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What to what to wear to Sintra

What to what to wear to Sintra

Wondering what to wear to Sintra in Portugal? Sintra is one of the most iconic places to visit in Portugal with its beautiful and brightly coloured buildings. However, its location makes it tricky to dress for. In this guide we will tell you how to put together the perfect outfit for Sintra, no matter the season, for the terrain and climate.

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Where is Sintra?

Pena at Sintra
What to wear to Sintra Portugal in May

Sintra is located in the greater Lisbon area but is in the Serra de Sintra hills outside of the city. It is only 25km from Lisbon but due to its position its weather is slightly different from the city.

Best way to get to Sintra?

Sintra is easily reached from Lisbon by train. It usually only takes 40 minutes each way.

However you also need to consider how to get around Sintra itself. When many people think about Sintra they think of it as The National Palace of Pena. But Sintra is more than just the palace.

Therefore people will use a combination of walking, UBers and buses to get around the big Sintra sites.

Considerations for what to wear in Sintra

What is the weather like in Sintra

When people ask us what the weather is like in Sintra I normally tell them to look at the Lisbon weather that month and then add an additional layer.

Please check out our monthly Portugal guides for more weather and packing list information:

Sintra, not only does it have the coastal weather, but due to the altitude of Sintra, it can be chilly and breezy also.

For this reason I would never travel to Sintra without a hoodie or jacket with me even in Summer


Sintra is obviously an old town, so when you are walking around you will be unsurprised to find cobbles and lots of uneven surfaces. Therefore you need to select your shoes carefully for Sintra.

Best Color Palette for Sintra

If you want to make instagrammable pictures at Sintra you might want to think about the color palette you want to wear.

The castle of Sintra is largely red and yellow, and the town has lots of red yellow and blue. Therefore you may want to choose one of these colors.

Or you could choose a white or black to make you pop against the bright backdrop of the town.

Best Shoes for Sintra


Personally I would never consider wearing anything but sneakers to Sintra. The reason for this is that, like Lisbon, Sintra is very hilly and there is a lot of uphill walking on cobble stoned streets to get between the major points of the area.

Therefore to save your feet hurting and to be most comfortable on the terrain sneakers are without doubt the best shoe.

Personally, I recommend sneakers that I am most comfortable walking in which include brands such as Hoka , Sketchers Go Walks or All Birds for wandering around Barcelona. But go with whatever you feel most comfortable in.

However if you are visiting Sintra in Winter you may want to consider a sneaker or shoe with some kind of waterproofing as Sintra can get rainy in Winter.

What to wear to Sintra

What to Wear to Sintra in Summer

Woman at Sintra in Summer
What to wear to Sintra

Many people heading to Sintra choose to wear

a dress

to Sintra as this is great for the Instagram worthy photographs. However just be sure you select a dress that coordinates well with sneakers and a jacket as you can get cold.

However if you aren’t a dress person I recommend

Linen Trousers

As these is comfortable to walk in even in the heat.

T Shirt / Tank Top

A T shirt or tank top is perfect for the summer months and as there is no dress code at Sintra so feel free to wear a tee or tank depending on how the weather is. 


Even on cool days the sun can be strong so be sure you bring adequate sun protection with you.


Again there is little shade in Sintra so you will want sunglasses with you whatever time of year you visit.

What to Wear to Sintra in Winter 

Woman at Sintra in Winter
What to wear to Sintra in Winter


If you are visiting in Winter (this is counter as December, January and February in the Lisbon area) I always recommend wearing jeans. . 

T Shirt 

Layers are key to your Sintra Winter outfit. We recommend a t shirt as your base layers and a

Hoodie and /or Jacket 

for your top layer. Depending on the temperature and weather on they day you are visiting will depend whether you need both the hoodie and jacket. 

I would advise packing a waterproof jacket if possible in case you visit Sintra on a rainy day. 

What to Wear to Sintra in Spring and Fall 

Sintra in October
What to pack for Portugal in Fall

It can be really hard to know what to wear to Sintra in the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall.

In March, April, October and November, I would err on the side of caution and pick items from the Winter packing list.

However in May and September you should be Able to dress as you would in summer however I would advise that you never travel to Sintra without a jacket or hoodie as it is much chillier at Sintra than nearby Lisbon.

What Else to Pack for Sintra

On top of what to wear for Sintra, you need to consider adding the below to your Sintra packing list.

Reusable Water Bottle

Sintra involves a lot of walking. Therefore we recommend packing a reusable water bottle with you to make sure you stay hydrated. 


The sun is strong in Lisbon and and therefore you should have plenty of sunscreen with you no matter the time of year you travel to Sintra.

Have you visited Sintra? We would love to know what you wore and if there is anything else that you would add to this Sintra packing list.