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What to Wear in Scotland in September

What to Wear in Scotland in September

Wondering what to wear in Scotland in September? In this guide we will tell you everything you need to pack for Scotland in September for the weather whether you are planning on visiting cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, going hiking in the Highlands or visiting the countryside and lochs.

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Weather in Scotland in September

Summer is over in Scotland in September and you are moving into Fall. So what can you expect from Scotland’s Autumnal weather?

Inverary Castle
What to pack for Scotland in September

In this guide we will give you a top level overview of Scottish weather. But if your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly:

However if you are only visiting one place in Scotland be sure to check out our location specific guide too. 

  • What to wear in Glasgow 
  • What to wear in Edinburgh in September 
  • What to wear in the Highlands 

How hot is Scotland in September?

In answer, to how hot is Scotland in September, is not very. Generally speaking the average temperatures in Scotland in September are around a high of 16°C/60 °F and a low of 8°C/46 °FF. 

However the later in September and the further north you go the colder it will be. Also if you plan on doing mountain hikes, the higher you go the cooler it will feel. Therefore the key to any Scotland September packing list is layers and plenty of them. 

Does it rain a lot in September in Scotland?

I always say that there is no such thing as a dry month in Scotland. Because it’s true – there isn’t. But how much rain can you expect in September.

You can get rain in Scotland in any month of the year. Depending on the year you can get somewhere between 3 to 8 days of rain in Scotland across the of September so some waterproof wear will be needed especially for those going on long hike sin Scotland. 

How do Locals Dress in Scotland In September

Anyone who has lived, worked or even visited Scotland will tell you that you always need to have layers with you. 

In the cities this translates to light weight denim jackets and cardigans earlier in the month moving towards thicker layers and moving to warmer jackets at the end of September.

If you plan on doing day hikes or going for days out on the coast then a microfibre fleece is a good idea as it is very warm but also condenses down in backpacks easily.

What to Wear in Scotland in September 

People on street in Edinburgh
What to wear in Scotland in September

Best Shoes for Scotland in September

Due to the variety of terrains and weathers you are likely to experience in Scotland in September, you will need at least a couple of different types of shoes with you depending on where you are going and the activities you plan on doing.

However I would never visit Scotland without:


Overall sneakers are the best shoe for Scotland no matter the season. These can cope with city terrain, hills and some of the less challenging hill hikes. 

Sneakers that have some waterproofing or water resistance are always a good idea for Scotland no matter the destination. 

Hiking Boots (optional)

If you plan on sticking with the cities then you won’t need hiking boots but for more challenging hikes in Scotland then hiking boots are an absolute must.

If you are visiting in late September then you may also need to add gaiters to your packing list. As the weather gets Rainier, the trails get muddier so gaiters can become an essential.

Smarter Shoes

As September progresses and the weather cools, it can become too cold for sandals. However for going out for dinner in Scotland you may want to add either an ankle boot or an espardrill onto your packing list.

Though it is worth noting that many restaurants in Scotland will allow you to wear sneakers. Check any higher end restaurants for dress codes, and if they have none you could consider using smarter sneakers for evenings too.

What to Wear in Scotland in September for women

Woman in the Scottish highlands in September
What to wear in Scotland in September


If plan on going hiking in Scotland then I recommend you bring zippable hiking trousers with you. These can cope if there is an unexpected hot spell and are also easer to clean if you experience very wet weather.  

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It is absolutely fine to wear shorts in Scotland in almost any location including in the cities.

Skirts and dresses

As the weather cools I would recommend packing some slightly thicker dresses instead of spaghetti strap sun dresses as it is just not hot enough for them. Towards the end of the month you may want to start wearing tights with your dress too.

T Shirts

T Shirts are perfect everywhere in Scotland no matter the month of travel. As with jeans, the style is completely down to personal preference as you will see all sorts of t shirts on Scottish streets. 

For September I would recommend having a mix of long and short sleeve t shirts with you as the weather in September is quite changeable.

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A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights in Scotland. Also Scotland is famous for getting midges and mosquitos even in the beginning of September Blouses with longer sleeves are a great way of protecting your arms against them at night. 

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Sweater / Hoodie / Fleece 

As September progresses you will need more and thicker layers with you. For cities and during the day I recommend packing a sweater or hoodie. However if you plan on heading to the coast or countryside we recommend packing a microfibre fleece as it copes better with bad weather. . 

These are lightweight and easy to pack down and offer better protection against wind and rain if you are out for the day in the countryside. 

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A waterproof jacket is a good idea for those going out walking in Scotland and even for the cities. If you don’t have a waterproof one you could have a combination of jacket and umbrella for wet weather. Click here to shop waterproof jackets.


Sneaker socks are good for in the city to help reduce sweat and odour. However if you plan to do hiking then you will need some thicker hiking socks with you. 

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Goes without saying. 


A pashmina is always on my European packing list whatever the month. It is useful as it can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler days. 

PJs or Nightie

Goes without saying again.

Swimwear (optional)

Swimwear is definitely an optional item if you are visiting Scotland in September and only required if you are staying in a hotel with a pool. 

What to pack for Scotland in September for Men

HIking In Scotland
What to wear in Scotland in September

Our Scotland packing list for men in September tends to follow the same rules as for women in terms of fabric selection and local fashion sensibilities. 

However more specifically we recommend packing the below items for men visiting Scotland in September. 

  • Trousers – chinos are a good choice for evenings in Scotland
  • Jeans – a good choice for Scotland no matter what time of year you are visiting but are great for daytimes in September. 
  • Hiking Trousers (optional)– only needed for those who are going out on day hikes in the countryside or along the coast. We recommend the zippable type as these are easier to clean in wet and muddy conditions. 
  • T Shirts – Mixture of long and short sleeve t shirts for day time and night. Polo shirts are also good in Scotland for night. The further in the month you visit the more long sleeves tees you need.
  • Waterproof jacket – necessary for those traveling outside of cities no matter the month. 
  • Microfibre fleece – perfect for hikes as it packs down to almost nothing. 
  • Sweater / Hoodie – layers are needed even in the cities. 
  • Shirts – mix of long and short sleeve.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sneakers
  • Smarter Pair of Shoes for dinner
  • Pjs
  • Underwear

What to Pack for Scotland in September

So now you know what to wear in Scotland in September, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Scotland in September other than clothing. 

  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun – just in case you get burnt.
  • Insect Repellant – Scotland is famed for its midges therefore I strongly advise you to bring some insect repellant with you especially for out in the Highlands or countryside. The insects in Scotland are dangerous but are definitely an irritant. 
  • Travel Adaptor for European plug sockets.
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger
  • Crossbody bag – depending on where you are in Scotland will depend on how much this is needed But I would recommend a crossbody bag for cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. As with anywhere in the world tourist cities can attract pickpockets so any deterrents are worthwhile. 
  • Camera – Scotland is a beautiful country you will want to take lots of photographs.
  • Quick Dry Towel – for if you are going to the coast. 

FAQs about what to wear in Scotland in September

People in grounds of Edinburgh Castle
What to wear in Scotland in September

Do I need a Jacket for Scotland in September?

Not all summer packing lists include a jacket however for Scotland I would definitely bring a jacket. 

Denim jackets are good for cities however a waterproof jacket with some wind resistance is good if you plan on hiking or heading to the coast or islands in Scotland. 

Do I need jeans for Scotland in September?

Jeans to me are the perfect daytime and evening trouser in September in Scotland.

Note: if you plan on visiting other parts of the UK swell be sure to check out our other British packing lists: 

Do you have any questions about what to wear Scotland in August? Drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.