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What to Wear in Rome in January

What to Wear in Rome in January

In this what to wear in Rome in January we tell you everything that needs to be on your Rome Winter packing list from the best shoes for Rome in winter to what to wear in Rome at night.

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Weather in Rome in January

Rome in January is definitely still mid-winter. This means you can expect relatively cold weather. However you should worry that this will affect your enjoyment of the city.

Note: It is worth being aware that the weather between the months in Rome changes quite dramatically. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

How hot is Rome in January? Is it cold in Rome in January?

As January is one of the Winter months in Rome you can expect to experience some cold weather. The average high in Rome in January hovers around 12C but the low drops to around 4C. So it can feel chilly if you are visiting in January.

This is especially true if you are planing on going out in the evenings i.e walking to dinner etc. Therefore you will want to pack lots of layers especially for when you are going to dinner in Italy.

Does it rain a lot in January in Rome?

Rome in January is actually not the wettest month of the year. On average you can expect to get around 7 days of rain in January in Rome but this is usually just showers rather than whole days of downpours.

Does it snow a lot in January in Rome?

What to pack for Rome in February / What to pack for Rome in January

Snow is exceptionally rare in Rome. However on the rare occurrences when there has been snow it has been in January and February so it is worth keeping an eye on your weather app for those rare occasions.

What to Wear in Rome in January

Note: While this Rome in January packing list covers the city of Rome what it does not cover:

  • the Vatican City

The reason for this is because the Vatican Dress Code is very strict and has a specific dress code. Also if you are worried about what to wear to other tourist attractions in then be sure to check out our related Rome guides:

Best Shoes for Rome in January


Boots should be top of any packing list for Rome in January. The reason for this is because Rome can be both cold and rainy in January. However if you pick boots just be sure they aren’t high heeled or thin heeled – these should be on your what not to pack for Rome list.

This is because the streets are Rome are cobbled and uneven and you will be doing lots of walking during your Rome itinerary so you need to make sure your shoes and boots are practical for this.

Both ankle boots and knee high boots are acceptable for women and you should definitely just pick the pair you feel most comfortable in.


Despite some internet rumour sneakers are perfectly acceptable to wear in Rome or anywhere in Italy.

I always pack sneakers whatever season I am visiting because they are really comfortable for lots of walking.

Our favourite brands of sneakers for Rome include:

  • Hoka
  • Sketcher’s Go Walks and
  • All Birds

But you should pick whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Just be sure that if you buy shoes for this trip that you wear them in before you go as there is nothing worse than getting a blister during your vacation.


Again despite internet rumours again we want to clarify that jeans are perfectly acceptable to wear in Rome especially in Winter.

But if you want to look like a local in Rome then we advise picking jeans that are:

  • darker in color
  • more fitted
  • smart
  • not ripped

Although you can wear baggy jeans or pale coloured jeans in Rome these aren’t really worn by the locals.

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Alongside jeans we also recommend packing other smart trousers. As Rome in January can be cold a pair of wooden trousers or cords would be perfect for sightseeing in Rome in this month.

Wool Dress

Romans are very stylish and my go to for a dinner in Rome in January has to be a smart woolen dress paired with tights and boots. This is perfect for warmth and comfort while still looking elegant on a night out in Rome.

Longer length skirts

I would put short skirts on the what not to wear in Rome list but a longer length skirt is perfect for Rome in January. But I would advise you not to pick a skirt with a slit as this isn’t appropriate for visiting Italian churches and be sure to also add


to your Rome packing list to pair with your skirts.

Rome can be cold in January a pair of tights to pair with a skirt is a great addition to your Rome packing list.



Blouses are exceptional versatile and easy to layer so are really great for packing for Rome in January.

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T Shirts

I never go to Rome without having some t shirts with me. For Rome in January I usually pick a combination of both long and short sleeve t shirts for versatility.

These act as great layers but can also be used as a top layer if you suddenly get a warm snap.

I recommend making your t shirt selection carefully however as Italians tend to opt for plain dark t shirts rather than anything bold or with graphics. These are types of shirts are definitely on my what not to wear in Rome list.

Cardigan or Jumper

Layers are very important for this time of year in Rome so pack several cardigans or jumpers as the perfect top layer.

Jumpers are also great for cool evenings for dinner.

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While many people don’t associate jackets and coats with Rome you will definitely need one for Rome in January especially if you plan to go out in the evenings when the temperatures really do drop.


A Pashmina is top of my Rome packing list for every season and that is because of its versatility. In fact pashminas always go on my packing lists wherever in the world I am traveling.

As you are traveling to Rome in January this can double up as both a scarf or extra layer for the cool nights but also can help make your outfit more modest for when visiting religious sites in the area.


You will definitely want Pjs instead of a nightie for Rome in January.

Waterproof Jacket

It surprises a lot of people but you can get a rainy days in Rome. A lightweight waterproof jacket that packs down is perfect for when you get caught in the rain but means you won’t have to wear it or carry around on the driver days.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying

What to pack for Rome in January for Men

Layers are key for a Rome in January packing list for men. Just as they for women.

Key pieces to add to a Rome Packing list for Men should include:


A combination of chinos and jeans mean you should be covered for every occasion. I would also opt for smarter trousers when traveling in Rome however to fit in more with the locals.

T Shirts and Shirts

A mix of long and short t shirts are perfect for men during the day as both base layers and top layers on warmer days.

However if you plan on eating out I recommend packing some long sleeve button down shirts. The Rome restaurant dress code tends to be smart casual and you will look more like a local in Rome in a shirt rather than a t shirt when eating out in the evening.

Jacket / Coat

Check the temperature for your travel week before you go as to decide whether a jacket or coat is more appropriate.

Again as Italians are very stylish I would recommend picking a smarter coat over a sports jacket for traveling in Italy.

Waterproof Jacket

Rome in January can be rainy so a waterproof layer is useful. Again as rain is not constant in this month we recommend getting a packaway type waterproof as it is more convenient for carrying around the city.


Smarter sneakers are great for walking the amazing sites of Rome for both men and women.

Smarter Shoes

Sneakers are great for the daytime but I always think to look more like a local a pair of smarter shoes are more appropriate for evenings out in Rome.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

An obvious

What Else to Pack for Rome in January

  • Crossbody bag
  • Reuseable Water Bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger

How to Dress for Special Events in Rome in January

There are several special events in Rome in March. They are:

  • 1st January – New Years Day – many shops and the Vatican museums are closed due to it being a public holiday.
  • 6th January – Befana – aka the Ephipany or Day of Kings. This should have no impact on your dress code but should be noted that many Italians will celebrate this day.

FAQs about February Rome Packing List

What do people wear in Rome in February?

Romans in February know the importance of layers in your wardrobe and you should definitely follow suit.

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