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What to Wear in Lisbon in August

What to Wear in Lisbon in August

Wondering what to wear in Lisbon in August? This guide covers the main tourist attractions and the weather and gives you outfit inspiration for the city in Summer.

Weather in Lisbon in August

Summer is in full swing in August in Lisbon. Temperatures have risen as have the crowds. So what can you expect from the city in August?

How hot is Lisbon in August?

Funicular in Lisbon in August
What to wear in Portugal in August

August in Lisbon is peak summer and is usually the hottest month of the year with temperatures hovering around27-29 C / 80/85F but it is not unheard of for the mercury to top 32 C (90 F) on a couple of days during August. 

However it is also worth noting that August experiences a north sea-breeze that the locals call nortada. This tends to happen in the afternoon and does make the heat in the city feel less oppressive but can make it quite cool at night and evenings.

Does it rain a lot in August in Lisbon?

July takes the title of driest month in Lisbon along with August. Overall most days in August will not see a drop of rain and the whole month only sees 4 mm of rain. Usually only 1 day a month will have more than 1mm of rain.

Is it warm enough to swim in Lisbon in August?

Generally speaking the water around Lisbon is 19℃ during August and is one of the best months to go swimming in the city along with July.

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  • What to wear in Portugal in August

What to Wear in Lisbon in August

What to Wear in Lisbon in August for women

WOman next to tram in Lisbon in August
What to wear in Lisbon in August

Skirts and dresses

On the streets of Lisbon in summer you will see all lengths of skirts and dresses so you should feel free to wear the type you feel most comfortable in.

I personally always opt for midi and maxi dresses. But if you prefer shorter skirts and dresses then this is fine.

However there is one location where you need to be more conservative. Lisbon Cathedral as with many European churches such as the Sagrada Familia and the Vatican, require visitors to keep shoulders and knees covered.

Therefore on days you plan to visit religious settings remember to be more conservative in your attire.


The best trousers for Lisbon in August are light weight ones made of natural fabrics as opposed to manmade.

I would recommend chinos and linen trousers as the best for reducing sweat and for being comfortable in the heat. It is best to leave jeans at home if you are visiting in August as they will be too hot for most pepole.


Shorts are good for sightseeing and on the beach in Lisbon. The only place these are not good for are churches in Lisbon.


Woman overlooking sea in Lisbon from above

A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights in Lisbon of which there are several.

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T Shirt

Lisbon in August is warm, and being a casual city short sleeve t shirts are the perfect addition to your packing list. Tank tops are acceptable so long as you don’t wear them to the church. And you can chose a color palette of your choice and style of t shirt as locals will wear a variety of types.

However you will also want a

Cardigan / Sweater/ Jacket

Though the days are warm in Lisbon in August, the wind can make afternoons and evenings in Lisbon chilly. Therefore we recommend having a lightweight top layer such as a cardigan, sweater or even a smart blazer for afternoons and evenings.

Just be sure that whatever you pick can go with a variety of outfits as you will only want to pack one or two for a week in Lisbon.


A pashmina is on all of my European packing lists no matter the month of travel. They are perfect for cooler days as an extra layer and also can make outfits more modest if your top does not meet churches dress code rules.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are essential for Lisbon in August. It is also worth pointing out that not all accommodation in Portugal will have air conditioning so packing lightweight nightwear is an absolute must.


I always recommend taking a sun hat if you are visiting Lisbon in summer but I would also say that the sun is strong enough in August to warrant a sunhat.


Sunglasses are essential in Lisbon whatever the month but especially in August. Just be sure to pack a pair that have good UV protection.

Swimwear (optional)

The water is warm enough to swim in the sea around Lisbon but you should only bring swimwear if you plan on doing this or if your hotel has a pool that you plan on using. Otherwise it is just a waste of space in your case.

And if you do plan on visiting the beach you will also want a beach cover and a quick dry towel with you too.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying. We recommend packing sneaker socks for wearing with sneakers due to the heat in the city.

Best Shoes for Lisbon in August


Sneakers are great for sightseeing in Lisbon in August as they cope with the Lisbon terrain best i.e. cobbles and hills – it is the city of seven hills after all.

Just be sure to pick lightweight sneakers i.e. Allbirds, as you will want something breathable in the heat and also remember to pack sneaker socks too as this will reduce sweat and odor.


Lisbon in August is definitely sandal weather. I prefer sneakers for sightseeing however a sandal is better for going out to dinner in Lisbon.

Just look for a sandal with a good sole and avoid anything with a thin heel.

Flip Flops (optional)

Only required if you plan to head to the beach or use a pool in Lisbon. Otherwise you might as well leave the flip flops at home.

What to pack for Lisbon in August for Men

The rules of what to pack for Lisbon in Summer for men is similar to women. We recommend packing


The weather will be hot enough for shorts in august and are great in most tourist attractions throughout the city. The only place they are not appropriate are churches.


Chinos and linen trousers are perfect for Lisbon in August as they are the perfect weight for the weather.

I would only really recommend jeans as being suitable at the beginning of the month and for evenings.

T Shirts and Shirts

Short sleeve t shirts are perfect for sightseeing during the day in August. Tank tops are acceptable for men so long as you don’t wear them to the church.

However for evenings I would recommend having a button down shirt with long sleeves and maybe a polo shirt for day to night transition outfits.

Blazer / Sweater

Although summer is warm, the evenings and afternoons in August can be chilly due to the wind so having a lightweight top layer such as a blazer or sweater with you for chillier evenings is a good idea.

Just pick something that can work with a variety of outfits so you don’t have to pack too many.

Swimwear (optional)

Only if you have access to a pool or want to visit a beach.


An essential no matter the month.


For same reason as above.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

Sneaker socks are a good idea for wearing sneakers to sightsee in.

What Else to Pack for Lisbon in August

Lisbon in June
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Quick Dry Towel – only if you are planning to visit a beach on your Lisbon vacation.
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger
  • Crossbody bag with zips – this acts as a deterrent to pickpockets
  • Sunscreen –the sun is strong in Lisbon
  • Aloe Vera
  • Insect Repellant
  • Toiletries
  • camera – it is a beautiful city you will want to take lots of photographs.

FAQs about August Lisbon Packing List

What do local people wear in Lisbon in August?

As Lisbon is hot in summer the locals tend to wear loose and natural fabrics. However they also know how chilly evenings and afternoons due to the Nortada. For this reason most locals will always have an extra layer with them at all times just in case.

What to wear to dinner in Lisbon?

The dress code at restaurants in Lisbon tends to be smart casual. Dresses, or skirts or trousers and blouses are perfect for dinners. However it is worth noting that although the daytime temperatures are warm it can feel chilly in the evenings and at night, especially if the wind picks up.

For this reason it is worth having a top layer like a sweater, cardigan, blazer or pashmina with you.

What to wear to Sintra in August?

Pena at Sintra

Sintra is a very popular day trip from Lisbon and is not to be missed. It’s bright coloured buildings and amazing views are a must see.

But what should you wear to Sintra in August? Sintra is close to Lisbon however is usually slightly cooler. It can get quite breezy at Sintra therefore we recommend you pack a top layer such as a jacket or hoodie with you for Sintra in August.

Also sneakers are the best shoes for this day trip due to the uneven surfaces.

What would you add to this Lisbon August Packing List?