although hotel rooms are heated well I would take a pair of more winterish pyjamas with you when visiting Iceland in October. 

What to wear in Iceland for Men in October

There is nothing different to add to the Men’s Iceland packing list to the women’s. You will need all the same layers and accessories to be comfortable as a man in Iceland in October.

Other things to pack for Iceland in October 

Waterproof phone case

If you plan to visit places like the Blue Lagoon there is no doubt that you will be wanting to lots of photos. To take photographs at the Blue Lagoon you will want a waterproof case like the above for your phone. 

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What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland
What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

This is another one for the Blue Lagoon or geothermal springs in Iceland. While you can rent towels at these locations it will save you money (and let’s face it Iceland is an expensive country to visit). 

If you have room in your case do pack a towel for Iceland to save some money. 

If you have plenty of space you could add a dry robe to your Iceland packing list. 

Have you been to Iceland in October? What did you wear? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite Iceland in October outfit. 

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