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What to wear in Iceland in September

What to wear in Iceland in September

Wondering what to wear in Iceland in September? Summer has officially come to an end in Iceland in September but you will still get pleasant conditions for sightseeing around the country. In this guide we will tell you EXACTLY what to pack for Iceland in September in terms or clothes and other essentials to make for an enjoyable and budget friendly trip.

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Weather in Iceland in September

Although summer is technically over in September, you will still be rewarded with pleasant temperatures and good site seeing conditions.

So what can you exactly expect in terms of temperatures, rain and snow?

How warm is Iceland in September?

Car on Road in Iceland in Septembe
What to pack for Iceland in September

The average temperature in Iceland in September is. And you can expect average lows of around 6C/43F and average highs of 11C / 52F.

Therefore when packing for Iceland in September the absolute key is layers! But do those layers need to be waterproof?

Is it rainy in Iceland in September?

In terms of rain September isn’t too rainy. In fact you will only get around 70mm/ 3 inches of rain across the whole of the month. And when it does rain itnormally comes in the form of light showers instead of huge deluges and storms.

Having said that though, you should always have waterproofs with you in Iceland as you never know when a downpour is coming.

Also some activities will inevitably get you wet even on a sunny day for instance when we we visited Skogafoss Waterfall on a very sunny day we arrived back at our car completely drenched – so you have been warned.

Is it snowy in Iceland in September?

No, Iceland does not tend to be snowy in September. The only place you will really see snow in Iceland is on mountain tops in September. Therefore you really won’t need to worry about having snow boots with you if you are traveling in September.

Remember if your visit to Iceland covers two months be sure to check out our other monthly guides which will give you alterations for your packing list.

And for more information on dress codes for specific Iceland activities and regions check out our related guides:

Iceland Packing Advice for September

But before we get onto specific items to wear in Iceland in September, it is worth us pointing out some things that may influence your packing list for Iceland:

Mode of Travel

Woman in Camper Van in Iceland

Iceland is a country that is best explored by car on your own in my opinion. There is a large ring road in Iceland as well as the A Road and Golden Circle. Now the extended ring road and smaller B roads are not accessible all year round due to weather conditions. However in September most roads are going to be accessible to you.

When we road tripped Iceland we had a relatively large car and decent sized hotels around the Golden Circle and the main Ring Road. However if you are planning to camp or camper van around the country you will need to pack light. If you are thinking about renting a car or camper van in Iceland you can compare prices here!

For more information on how to pack a capsule wardrobe for Iceland check out our guide to using the 54321 packing method or our sudoku packing method.


As the famous Iceland saying goes – if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. This should give you a clue on how tricky it can be to pack for Iceland.

Therefore even in September the key to what to pack for Iceland is layers and lots of them.


I have never been anywhere in Iceland where I felt under dressed. Therefore don’t worry about packing formal wear. Casual and at most 1 smart casual outfit will be good enough for Iceland.

However if you are worried about eating out and what to wear in Iceland at night for dinner check out this post.


Waterproofs are needed for every month in Iceland even in drier months like September. But it is worth remember that even on dry days in Iceland, you can get drenched on certain hikes.

And don’t be tempted to think water resistant is good enough for Iceland. It really isn’t. Waterproof and wind resistance are key.

Best Shoes for Iceland in September

Although I normally list several shoes on my packing list, for Iceland there is definitely one must have shoe and that is a waterproof hiking boot.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Even in September the number one shoe for Iceland is a waterproof hiking boots. Hiking boots are required in Iceland year round.

Trails can be uneven and slippery even in September which is why we recommend having hiking boots with you.

If you only pack one pair of shoes for Iceland it should be these however if you have space in your case you could also consider:


While we don’t recommend these for trails or activities in Iceland they can come in useful for Reykjavik and the cities and towns of Iceland.

These can also be worn in most restaurants in Iceland (providing it does not have a strict dress code of which there are few).

Flip Flops

Useful for at hot springs, the Blue Lagoon and at hotels with sauna or hot tub amenities.

What to wear in Iceland in September

Woman standing in front of waterfall In Iceland
What to wear in Iceland in September

Note: It is worth pointing out that normally when I create these what to wear guides that I break it into women and men’s packing lists. However this really isn’t needed for Iceland as the items you need are universal.

One of the reasons for this is because practicality is the most important thing for your Iceland packing list. As such we recommend packing the below for Seotember:

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is an essential year round in Iceland. Be sure the jacket you pack is not just water resistant as you will need a jacket with full waterproofing.

Even if the forecast for a day has no rain it is worth carrying this jacket with you at all times just in case.

Also as the wind in Iceland blows down from the Arctic it is worth having a jacket that has strong water resistance. North Face and Columbia are my personal go to brands for waterproof coats and jackets.

Click here to shop waterproof jackets for Iceland.

Waterproof Walking Trousers

On top of the waterproof jacket you will also want waterproof walking trousers. These can cope with Iceland weather best and are most functional.

We recommend walking trousers that are zippable walking as they can be worn as both trousers or shorts.

It is unlikely that you will wear shorts every day in Iceland however it is nice to have the option.

Click here to shop waterproof jackets for Iceland.

T Shirts

As I mentioned above Iceland is quite a casual place and I have never felt underdressed in Iceland. For this reason I think t shirts are an essential of any Iceland packing list.

We recommend packing a mix of long and short sleeve t shirts so you can amend your outfit for the weather.

Click here to shop T shirts for Iceland.

Sweaters or Fleeces

As I mentioned above layers are really important for any outfit for Iceland. In fact I personally aim to have 3-4 layers for Iceland in Summer.

Hoodies and sweaters are useful for dry days but for cooler and wetter days I recommend a microfibre fleece. This is because they are easier to condense into carry on or a backpack and have better water and wind resistance.

Click here to shop layers for Iceland.


If I have any advice for you it is to keep the jeans for very dry days or to have waterproof trousers for over the top.

There is nothing worse than sightseeing in wet jeans. They are uncomfortable, are slow to dry and get cold so switch them out for waterproofs on rainy days.

However having said this I will say that jeans are my favorite things to wear for dinner in Iceland.

Click here to shop jeans.


What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland
What to Wear to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Although sea swimming and sunbathing are not something on anyone’s Iceland summer itinerary swimwear is an essential for those wanting to visit the Blue Lagoon or other hot springs and geothermal pools in Iceland.

But the good news is that one pieces, bikinis, speedos or trunks are all appropriate so pick the swimwear you feel most comfortable in.

For more information on what to wear in the Blue Lagoon check out this post. And for more information on what to pack to visit hot springs keep reading as we have more details below!

Lightweight PJs

Iceland accommodation does not always come with air conditioning and you won’t want windows open in all places such as the Lake Myvatn due to bugs like mosquitos.

For this reason we recommend packing only lightweight nightwear.


Goes without saying.


As hiking boots are the main shoes we recommend for Iceland in September we recommend packing hiking socks. These will protect your feet more and prevent blistering.

And don’t forget if you plan on doing activities such as glacier walking you may want some thermal socks with you. Click here to shop hiking socks for hiking.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves (activity dependent)

There aren’t many summer packing lists that include hat, scarfs and gloves but you will definitely want these even in Iceland in September if you plan to go on a glacier hike or on a whale watching excursion.

What to pack for Iceland in September

Now you know what to wear in Iceland in September, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Iceland in September in terms of non clothing items.

Our must have items on your Iceland Packing List for September include:

Back Pack with Rain Cover

To keep everything you will need for a day out in Iceland you will need a backpack with you. I also recommend bringing a rain cover for your back pack in Iceland to help protect your electronics, towel and clothes you have.

Quick dry Towel

Icelandic hot springs are a must for any Iceland itinerary and although the Blue Lagoon provides towels in its ticket prices – you can find out more about the Blue Lagoon packages and what is included here), not all hot springs will provide towels. However bringing a quick dry towel with you will save you money.

We also recommend the towel you bring being a quick dry one as there aren’t many places to dry your towel in Iceland accommodation.

If you have plenty of space you could add a dry robe to your Iceland packing list. 

Water bottle

Food and drink in Iceland is expensive, a reusable water bottle is a great way to cut costs and is better for the environment.


Iceland is an expensive country and one of the biggest lines on your Iceland budget will be food. Iceland allows you to bring certain foods into the country with you – no raw eggs, raw meat, or milk, up to 3kg in weight.

To save money, if you are bringing a checked luggage we recommend using your 3kg of food allowance to pack snacks and food to help reduce your costs.


Days in Iceland require early starts to get to most of the sights and beat the crowds. To help me get up and at them I always take a thermos which I can fill with my morning coffee before heading out for the day.  Click here to shop travel thermos.


Normally I leave toiletries off my packing lists. That is because you either have to restrict volume for carry on or need to pack them carefully for hold bags. For this reason I find it easier to buy toiletries when I arrive.

However I always bring toiletries to Iceland from home. Iceland is an expensive place for food aswell as toiletries. Therefore you will save yourself both time and money by brining them with you.

Note: be sure to check liquid volume restrictions if you are traveling with carry on only. preferring to buy them on arrival. However Iceland is an expensive place for food and toiletries.

Normally my toiletry bag for Iceland will include:

  • Moisturiser – the wind and rain in Iceland along with the salinity in the hot springs take the toll on your skin. A good moisturiser is therefore a must.
  • Conditioner – again the salinity in the hot springs and blue lagoon can damage your hair therefore we recommend packing a good quality conditioner with you for visiting Iceland.
  • Toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Hairbrush and Hairbands – Iceland gets windy even in Summer so tying your hair up can be essential, especially for photographs.
  • Make Up – I am normally quite minimalist with my makeup in Iceland due to the activities I will be doing. The key however for all makeup you bring to Iceland is that it is waterproof.
  • Deodorant
  • Medicines – as required.

Travel adaptor

If you are traveling to Iceland you will need a electrical travel plug adaptor. Iceland uses European C and E sockets. Click here to shop travel adaptors.

Battery Pack 

You will be using your phone a lot in Iceland for sat navs, cameras and more and just me this drains your battery quick. Therefore if is worth having a battery pack charger with you as well as a USB cable for charging in your car. Click here to shop battery packs.


Iceland is a stunning place bring the best quality camera you have with you.


Iceland has amazing wildlife from humpback whales to birds. If you plan on doing some nature excursions be sure to pack some binoculars with you.

While usually we advocate buying budget versions of things for vacation, binoculars are something I would buy the best version you can afford as you will notice a difference in quality. Click here to shop binoculars.

Sleeping Mask

One of the downsides to visiting Iceland in September is that you won’t get a chance to see the Northern Lights. However the upside of this is the long daylight hours. And by long daylight hours I mean almost 24/7 daylight in some regions of Iceland.

This means you can sightsee in daylight for much longer and increases what you can accomplish in one day. But it comes withe disadvantage of being hard to get to sleep. Rooms are bright and even when exhausted my body finds it hard to sleep in blazing sun. For this reason be sure to pack a sleeping mask withy you.

Note: if you are traveling to Iceland with toddlers or little kids you may want to look into travel blackout blinds too.


Although the temperatures aren’t sky high in July you will still want sunscreen with you as you will be spending the vast majority of your time outside in Iceland in summer.

Lip Balm with Sun Protection

And as well as protecting your skin also protect your lips with a lip balm that has sun protection. Our favorite brand at the moment is Sun Bum.

Insect Repellant

Iceland does get midgies, black fly and mosquitos in Summer. Insect repellant is therefore a must for any summer visitor.

Hat with mosquito net

A hat is a good idea in Iceland. We like to have one with a mosquito net if you are visiting in Summer. That is because in places like Lake Myvatn, where there is largely still water you will find there are lots of insects. The net can really help reduce the irritation factor of these bugs.


Iceland is a stunning place bring the best quality camera you have with you.

FAQS about What to wear in Iceland in September

People watching strokkur geysir erupt in July

Can you wear shorts in Iceland in September?

Although summer, shorts aren’t commonly worn in Iceland in September as the temperatures just don’t tend to get warm enough.

Instead of just shorts we recommend packing zippable walking trousers instead. These are more practical for the activities you will be doing and can be converted to shorts in case of a hot spell.

Should I pack a dress for Iceland in September?

Dresses are not appropriate for most Iceland activities and tourist attractions which will usually require some physical activity.

Therefore we recommend switching out dresses for hiking gear like walking trousers or saving dresses for dinners rather than day time activities.

What to wear to Reykjavik in September?

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and people will usually make at least a quick stop in the city whether to stock up on supplies, or to stay relatively close to the airport or Blue Lagoon in Keflavik. So what should you wear in Reykjavik in September?

Well the truth is Reykjavik is actually a pretty casual city and most people will feel perfectly comfortable in jeans and a sweater (my favorite is an Icelandic wool jumper) or even a t shirt on warmer days. I have never felt under dressed in Iceland and I have seen people dressed very casually in the city. So you really don’t have to pack anything different for the city compared to the Golden Circle or the Ring Road.

Can I wear leggings to Iceland in September?

Yes you can wear leggings to Iceland in September. However I don’t tend to wear them as I don’t think they are warm enough.

Personally I only normally include leggings on my Iceland packing list to use as an extra layer under trousers in Winter. However if you like to wear leggings then feel free to pack them.

Do I need thermals in Iceland in September?

Thermals are useful even in summer in Iceland. These are essential for cold snaps but also activities such as glacier hikes which can get very cold.

Do you have any other questions about what to wear in Iceland in September? Please drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer