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What to wear in Italy in November

What to wear in Italy in November

Want to know what to wear in Italy in November? The weather has taken a more wintery turn and as such your fall packing list needs to start transitioning into your Winter wardrobe In this guide we tell you everything to pack for Italy in November whether you are traveling to the North, South or to the Italian islands such as Sardinia and Sicily as well as special events with special dress codes in Italy.

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Weather in Italy in November

November is still technically Fall in Italy however the temperatures and conditions are still starting to feel more Winter. But how cold is Italy in November?

How Cold is Italy in November?

VAtican in November
What to pack for Italy in November

Generally speaking however you can expect the temperatures in Italy in November to be:

  • Central Italy: average temperature range of 2-10°C / 35-50°F.
  • Northern Italy: average temperature range of 45-60°F/7-16°C and
  • Southern Italy: 55-65°F/13-18°C.

In places such as Rome you will find the average temperature is around 64°F/18°C. while in places like Sicily the temperature range is 56-69˚F / 14-21˚C.

Does it Rain in Italy in November?

November isn’t the driest month in Italy. In fact November is one of the rainiest months. Therefore it is important to bring an umbrella and some waterproof clothing with you if you are visiting in this month.

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How do locals dress in Italy in November

Street in Rome Italy in November
What to wear in Italy in November

If you want to be more in keeping with the locals you will need to know how locals in Italy dress.

Locals in Italy tend to start transitioning into their Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe rather than their Spring capsule wardrobes in November. As such you are likely to see lots of coats and jackets, ankle boots and plenty of pashminas.

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What to Wear in Italy in November for Women

Woman in Square in Bari in Italy in November
What to wear in Italy in November

So now you know what to expect from the weather, what should you wear in ITaly in November?

Winter Coat

Although it is unlikely that you will in my opinion you won’t need thick thermal coats in Italy in November however a warm winter coat is a definite must.

And no matter the month of travel you will find Italians are a stylish bunch so you will see locals wearing smarter Winter coats as opposed to walking jackets.

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woolen Hat or Beanie, scarves and gloves

Winter accessories are a must for Italy in November.

I would also recommend taking with you a matching scarf and gloves set that match your winter coat to finish off the look.

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Trousers are my go to bottom layer for Italy in November even over skirts and dresses. That is because they cope with windy and chilly weather better.

And unlike in summer, jeans are a great choice for Italy in November as you do need a heavier weight trouser.

On top of jeans I would also have some smarter trousers such as thick wool trousers or some cordoroy pants too for going out at night or going for dinner in Italy.

And no matter the month you travel black is a great color selection for Italy. Click here to shop trousers for Italy.


Although I tend to avoid dresses for sightseeing in November, I would usually take one with me for evenings out.

However I would always pack a pair thick tights to wear with a dress as nights can be chilly especially in the north.

Also be sure to try and select a dress that covers your shoulder and knees if you plan to wear a dress in the day as this will conform to the Italian church dress code rules.

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For warmer days in November blouses are a good choice as well as for dinners with a smart casual dress code paired with a nice cardigan.

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A smart cardigan is a great top layer for dining in Italy. I usually pair a smart cardigan with a t shirt or blouse in Winter.

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T Shirts

T Shirts are great for Italy no matter whether you are visiting beaches, mountains, countryside or cities. For November I recommend packing a mixture of both long and short sleeve t shirts as the weather can be changeable in November.

I also recommend packing plain color t shirts if you want to blend in more with the locals. I would also leave text shirts and graphic tees at home as these aren’t very Italian. Click here to shop t shirts.


A pashmina should be on your Italian packing list no matter the month you are visiting but are especially important for November.

Pashminas can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler nights and can help make your outfit more modest for visits to churches in Italy. Click here to shop pashminas.


For November I recommend packing heavier weight pyjamas as the temperatures start to drop.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

What to Pack for Italy in November for Men

Positano Italy in November
What to wear in Italy in November

If you want to know what to pack for Italy in November for men, I would say the same general principles apply for men and women.

And remember that as with women, you will need to keep your shoulders and knees covered for churches and if you are visiting the Vatican, Duomo or even St Marks Basilica in Venice.


Chinos or jeans are great for day and night in Italy.

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T Shirts and Shirts

During the day t shirts are great. For November you are likely to need more long sleeve tees.

Again I would recommend avoiding anything with a graphic or slogan or in overly loud colors if you want to fit in with the locals. 

Also, as Italians tend to dress more smartly for dinner I would recommend adding some shirts with you for eating out in Italy.


As with the women’s packing list we recommend bringing a smart coat with you for Winter. The further North you travel and the higher the altitude the thicker the coat you need.

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My husband always like to travel with a jacket when in Italy for going out for dinner.


Layers are essential in form of cardigans or sweaters and you will need more the later in the month you decide to visit.

Best Shoes for Italy in November

It doesn’t matter the month you are visiting Italy, there will always be a lot of walking involved. For this reason out top shoe pick is a


Sneakers are great for sightseeing in Italy no matter the season. And don’t worry about locals not wearing them, I promise you they do!

For November we recommend packing a sneaker with a bit of waterproofing or at least some water resistance due to the amount of rain that falls this month.

As well as sneakers we also recommend packing:

Ankle Boots

These are perfect for going out for dinner in the winter months in Italy. Again something that has some waterproofing is a good choice as well as a sole and shorter, thicker heel that can cope with the uneven terrains of Italian cities.

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What to Pack for Italy in November (non-clothing)

Our essentials to pack for Italy in November are:

How to dress in Italy in November for Special Events

There are no real special events in Italy in November that have special dress codes. Therefore there is nothing that you need to pack special.

FAQs about Italy in November

Do you need a jacket in November in Italy?

Yes a jacket is absolutely essential for November in Italy. In fact I would personally pack a warmer coat as opposed to a jacket for those traveling to Italy in November.

Can you wear jeans in Italy in November?

As Winter is coming in Italy in November, jeans are actually a really sensible choice for what to pack for Italy.

Have you been to Italy in November? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments.