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What to wear in Paris in June

What to wear in Paris in June

Wondering what to wear in Paris in June? With our Paris Summer packing list we tell you exactly what to pack for special events, certain venues and Paris weather in June.

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Weather in Paris in June

I love Paris in June. Summer has officially started however the temperatures have not yet peaked.

How hot is Paris in June?

he temperatures in Paris in June tends to range from average highs of 73°F/23°C and an average low of 13°C /55°F depending on the time of month you travel with the end of the month being warmer than the start. 

Remember if your visit covers two months be sure to check out our other Paris monthly guides. The weather does change in Paris month to month, and you never known when there are some special events that do require at alteration to the dress code. 

And if you are visiting other areas of France then be sure to check out our other regional guides for summer

Note: Paris in June is definitely peak season. So you don’t have to wait outside in the heat at the major attractions we recommend buying your Paris attraction tickets in advance with skip the line access.

Is it rainy in Paris in June?

June is not the driest month of the year in Paris however you don’t have to worry too much about rain in Paris in June. Generally speaking there are only around 8 days of rainy weather in Paris in June. Therefore rain shouldn’t be your primary concern in you are visiting June. 

However all our Paris packing lists no matter the time of year include a compact umbrella because you never know in Paris.

However overall I think the pleasant temperatures and limited rainfall mean that June is the perfect sightseeing weather in Paris.

How do Locals Dress in Paris In June

People in Montmartre in the evening on Summer night in Paris
What to wear in Paris in summer

When I think about the Parisian dress sense I think there are  three main words that can sum up what the locals wear in Paris


– Stylish

– Muted Color Palettes.

This can sometimes feel horrible to emulate when traveling in the heat. Rather than saying what locals wear, it is probably easier in the Parisian case to say what not to wear in Paris.

Generally speaking short shorts are not something you will see Parisians wearing in the city. For this reason we recommend loose flowing summer clothes such as summer dresses instead.

Paris Dress Codes to be Aware of

The truth is, not many places in Paris have strict dress code however there are a few to be aware of.

Even though religious settings in Paris don’t post a dress codes it is respectful to keep your shoulders and knees covered in places such as Notre Dame (when it reopens).

Perhaps some of the places with the strictest dress codes are Parisian restaurants.

Not many restaurants in Paris have a formal and codified dress code but it is safe to say that Parisians dress well for dinner. I personally would not go to a restaurant in Paris in casual clothing and would always aim for smart casual as a minimum. 

Some restaurants with stated dress codes include the Jules Verne restaurant, the Eiffel Tower restaurant and the Moulin Rouge. For a more in-depth guide on these dress codes and what to wear to dinner in Paris check out this post.

Considerations for Paris June Packing List

Before we get onto the exact items to include in your Paris June outfits, we thought is would be worth outlining some considerations for your packing list. These are:

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silks are more breathable and reduce sweat which are perfect for France in June. We recommend sticking to this type of fabrics where possible.

Nothing that Drags on the Floor

Although maxi dresses are my personal favorite cut of dress, I recommend checking that none of your clothes drag on the floor. The Paris Metro RER and other forms of transport as not always accessible so you will be using stairs and escalators. You don’t want anything that could get caught in the mechanism.

What to wear in Paris in June

So now you know what to expect from the weather, what should you wear in Paris in June?

What to wear in Paris in June for women

Woman in red dress and hat in front of church in Paris
What to wear in Paris in June

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are perfect for Paris in the summer. However I would advise you not to wear mini skirts or dresses, especially at daytime as it is likely to mark you are a tourist.

The French don’t tend to wear very short items of clothing, especially in the day. Instead midi and maxi dresses that aren’t overly tight or revealing are better for Paris during the day.

Skirts and dresses also work for day and night in Paris and can be easily dressed up or down to meet dress code requirements with a few good accessory choices. 


You definitely won’t need a coat in Paris in June however we always recommend taking a jacket. 

Jackets are great for cooler days but a smarter blazer is a great way of transitioning a look from day to night for a smart casual Paris restaurant for instance.


Trousers are another great pick for Paris in summer. Dark trousers i.e. black or navy are always a great choice in Paris, however beige, tan and white are also good choices in summer.

If you want to bring jeans to Paris in Summer, be sure to pick a smarter and darker coloured pair if you want to be more in keeping with local fashion sensibilities.

However I wouldn’t only bring jeans to Paris in summer as they can be too warm. Cotton pants, linen trousers and chinos are probably better selections for this time of year.. 

Note: You can bring shorts to Paris in June however this is something you will see many Parisians wearing, particularly short shorts.


Loose blouses are perfect for Paris in the summer for both sightseeing and going out to dinner. 

T Shirt

I always pack a few t shirts when visiting Paris no matter the season. Short sleeve t shirts tend to be the perfect sleeve length for the summer season.

I recommend picking plain t shirts instead of patterned, graphic or slogan tees to be more in keeping with the locals.

What Not to Wear in Paris
What Not to Wear in Paris

Striped t shirts are also acceptable but don’t lean into the Parisian stereotype look too much (as shown in the above pic) as you will 100% look like a tourist.


A pashmina is always on my Paris packing list even in Summer. It can act as a scarf to dress or a a more casual outfit but is a useful extra layer on cooler nights and days. 

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are essential for Paris in summer. Though some hotels will have air conditioning, airbnbs will not usually have air con. Therefore you will want lightweight nightwear and loungewear with you. 


The sun can be bright in Paris so I definitely wouldn’t go in June without a pair of shades that offers good UV protection.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

Top Tip: We recommend packing sneaker socks and some odour eaters if you have room in your case just in case your feet do get sweaty when wearing sneakers to sightsee around the city.

What to Wear in Paris in June Packing List for Men

For men visiting Paris in June we recommend adding the following items to your packing list:

  • Trousers – we recommend selecting natural fabrics such as cottons and linen as well as having one pair of smarter jeans with you for use on cooler days and in restaurants. 
  • Mixture of long and short sleeve t shirts for day time and night. Polo shirts are also good in Paris for night. 
  • Blazer / Linen Jacket – perfect for smarter restaurants in Paris and cooler days. Tip: Check any restaurants you have reservations for dress code before travel in case a tie or jacket is required.
  • Shirts – mix of long and short sleeve
  • Sunglasses
  • Sneakers
  • Smarter Pair of Shoes for dinner
  • Pjs
  • Underwear

Best Shoes for Paris in June

Woman in red dress in front of river and Eiffel tower
What to wear in Paris in June


Any visit to Paris, no matter the season or month will involve a lot of walking. In fact I think it is a city best explored on foot. Therefore sneakers are the best shoe for tourists.

We recommend having a fashion pair as opposed to a sporty pair to be more in keeping with the locals, however any sneaker is better than no sneaker for sightseeing in the City of Lights.

However please note that some of the more upscale restaurants will not allow sneakers / trainers so do check your restaurant dress code. Also it is common for nightclubs in Paris to say no sneakers. 

If you want to know what to wear in Paris at night check out this post.


Sandals are great for Paris in June. They are perfect for restaurants and if you pick a pair with good arch support are good for walking in the heat too. 

If you want a shoe with height in Paris then I recommend packing wedges. They cope well with cobbles and won’g get caught in escalators etc. Stilettos are definitely on my what not to wear in Paris list.

What to Pack for Pars in June (Non Clothing)

Now you know the clothes you should bring to Paris what else should you pack for visiting this amazing city in Summer? 

We recommend

  • Compact Umbrella – essential for any month in Paris. 
  • Sun Screen
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  • Battery Pack
  • Travel Adaptor for electronics
  • Crossbody Bag – anti theft type.

Note: if you have room in your suitcase then you can bring toiletries with you. However toiletries are very easy to buy in Paris in supermarkets or pharmacies. Therefore we would recommend leaving the toiletries at home and buying them on arrival. It will save space in your case.

What to wear in Paris in June FAQs

Do I need coat in Paris in June?

Given the weather in Paris in June you shouldn’t need to bring a coat with you. However you can get cool days and cool evenings. For this reason we recommend bringing a jacket with you for Paris in June. 

Smarter jackets or blazer are also a great way of transitioning an outfit from a day to a nighttime look, especially for restaurants with a smart casual dress code. Even a denim jacket can be useful as an extra day time later.

For this reason I always bring a blazer rather than a coat with me for Paris in June.

Do you need a raincoat for Paris in June?

Paris isn’t overly rainy in June and you should be able to miss rain showers by ducking into shops or attractions or my personally favorite a Parisian cafe for a cheeky macaron. For this reason I never travel to Paris in June with a raincoat.

Having said that though, I do always travel to Paris with a compact umbrella, just in case.

Do I need swimwear in Paris in June?

You will only need to bring swimwear to Paris in June if:

  • you are staying at a Paris hotel with a pool (there aren’t that many)
  • you are traveling to another place in France or abroad where you have access to the pool or are going to the coast. 

If none of these things apply to you then you should be safe to leave the swimwear at home. 

Do you have any questions about what to wear in Paris in June that we haven’t answered here? Then pop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer them as quick as we can.