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What to wear in London in February

What to wear in London in February

Wondering what to wear in London in February? February is still Winter in London and in this guide will guide you through everything you need to pack for London in February for the weather, special events, dress codes and more.

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Weather in London in February 

London is notoriously changeable no matter what time of year you are visiting. However February can be a particularly challenging to month to pack for.

February is technically still Winter in London. While the crowds can be high during the February half term, the temperatures remain low. But how cold is London in February?

How cold is London in February?

Millenium Bridge with St Pauls in the Background
What to pack for London in February

Having lived in London for several decades I find that February is actually one of the coldest months to visit.

In answer to how cold is London in February I would say pretty cold. Generally speaking the average daily temperatures usually hover between 9°C/48.2F and 5°C/41F but can feel cooler when it is damp and windy.

For this reason it is important to still pack a Winter capsule wardrobe that contains lots of light layers that can easily be put on and removed as necessary.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

Is it rainy in London in February?

London in February is quite a rainy month. Usually it gets one day less of rain than January however you can still expect to get rain on 9 days across the month.

And as a Londoner I can tell you I would never go anywhere without having my trusty compact waterproof umbrella with me.

Does it Snow in London in February? 

Snow in London is not all that common occurance however out of all of the months historically February is usually the snowiest.

However I would not expect the snow to be deep or settling for long. Therefore I wouldn’t be too worried about snow when putting together your London packing List.

Note: if you want more specific guidance on specific winter weather in London check out our monthly posts:

What do locals wear in London in February?

As a local Londoner, I can tell you that I am still firmly wearing my Winter wardrobe in February (for tips on packing a capsule wardrobe for London check out our 54321 packing method). And big coats are definitely a must for your packing list. However Londoners tend to be practical in their dress sense so pack the coat you feel is most appropriate for the weather before worrying about smartness.

It is worth noting though that the London Underground can be a hot and stuffy place even in Winter. For this reason you will find Londoners tend to opt for tight knits and lots of light layers that are easy to remove when traveling as it is easy to overheat on the Tube.

Boots are also a common feature on London streets in February, and no self respecting London would ever be caught without an umbrella at this time of year.

Tip: Want to skip queues in London? we recommend buying your London attraction tickets in advance with skip the line access for some of the most popular attractions such as the Tower of London, London Eye and Cabinet War Rooms to name but a few.

Crowds in London are low at the beginning of the month however during February half term London gets very busy so advance tickets are helpful and prevent you queuing outside attractions in the cold or rain.

What to wear in London in February 

What to wear in London in February for women

Woman standing in Winter clothes in front of Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London in February
What to wear in London in February


The weather in February definitely requires a good coat. And something with some waterproofing is a good idea because of the high chance your will experience rain during your London vacation.

Some of my favorite coat brands for London at this time of year are Eddie Bauer and Columbia. Parka coats and puffer jackets are also commonly seen on the streets at this time of year too!

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Top Tip: try and include a coat as part of your Winter airport outfit to save having to pack this bulky item.

Wool Hat, scarves and gloves

February is probably the last month you will need hat, scarf and gloves for London. We recommend taking gloves that are touch screen compatible for London. Your phone will be used lots in London from taking photos, using the TFL app for tube and bus times as well as maps. It can be really annoying to keep having to remove your gloves to use your phone so touch screen compatible gloves will remove this annoyance.

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Jeans are a staple of my London wardrobe whatever the month. But in February I don’t think they can be beaten.

Most Londoners will wear jeans to work, restaurants (unless a dress code prohibits) and even in the theater so be sure to add these to your London packing list. 

And as with any item of clothing in London you will see all style on the streets so pack the pair that you feel most comfortable in.

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On top of trousers, we recommend packing another pair of heavier weight trousers such as a cord or wool pant. But you can never go wrong with a travel black pant (at the moment are we love the Athleta Brooklyn ankle pant).

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We are often asked if you can wear leggings in London and the answer is absolutely yes. In fact leggings are a very popular pant in London. You will often see people wear athleisure around the city, not just for exercising in and many people will style leggings with longer length tops and dresses too.

For February we recommend packing at least one pair of leggings which can either be worn on their own or under skirts and dresses for extra warmth.


Layers are definitely an essential for London in February and for a week I would normally pack:

  • a cardigan,
  • a hoodie (for daytime sightseeing around the city and in places such as museums and parks), and
  • a smart sweater.

Personally I never travel in Winter without a merino wool sweater. I love merino wool and it is one of my favorite fabrics to include in any Winter capsule wardrobe.

That is because it provides extra warmth as they are an insulating fabric but is also compact unlike a thick knit. Therefore it is easy to pack, doesn’t take up a lot of space in your case and is also easier to layer than thicker knit items.

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T shirts

T shirts are great whatever month you are visiting London and won’t be too casual in most places. For February long sleeves are more appropriate for the weather.

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I tend to avoid wearing dresses during the day in February. I just find it a bit chilly. However I love to wear a dress on an evening out in London. Just remember to pack a thick pair of tights to wear with a them too!

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A pashmina or thicker wrap is always on my London packing list especially in Winter. 

It can act as a scarf to dress or a a more casual outfit but is a useful extra layer on cooler nights and days.

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Blouses / Shirts

Blouses with long sleeves are perfect for London in the Winter for both sightseeing and going out to dinner. They are a versatile layering item and can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going.  

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Goes without saying. To prevent your feet getting cold when out and about we like to pack merino wool socks. They are thinner than hiking socks but are insulating so are good for cold weather.


Thicker PJs and better for February as it can be cold at night.

What to Wear in London in February for Men

Generally speaking the men’s packing list for London at this time of year should have similar pieces to the ladies capsule wardrobe. Therefore we recommend packing:

Coat / Jacket

February weather means this is an essential.


As with the women’s packing list, jeans are a great pick for men. But alongside jeans I would also suggest packing chinos or dockers and maybe even a pair of cord trousers for evenings.

T Shirts and Shirts

A mix of long and short t shirts are perfect for men during the day as both base layers and top layers on warmer days.

However if you plan on eating out I recommend packing some long sleeve button down shirts too.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

Best Shoes for London in February


No matter which winter month you are visiting London, boots have to be the best pick. Now due to difficulties in packing longer length boots, we usually go with an ankle boot.

However if you prefer knee high boots and have space in your case, feel free to pack the style you are most comfortable in.

If you can pack a pair with a good sole and some waterproofing we recommend it given the weather at this time of year. Also due to the rain at this time of year I would also recommend leaving the suede at home.

And we always recommend avoiding thin heels. These are a danger on the cobbled stone streets of London and even on the escalators on the London Underground.

Also even in the rain you won’t need wellies in London. These usually are reserved for more outdoor and rural areas such as The Cotswolds.

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And no matter what time of year you are traveling, I would never head to London without a sneaker. London is a city best seen on foot and given the combination of cobbled stones and uneven surfaces as well as teh step count you will rack up, sneakers are undoubtedly the best shoe choice.

 My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are Hoka and AllBirds, however you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes.

What to pack for London In February (non Clothing) 

London Eye lit up in red with river thames at night
What to wear in London in February

Now you know what to wear in London in February, we will turn our attention to other non clothing essentials to pack to ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

Universal Travel Adaptor

If you are traveling to the UK from the US then please not the plug sockets are not the same. Be sure you pack a travel adaptor with you

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Theft Proof Bag

As with any tourist city around the world there are pickpockets in London. Now I have lived in London for well over a decade and have never experienced pickpocketing however around tourist attractions such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament for instance it is a good idea to remain vigilant and guard your belongings.

The best way to do this is with a cross body bag with lots of zip s that can help deter thieves.

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Medical Supplies

Although London is full of pharmacies (i.e. Boots and Lloyds for instance) and places to pick up over the counter supplies be sure to remember to pack any medicines, especially prescription medication with you along with the associated documentation.


For storing items on your day trips to places such as Zaanse Schans and Giethoorn.

Lip Balm

Moving between heating and cold will dry out your lips very quickly in London. Be sure to pack some lip balm for use on the plane and in London. 

Shop lip balm here.


For the same reason as above you will want to have a good quality moisturiser with you. Shop moisturiser for Winter travel here.

Compact Travel Umbrella

London in February can be quite rainy. Be sure to have a compact travel umbrella with you that you can store in your bag.

Our favorite travel umbrella is the Repel umbrella as it is compact but also very sturdy with good wind proofing too.

Shop compact travel umbrellas here.


For our essential toiletries packing list click here. However if you don’t want to overpack, and are happy to purchase these on arrival we recommend heading to the chains such as Superdrug or Boots or even the larger supermarkets. These are all over the city and stock all health, beauty and toiletry products you would expect.


London is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, be sure to have a good camera with you.

Power Pack

You will be taking a lot of photos on vacation in London a power pack is an essential. 

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FAQS about What to wear in London in February

Hopefully the above has given you a good overview of what to wear and pack for London in February. However if you still have questions drop us a comment below and we will add our answers in our FAQ section below.

Do I need coat in London in February?

Yes you will 100% need a coat for London in February.

Do I need rain boots in London?

What to Wear to dinner in London
What to Wear to dinner in London

Although shoes with some waterproofing or water resistance are a good idea. However rain boots or wellingtons are not commonly worn in the city.

What clothes to pack for London at night in February

Nights out in London in Winter, are not usually that formal. We recommend packing similar items as to what you would wear in the day but maybe with a smarter top layer and paired with boots.

Have you visited London in February? Leave us a comment below telling us about what you wore in London.