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What to wear to a theme park in Winter

What to wear to a theme park in Winter

Wondering what to wear to a theme park in Winter? In this guide we round up our best Winter theme park outfit ideas to show you what to wear to theme parks in cold weather no matter where you are.

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Considerations for what to wear to a theme park in Winter

Disneyland Paris decorations in Winter
What to pack for a theme park in Winter

When you are looking at winter theme park outfits there a few important things to consider. These are:

  • theme park dress codes
  • weather and
  • the location of the theme park you are visiting.

we will look at each of these in detail to help guide you in your winter outfit for theme park selection.

Theme Park Dress Codes

It surprises many people to find out that theme parks have dress codes. And these dress codes are not just in relation to skimpy summer clothes and swimwear.

Many theme park have dress codes in relation to costumes too. For instance at Disney World and Disneyland you can not wear costumes as teenagers and adults. The major exception to this is at Halloween parties such as Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party and the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland.

For full information on theme park dress codes check out these posts:

How to dress for winter weather at theme parks

No matter where the theme park you are visiting in winter in location the most important thing to do is dress for comfort.

Any day at any theme park in the world involves lots of walking, therefore having a comfortable outfit, but even more importantly comfortable shoes is an absolute essential.

Also if you are visiting a theme park in December for the holiday season don’t be afraid to get in the festive spirit and wear a Christmas themed jumper.

Theme Park Locations

ride at universal studios in orlando decorated for christmas
what to wear to florida theme parks in winter

When we talk about how to dress for theme parks in winter what many guides are actually answering is how to dress for Florida theme parks in Winter. Now obviously Florida is the theme park capital of the world with Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World and Legoland all having major sites in the state.

However there are theme parks all around the world that you can visit in Winter. For this reason we have written specific Winter guides for theme parks which have different climates to Florida which you are find below:

  • What to wear to Disneyland Paris in Winter
  • What to wear to Disneyland in Winter
  • What to wear in Anaheim in Winter
  • What to wear to Tokyo disney in Winter

What to wear to theme parks in Winter outfit inspiration

So now you know what to consider when putting together your Winter theme park outfit, we will get into some of our actual outfit inspirations for you.

Best shoes for theme parks in Winter

Shoes are the most important part of any theme park outfit no matter the season. That is because all theme park days will involve a lot of walking. I don’t think I have been to any theme park in the world where I have done less than 20K steps in a day.

So what are the best shoes for theme parks in Winter?


Sneakers and tennis shoes are definitely the most comfortable shoes for theme parks. My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are are Hoka and AllBirds as these are great for walking in.

However feel free to pack the sneakers you find most comfortable. And don’t forget to have sneaker socks or regular socks with you too to help keep your feel warm on a cold day.

But I would say that you may also need an additional pair of shoes on top of sneakers if you plan on riding some water rides.


Crocs are useful on warmer winter days as they are breathable and comfortable for walking in. But more importantly they are great on water rides. That is because they dry quickly and you won’t be walking around with wet shoes all day even if you get soaked.

The great thing about Crocs too is that you can get some great themed ones such as ones for Disney World and the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  But if you don’t want to go to the expense of buying themed crocs you can add theme park Jibbitz.

Flip Flops

We often get asked whether you can wear flip flops to a theme park and although it is not against any theme park dress code rules that I know of, we would not recommend it because they offer very little in way of arch support.N

ow I would never recommend flip flops being your primary theme park shoe because they offer no arch support and aren’t great walking shoes however if you are wearing sneakers and plan to go on water rides we recommend having flip flops in your bag to change into.

What to wear to Amusement Parks in Winter

Hogsmeade Village at universal covered in Snow
What to wear to a theme park in Winter

Note: this guide is meant to be used by everyone, men women or children. However if you are traveling to a theme park plus sized you may also be interested to read our guide on favorite theme park plus sized outfits.

Quick Dry Bottoms

Now depending where you are in the world will greatly affect whether you should be wearing shorts, pants or skirts.

However no matter which bottom you opt for we recommend selecting fabrics that are quick dry. This way whether you get wet on a ride or wet because of rain your trousers will be able to dry quicker.

If possible we recommend picking something with a pocket so you can store you phone, wallet and any cards on while you are on the thrill rides or any ride for that matter.

Personally I like to have long pants for Florida theme parks in Winter or anywhere for that matter. Even Florida can get cold in Winter, therefore I opt for bottoms over shorts at any theme park in Winter. My favorite have to be high waisted leggings that have some tummy control and are mositure wicking like the.

But if you do opt for shorts I would opt for something like biker shorts over denim shorts as these dry quicker and are more comfortable when wet.

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T Shirt

A t shirt is a great layer for a theme park in winter. You could opt for something plain or something you already have in your wardrobe. However I love a t shirt themed to the park I am in.

And the nice thing about t shirts is that they work as a top layer themselves but they are also easily layered on cooler days.

Personally I would not bother with tank tops, crop tops or tube tops in Winter as I don’t really think anywhere is warm enough for them even as a layering item. For Florida theme parks in Winter I would recommend selecting short-sleeved shirts while in California and other parts of the world something with long sleeves is more appropriate.

And even in Winter I would opt for graphic tees made of breathable fabrics as opposed to man made ones, as these create less sweat and are more comfortable to be in all day.


Although I love merino wool when traveling in Winter, for theme parks I don’t think you can go wrong with a hoodie. They are casual and comfortable but also you can get great themed one based on rides or favorite characters you are likely to be seeing.


Even if rain is not scheduled for your Winter theme park day we recommend keeping a rain poncho in your theme park day pack.

These are available in the parks if you don’t remember to pack one however buying one in advance from retailers such as Amazon will be much cheaper.

Click here to buy rain ponchos.


A jacket is a great pick for theme parks around the world. However if your theme park is in Northern Europe or in one of the northern states we recommend picking a thicker coat with some insulation instead.


Personally I am not a fan of wearing a dress at amusement parks but this is especially true in Winter. They can difficult getting in and out of rides in in my opinion but if you feel comfortable then my all means wear a dress.

Just be sure to select a dress that is looser fitting and that can be easily layered if you are traveling in Winter.

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Winter Accessories (optional)

The need for Winter accessories such as hat, scarf and gloves is very must dependent on where in the world the theme park you are visiting is located. For Florida theme parks in winter it is unlikely that these will be an essential. However for holiday season openings at parks in Northern USA or Europe, they are probably a good idea to pack.

we also recommend packing gloves that are touchscreen compatible for theme parks given how much you will be using your phone. I am always on my phone in theme parks checking ride wait times, using Genie Plus, mobile ordering food or just taking photos. And there is nothing more irritating than needing to remove your gloves every time you need to use your mobile.

What else to pack for visiting theme parks in Winter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter decorated for Winter and Christmas
What to wear to a theme park in Winter

So now we have looked at what to wear for theme parks in Winter we will turn our attention to what to pack (non clothing) for Winter theme park visits.


It is important to protect your eyes even from the Winter sun.

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Sun Screen 

For the same reason as above you will need lots of sunscreen.

Day Back and Fanny Bag

Any theme park vacation will involve long days and lots of walking, rides and long lines. Therefore you will need to make sure you pack a good day back with you. I like to pack a backpack as I am usually traveling with toddlers who come with a lot of stuff. However loungefly is a very popular themed brand for theme park visits.

Power pack / Battery Pack

You will be using your phone all the time at theme parks these days for mobile dining, ride times, genie +, maps, photos and more. And let me tell you this can be a real drain on your battery. For this reason we never travel, no matter the season without a charging battery pack with us.

Lip Balm

In Winter the cold air can dry out your lips. As can air conditioning in park indoor attractions. For this reason we never travel to a theme park anywhere in the world without lip balm.

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Reusable Water Bottle 

This is better for the environment and will save you money.

Chub Rub

If you are worried about sweating or about chaffing after being on a water ride, be sure to have some chub rub handy in your theme park day pack.

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And there you have it our ultimate theme park winter outfits inspiration guide! But if you have any questions remaining please do pop them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. And if you are visiting a theme park this Winter we would love to see your outfits. Why not tag us on instagram and facebook with your finished winter theme park looks and help inspire others!