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What to Wear to Disney World in October

What to Wear to Disney World in October

Are you heading to the happiest place on Earth in the Fall and wondering what to wear to Disney world in October? Well never fear, in this guide we round up the best things to wear in Disney World in October for men, women and children as well as taking into consideration the weather and Disney World events in October. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What is the Weather at Disney World in October

When you are considering what to wear to DisneyWorld whatever month or season you are visiting the number one thing that will affect your Disney World Outfit is of course the weather. 

The good news is that the weather at Disney World in October is actually pretty great. The humidity of the summer is dampening and the high temperatures only average to in the 80s Fahrenheit (around 26 Celsius) and the lows only go down to the Mid 70s. The evenings may drop in the 60s which can feel on the chilly side. 

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  • What to Wear to Disney World in September or
  • What to wear to Disney World in November guide. 

And if you are planning to head to other attractions outside of Disney World be sure to check out our guide on what to wear in Orlando in October which covers the beaches, water parks and other attractions.

Will it rain at Disney World in October? 

As Disney World is in Florida you are pretty much guaranteed to experience rain but October in Disneyworld is not renowned for torrential downpours. Therefore it is best to be ready in what you pack for Disney World for some rain. You shouldn’t be overly concerned about it but as always at Disney World should be prepared. 

Why Visit Disney World in October

What Not to Wear at Disney World / What to wear to Disney World in October
What Not to Wear at Disney World / What to wear to Disney World in October

There are lots of reasons to visit Disney World in October, and things that will affect your Disney World outfits for October and include 

  • Halloween outfits for the classic characters
  • Halloween theming through the park
  • Unique Halloween meet and greets such as Jack Skellington 
  • Villians being out in forces and of course
  • The famous Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. 

So now we know the weather and special events and characters that may affect your Magic Kingdom outfits it is time to look at exactly what to wear at Disney World in October 

Note: This guide is intended to cover all of the parks at Walt Disney World but specifically looks at how the weather effects what to wear to Disney World in October. If you want a specific park by park break down which looks at unique meets and greets, presence of water rides and more then you will want to check out our individual park by park guide. 

What to Wear to Disney World in October

Quick Dry Shorts

Whenever I visit Disney World my favorite type of bottoms to wear are quick dry shorts. The reason for this is that they will dry off quickly if you get caught in a Florida downpour or if you go and get soaked on one of the water rides such as Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom or Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom. 

I like to go for a darker color in case they get very wet so they don’t go overly see through and they match with most things. 

I think these are great whether you are looking for a Disney World outfit for men, women or children. 

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T Shirt

You can not go wrong in whatever park you are going to in whatever month with a t- shirt. In fact T Shirts should be the most prominent item in your Disney October wardrobe. I also recommend wearing T shirts in a cotton or another natural fabric as they are more breathable and you don’t want unbreathable fabrics in Florida. 

You could go with a plain t-shirt which is no problem at all however I personally love to wear a t shirt themed to the park. 

Click here to shop Halloween T Shirts

Now I would normally say theme to the unique meet and greets in the parks however October in Disney World is a special month. There are different character meet and greets out if the marks for instance you usually get to see Jack Skellington in October and he isn’t normally a regular meet and greet therefore a Nightmare before Christmas T shirt works for both the unique character and the Halloween theme. 

Click here to shop Nightmare Before Christmas Shirts

Alternatively you could go with one of the many villains who will be out in the park for Halloween season and there are some great villain t-shirts available online for reasonable prices. 

Or if you are going with a large group then there are lots of matching family Disney vacation t shirts available that have an added Halloween touch which would be perfect for visiting Disney World at October.

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Jumper or Sweater

If you are staying in the Parks for the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or even if you are just waiting in the parks till later in the evening to see the fireworks or parades it can get chilly. 

Be sure to bring plenty of layers with you so you are ready for the drop in temperatures in the evening in the form of a light sweater or jumper. 

Again any jumper or sweater will do but again we love to theme our sweater to the parks. Of course a classic Disney spirit jumper is never a bad choice in the parks however we also love these Disney Halloween sweaters. 

With the release of Hocus Pocus 2 film this year we think this would be a great choice for HAlloween at Disney in 2022.

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Best Shoes for Disney in October

If you are wondering what the best shoes for Disney in October are my answer is always sneakers. Disney, no matter the park you go to, will involve lots and lots of walking so therefore comfort should be your number one priority for picking your Disney in October shoes. 

Alternatively you could go for Crocs. Crocs are great because they will dry quickly once you’ve been on Splash Mountain or if you get caught in the Florida rain. And as an added bonus there are Disney version ones available for both adults and kids.  For more information on whether Crocs are comfortable at Disney check out this post.

If you can’t find any online you like they will be available for sale at the park and in Disney Springs but you will be paying a premium. 

Click here to shop Halloween Crocs

If you like me however don’t like crocs then I would recommend adding a pair of Flip FLops to your Disney day pack. 

Should I wear Flip FLops to Disney

In my opinion no you should not wear flip flops to Disney. In fact they are usually on my what not to wear to Disney World list.

They are not against the Disney dress code however they don’t have good arch support for long walking days or any real grip on slippery surfaces. 

However in case you get caught in the rain or for when you inevitably come on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids and get soaked through we recommend having a pair of Flip flops with you to save your form having to walk around in wet shoes at disney all day. Flips 

Best Disney Ears for Halloween 

We love wearing ears whatever month we go to Disney World however we love themed ears and Halloween is no exception. 

Our favorite Disney ears for Halloween have to be Halloween themed. There are some great classic Mickey ears with Halloween designs

But for something a bit different you could get Disney Villain Themed Ears

And something tells me that Hocus Pocus will be very on trend for all Disney Halloween Attire in 2022. 

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Costume for Kids 

Now there are quite strict rules about what not to wear at Walt Disney World. One of the main rules is that adults aged 14 and over are not permitted to wear costumes in the parks.

This applies to all the parks all the times – with a couple of notable exceptions like the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (Read on for more information about the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party dress code). 

So if you are going at any other time other than for this special ticketed event leave the adult costume at home. If you want to dress up or pay homage to characters in some way then Disneybounding is best for you – read on for more info on great Disney Bounds for Walt Disney World in October.

But if your kids want to wear costumes relating to their favorite characters, my advice is to know which park their favorite is for a meet and greet so they can get the best possible interaction by dressing up to meet them. 

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Although costumes are available in the park and there are some great experiences for dress up such as the Bibbidi Boppity Boutique I would really advise you to bring costumes with. 

Costumes you purchase online at Amazon or in Target will be cheaper than the in park counterparts so it will save you money if you bring them to Disney World with you. 

However if your kids don’t want to wear costumes that is fine too. A themed t shirt is also a great and will be a great talking point at character interactions. Or why not commemorate your Halloween trup with a family matching Tee. 

Best Disneybounding ideas for Disney World in October

Disneybounding for those of you don’t know is a way to pay homage to your favorite characters when you can’t dress up as them as an adult. 

Now I normally recommend matching your outfit to a meet and greet you plan to do in the park but OCtober in Disney World is different especially if you are visiting the Magic Kingdom. 

At the Magic Kingdom in October there are loads of special meet and greets in the form of the villains so maybe mix up your October Disneybounds being villainous. 

In my opinion the easiest Disneybound Villains outfit is Cruella DeVil. The mainly black and white color palette makes it really easy to find great pieces and you can put together some really cute Disneybound outfits on this theme. 

My other favorite villain Disneybound is of course the Queen of Hearts. Again she has an quick to recognise color palette and lots of heart for great accessorizing opportunities. 

For our full list of Villain Disney bound inspiration click here.

What to Bring to Disney World (non clothing)


Whatever month you are visiting Disney World, I recommend you bring sunscreen with you and use it at regular intervals. 

The sun in Florida is strong always and there is nothing worse than sunburn. 


Ponchos are a really handy thing in your Disney World day pack. Now I personally don’t wear them when I am on a water ride like Splash Mountain or the Kali River Ride. 

However if there is a sudden downpour and you are out in the open I like to have a poncho with me that I can quickly throw on myself and the kids so we don’t get drenched. 

Now if you forget your poncho they are readily available at the parks however they are much more expensive so try and remember to bring one from home. 

Click here to buy Disney ponchos


If you are travelling with a baby or toddler we recommend taking a stroller with you even if you don’t use one at home. Your average day at Disney takes more steps than your average day at home so even if your little one has moved on from the stroller they may like to use at the parks. And it will save you carrying them too. 


For the same reason as the above. If you are wondering if you should take the stroller or the carrier to Disney I would say both as strollers have to be parked for ride queues which is where the carrier can come in handy whatever month you are traveling to Disney world. 

Stroller Cover

As we have mentioned there is a chance that you will experience rain at Disney world in October. STrollers are really handy when traveling to Disney with littles but ahve to be left at stroller parking outside of rides. 

Now it may be sunny when you join a queue but if it is a long queue the weather may change while you are inside and you won’t want the stroller to get soaked so be sure to bring the water proof stroller cover with you. 

It will also keep your little dry when they are inside during rain showers at Disney. 


This one should be pretty self explanatory that it may rain at Disney so you may want an umbrella. We love a Disney themed one.


We love all the Mickey themed snacks in the park however these can get expensive. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks in your Disney day pack for October. 


While this isn’t one for the at the Parks themselves as Swimwear at the parks is a bit of a no no. However you will definitely want swimwear in Orlando in October.

The pools are open at Disney in October and all of the hotels nearby and you might even be tempted to visit an Orlando beach in October and want a dip to cool off so be sure to bring a bathing suit with you. 

What to Wear to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

The biggest thing about the what to wear to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

 compared to a normal day at the Magic Kingdom is that adults as well as kids can wear costumes to this event. 

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a special ticketed event that occurs after hours on select nights. The event has a limited number of tickets so be sure to have the dates when tickets are released in your diary if you want to attend. 

The best things about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party isn’t only that adults can wear costumes but there are special calvacades with your favorite characters, special treats, special meet and greets and of course the fan favorite trick or treating at Disney World. 

The guidelines for what to wear to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party are 

For children under thirteen

  • Costumes and costume masks can be work providing that vision isn’t obstructed.

Adults and Over 13s

  • Costumes may be work providing you do not sign autographs or pose for pictures with guests. 
  • That costumes can not be offensive or violent and must always be considered family friendly. 
  • Costumes can not include anything that could be mistaken for a weapon
  • Nothing that can endanger yourself or another guest
  • Costumes can not drag on the floor i.e. floor length princess gowns. 
  • No Masks of any kind
  • Accessories may be work providing face not covered, that they cant be mistaken for weapons and wings must be transparent. If you wear a cape it can not go below the waist.

For a more complete list of rules please see the Event website. 

Have you been to Disney World in October? What did you wear? And if you have been to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Bash we would love to know what you wore there too so please do leave a comment. 

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