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What to Wear to the Pyramids in Egypt

What to Wear to the Pyramids in Egypt

Are you wondering what to wear to the Pyramids in Egypt? Concerned about the Egypt Dress Code combined with the heat? In this guide we offer a practical Egypt packing guide for the pyramids for no matter what time you are visiting the Egyptian Pyramids.

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What to wear to the pyramids in Egypt for women

Before we get into what to wear to the pyramids it is important to remember what not to wear in Egypt (we have a whole post on it that should answer all of your questions but shout if you have any others in the comments.

But generally speaking the Egypt dress code requires you to

  • Keep your shoulders covered at all times
  • Keep your knees covered
  • Keep your midriff covered
  • And not wear anything overly revealing or tight. 

But there are extra considerations that come into play when you are at the pyramids which are mainly 

  • The weather 
  • The sand 

So now we know the rules and consideration we can actualy turn our attention to what to pack to visit the pyramids. 


Sunglasses are an essential for any Egypt packing list no matter whether you are visiting Egypt in December or August. The sun is always strong in Egypt so eye protection is an absolute must. 

On top of that sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sand too if you visit the pyramids on a windy day. 

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Sun hat

As with the above the sun can be strong in Egypt all months of the year. A Sun hat will protect your head from burning and will provide added shade for your face. 

I personally like straw summer hats like this that are equally useful if you head to a resort or beach in Egypt or could even be used on a Nile cruise packing list. 

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Pashminas are top of my what to wear in Egypt list whatever venue you are at. They are great if you need to make your outfit a bit more conservative and are an added layer in case you get chilly.

My advice is don’t head to the Pyramids of Giza without a Pashmina. 

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Now when I travel in the Middle East generally speaking, my preference is to wear a Maxi Dress. However if you go for this option then I would advise getting one without a split that may accidentally reveal a knee and has longer sleeves. 

Trousers and Blouse

If dresses aren’t your thing then I would recommend wearing trousers and a blouse instead. 

Pick a pair of trousers that are looser fitting to comply with the Egypt dress code and for comfort in the heat. 

Natural Fabrics

I would also recommend picking a natural rather than a man made fabric. Man made fabrics are less breathable than natural ones and are sure to make you sweat more. 

Linen is always a great choice when traveling in the Middle East however you may want to go for something in a darker color. 

Although when I think of traveling in the Middle East I want to emulate the glamor of Joanna Lumley in linen the truth is beige and creams and even whites can dirty very quickly when in the middle of a desert. 

Therefore  picking a darker color will staying looking crisper and neater for longer. 

Light jacket

If you are heading out into the desert in Egypt in December or January for instance in the morning or evening the desert can get chilly. 

You will want an extra layer if you are visiting Egypt at this time. 

What should I wear to the pyramids for men


I do not advise wearing shorts for men or women when visiting the pyramids. Firstly it is disrespectful to show your knees in Egypt and is therefore on my what not to wear in Egypt list. 

Secondly early morning and evenings can get chilly at the pyramids depending on what month you are visiting so you may feel cold on your legs in shorts. 

And finally, if you are visiting on a windy day the sand in the can actually be quite painful. I lived in the Middle East for a long time and can tell you first hand sandstorms can hurt your skin so best to have something that covers more of your body. 


As said above, sunglasses will protect your eyes from sand and the sun. 

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A baseball cap is fine for men but possibly looks more touristy than other types of hat. 

What shoes do you wear to the pyramids?

Now we have addressed the clothes you should wear to the Pyramids in Egypt we will turn our attention to footwear. 

Can you wear sandals to the pyramids?

You can indeed wear sandals to the pyramids but I would say that this yes comes with a caveat. 

The surfaces at the pyramids are uneven and if you visit on a rare day when there is rain at the pyramids they will also become very slippery so you will want something with a good sole. 

My preference is for a walking sandal over a fashion sandal like the one here. 

Key features to look for in a sandal for they pyramids is that they:

  •  can be fastened,
  •  do not have a heel and 
  • have a sturdy sole.

It is also worth noting that the landscape surrounding the pyramids is quite obviously sandy. So if sand getting in your shoes is something that will bother you think about this before packing. 

Therefore I would opt for a shoe with a closed toe over a sandal. Sneakers or hiking shoes I think are the ideal thing to wear to the pyramids. 

I would never recommend wearing flip flops to the Pyramids as they do not offer adequate arch support. Also you will head back to your hotel with dirty feet. 

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FAQS about what to wear to pyramids in Egypt

What to Wear to the Pyramids in Egypt Dress Code
What to Wear to the Pyramids in Egypt Dress Code

What to wear to the Pyramids in Winter?

It is tempting to think about it being eternally hot when you are visiting Egypt however this isn’t the case. If you are visiting the pyramids in winter you will need to add additional layers and even a coat to your what to wear to the Pyramids in Winter list. 

Should you wear black to Egypt to visit the Pyramids?

Yes you can absolutely wear black when visiting Egypt including at the pyramids. In fact black will show dirty less than white and creams. 

However if you are visiting Egypt in July or August say then you may not want to wear black is it attracts and holds the heat more. 

Have you been to the pyramids in Egypt? What did you wear? We’d love for you to tell us in the comments.