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What to Wear to Cinque Terre

What to Wear to Cinque Terre

Are you wondering what to wear to Cinque Terre? In this guide we will explain what to pack for Cinque terre for visiting the towns, hiking and more, no matter the season you are visiting.

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What is Cinque Terre?

Cinque Terre basically means 5 villages and consists of

  • Riomaggiore,
  • Manarola,
  • Corniglia,
  • Vernazza and
  • Monterosso

It is known for being some of the most picturesque villages in the world and also has some of the best hiking in the world.

The villages span roughly 15km along the coast along beautiful coastline with stunning multi-colored houses.

Most people will hike one way and return by train to their home base so be sure to check local transportation times before you set off on your travels.

So knowing this, how do you dress for Cinque Terre? The truth is that to properly dress to Cinque Terre you need stuff for hiking and clothes for in the villages themselves.

So this is what we recommend

What to wear to hike Cinque Terre

Couple at Conque Terre hiking - what to wear to Cinque Terre
what to wear to Cinque Terre

Most people who are traveling to Cinque Terre are doing so to undertake at least some hikes between these pretty coastal villages.

So what should you wear to hike Cinque Terre?

Hiking Boots

Proper hiking shoes are an absolute essential for hiking between Cinque Terre Villages. In the past many people have required emergency assistance due to improper hiking gear and attire. For this reason there are now fines in place for people who need rescuing due to improper equipment.

Hiking Socks

There is nothing worst than getting a blister while out hiking so be sure to wear hiking socks with you boots.

Hiking Trousers

Hiking Trousers are required no matter what time of year you are traveling. In Winter we recommend wearing as trousers but in summer and shoulder seasons we recommend wearing zippable hiking trousers as you can remove the bottom half when the temperatures start to rise.


If you are traveling to Cinque Terre in Winter or you are starting your hikes early you may find the temperatures are chilly to begin with but warm up significantly as the morning goes on. Therefore we recommend having laters with you.

For instance we recommend short sleeve t shirts in summer with a hoodie or sweater.

And it should be noted that Winters in Cinque Terre do actually get quite cold so you will need plenty of layers with you. For instance if you are traveling to Cinque Terre in Winter we recommend adding long sleeve t shirts, a fleece and a warm jacket to your packing list.

What Else to Pack for Cinque Terre Hiking

Alongside dressing appropriately for hiking Cinque Terre you also need to pack a proper day bag. You Cinque Terre Day PAck should include

Reusable Water Bottle.

There aren’t lots of shops on the hikes between villages therefore you will want a reusable water bottle with you for the hiking trails particularly in Summer.

Just remember to refill when you find fountains.


Hiking can be tiresome and unless you are in the villages themselves there won’t be places to get food easily.

We recommend taking fruit, granola and other traditional hiking snacks.

Sun screen

The sun in Cinque Terre can be strong so you will want plenty of sun screen with you whatever time of year you travel as there is very little shade on the hiking trails themselves.

Phone/ Camera  and Batteries

Trust me, in Cinque Terre you will be taking lots of photographs so be sure to have your phone or camera with you along with a fresh set of batteries.


Lots of places in Cinque Terre still use cash so be sure you have some local currency with you.

First Aid Kit

We always travel with a travel first aid kit but this is even more important for when you are out hiking in places such as Cinque Terre.

What to wear in Cinque Terre (towns and evening wear)

WOman at Cinque Terre - what to wear to Cinque Terre
what to wear to Cinque Terre

So now you know what to wear in Cinque Terre to hike, what should you wear for the villages and evenings themselves?

Well the good news is that Cinque Terre villages are not very formal places. Most of the towns are fishing towns and therefore your clothing needs to be smart casual at most for dinner in this part of Italy.

I would recommend wearing

Trousers and a Blouse

Linen trousers and a blouse are perfect for wandering around Cinque Terre in the evenings in Summer. In Winter I would recommend a slightly heavier weight trouser, blouse and a trusty pashmina that can be used for an extra layer should you get cold while dining al fresco in Cinque Terre.

Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts and Tops are really not appropriate on the trails in Cinque Terre due to the hiking difficulty. However if you want more dressed up photos then I would take a maxi dress or two for the evenings and have photos taken in the villages rather than on the trail themselves.


I never go anywhere in Italy without a pashmina. They can make an outfit more modest for visiting Italian churches but are a good extra layer if you get chilly in the evenings.

Chino and Shirt/ Polo

For men chinos and a shirt or polo shirt are perfect for heading out in the evening for dinner in Cinque Terre.


Although on the hiking trails you need proper walking shoes be that hiking boots or hiking sandals, however in the villages at night andals are perfect.

However I would not recommend wearing sandals that have heels, particularly thin heels as these are not sage on the uneven village walkways.

What to wear on the beach in Cinque Terre

Woman at waters edge at Cinque terre
what to wear to Cinque Terre

Alongside hiking the other activity that most people will be doing in Cinque Terre is hitting the beach.

Obviously in Winter it is too cold to spend time in the water in Cinque Terre, but if you are traveling to Cinque Terre in Summer, or in the water part of the shoulder seasons then you will want to add the below to your packing list.


For lounging on the beach or going in the water. Cinque Terre isn’t a particularly conservative place so we recommend waring the swimwear of your choice.

Beach Cover

We always recommend taking a beach cover for on the beach and wandering between locaitons.

Water shoes

The beaches at Cinque Terre can be quite rocky. For instance, Riomaggiore is one of the famous beaches but is not comfortable for sunbathing on due to the pebbles. However if you want to walk on this beach and head into the water then you may find it more comfortable to have water shoes.

Alternatively flip flops are find on the beach however you may not want to wear these in the town as there is little in the way of arch support.

What Else to add to your Cinque Terre Packing List

WOman in Cinque Terre What to wear to Cinque Terre in Summer
what to wear to Cinque Terre


We recommend packing sneakers for walking around the Cinque Terre towns whatever season you are traveling.

For Cinque Terre in Winter

Travel Umbrella

Useful for those traveling to Cinque Terre in Winter.

For Cinque Terre in Summer


The sun is strong in Summer in Cinque Terre make sure you have a wide brimmed sunhat with you to provide some sun shade protection.


For the same reason as the above.

Mosquito Repellant

Anywhere in Italy near water in the summer can get mosquitos so we recommend traveling with mosquito / insect repellant.

For more information on what to wear in Italy in summer check out this post.

Have you been to Cinque Terre? We would love to know what you wore and if there is anything else you would add to the packing list by leaving in the comments below?