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What to wear in London December

What to wear in London December

Looking for the perfect guide to what to wear in London in December? In this roundup we will guide you through everything you need to know for visiting London in Winter. It includes information on the London weather in December and how to dress for it to what to wear in London in December for specific events from afternoon tea to pantomimes. 

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Weather in London in December 

What to Wear in London in December / What to wear in London at Christmas

The weather in London is notorious for being changeable. This is especially true if you are visiting London in December. London in December can be cold, rainy, frosty, windy and shockingly can also be quite bright. 

Does it Snow in London in December 

Although who wouldn’t love a white Christmas when spending Christmas in London but honestly you are not likely to see snow in London in December. 

If you do it will be more of a sprinkling than a heavy downfall of snow. In truth you are more likely to experience a rainy day in London in December more than you are a snowy one. 

In fact the snowiest month in London is February (be sure to check out our what to wear in London in February guide by clicking here). 

Is it rainy in London in December?

What to Wear to dinner in London

It is pretty rainy in London in December. On average there are around 17 rainy days in December so you will definitely need to think about packing some waterproof and rainy weather clothes in London in December. 

How cold is London in December?

In answer to how cold is London in December I would say pretty cold. London in DEcember isn’t the coldest month – that honor goes to January (Be sure to check out our what to wear in London in January guide here) but it still is pretty cold. 

The average daily temperature in London in December is around 7 degree centigrade /45 degrees Fahrenheit. But this can fall in the evening to being around 3 degrees centigrade. 

It is definitely coat weather in London in December. 

What to wear in London in December 

Do you need a winter coat in London in December?

Do you need a winter coat in London in December? You absolutely do. The thickness level you want for a winter coat in London will really depend on how warm you like to be. 

It is worth noting that the underground even in December can be a hot and stuffy place so even if you wear a coat outside you might want to take it off on the Tube. 

In my opinion you won’t need thick thermal coats in London and I tend to use a parka jacket on most December days and they will be seen quite often in London. 

However, if you are going to one of London’s theatres, high end restaurants etc then I would normally err in favor of a smarter wool jacket or winter coat. 

My personal favorite  is a tweed coat but any nicer or wool coat will suffice. 

Be sure to check out our guide on what to wear in London for dinner which covers eating out in London in winter. And for more tips on packing for Winter check out our Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe.

A Waterproof

A waterproof coat is an essential when visiting London in December. December is a rainy month and in my opinion London is best explored on foot. Don’t get soaked through, be sure you have a waterproof with you. 

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Woolen Hat or Beanie, scarves and gloves

Whether you are a man or woman visiting London a woolen hat or a beanie is an essential for visiting London in December as the weather can feel cold especially if you are walking around the city. 

I would also recommend taking with you a matching scarf and gloves set that match your winter coat to finish off the look. 

If you are planning on taking a lot of photographs while visiting London in Winter you would be best advised to take gloves that have a sensor that makes it easier for you to use your photos. 


Jeans are a staple of any London wardrobe especially in December. The great thing about London is that jeans are not on the what not to wear in London list as London tends to be quite casual. 

Most Londoners will wear jeans to work, restaurants (unless a dress code prohibits) and even in the theater so be sure to add these to your London packing list. 

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Leggings are great whatever time of year you are visiting London and you absolutely can wear leggings in London.

Leggings are great in December as they can be worn on their own or can be used to warm up a dress or as an added extra layer under jeans. 

I personally have never found the need to wear thermal leggings while in London but if you feel the cold you could always bring them with you just in case. 


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Whether you are a woman or man visiting London a jumper should be a staple of your London packing list. 

Jumpers are the main staple of Londoners in December for both day and night wear. 

Something plainer is more suitable in the day but you can do soemthing sparkly or glittery for a jumper at night. 

There is also a day in London when jumpers are almost a prerequisite – keep reading to find out when and what this is. 

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If you are having a less formal day of sightseeing then a hoodie is perfectly acceptable however I would advise not having a university or college hoodie. Worst of all is an Oxford University one as nothing shouts tourist in London more than this.

A plain hoodie or pattern is fine however. 

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T shirts

T shirts are great whatever month you are visiting London. In December they are a great extra layer under jumpers or hoodies and you won’t feel too casual in most places in a t shirt. 

What shoes do people wear in London in winter 

A good pair of shoes is a necessary for London in December or London in Winter. 

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A pair of boots is an essential for men or women visiting London in December. 

Most Londoners will spend most of the winter wearing boots, either ankle or knee high. Good waterproof leather fashionable boots are definitely a must and can be worn day or evening. 

If you go for a heeled boots which is always my preference I recommend picking a boot with a thicker heel as there are many cobbled stones in London and also escalators at Tube stations. Thin heels are dangerous in London. Be sure to only take thick ones with you. 

I would however add Suede boots to your what not to wear in London in December list. The amount of rain we get in London could easily ruin suede. 

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If you are traveling in London in December I would still advise taking a pair of sneakers with you for use on drier days. 

Visiting London in any month will have a lot of walking so a sneaker is the most comfortable shoe to be wearing. 

What to wear in London at Christmas

Christmas Jumper Day in London

If you are visiting London for Christmas then feel free to go all out with the Christmas jumpers. 

If you are in London on 10th December then you are in luck as this is Ugly Christmas Jumper Day.

Go as tacky and ugly as you can with this so you will look like a local on London on this day.

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What Else Should I pack for London In December (non Clothing 

Lip Balm

Moving between heating and cold will dry out your lips very quickly in London. Be sure to pack some for use on the plane too. 

However if you forget just nip into your nearest Boots or pharmacy and there will be plenty of choice. 


For the same reason as above you will want to have a good quality moisturizer with you. 


As I mentioned it is pretty rainy in London in December so an umbrella will be required. I would advise taking a small compact umbrella for easier use on busy streets and on the Tube and public transport. 

Universal Travel Adaptor

If you are traveling to the UK from the US then please not the plug sockets are not the same. Be sure you pack a travel adaptor with you.

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London is one of the world’s most beautiful cities especially if you are visiting at Christmas be sure to have a good camera with you.

Power Pack

You will be taking a lot of photos on vacation in London a power pack is an essential. 

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FAQS about What to wear in London in December

Do I need rain boots in London? Can you wear wellies in London

Having a good pair of waterproof shoes is an essential for London in December however wellies aren’t necessarily needed. 

Most people in London wear wellies when they go for walks or go outside of the city rather than in the city itself. However Hunter Wellies can be a very popular fashion item so you could get away with wellies in London if you wanted them. 

What should I pack for Christmas in London

Christmas in London is a very special time. And one of my favourite things about packing for Christmas in London is that you can go as Christmassy as you want. 

Ugly Christmas jumper, christmas jewelry and basically any Christmas themed attire is perfectly acceptable in London especially if you are doing something Christmassy like attending a Pantomime so feel free to go all out on Christmas themed clothes or sparkly or glittery outfits when visiting London at Christmas.

Have you visited London in December? Leave us a comment below telling us about what you wore in London and what you would have left at home.