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What to pack for a Norwegian fjords cruise

What to pack for a Norwegian fjords cruise

Do you want to know what to pack for a Norwegian fjords cruise? A Fjords cruise in Norway is one of the most picturesque in the world but can be tricky to pack for given the weather, activities you will be doing a cruise line dress codes. In this guide, we will tell you EXACTLY what to pack and what to wear for a Norwegian Fjords cruise.

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This includes guidance on how to dress for the weather, cruise line dress codes as well as for certain shore excursions.

Note: if you are lookng for guidance on Norwegian Cruise Line aka NCL be sure to check out our NCL guide.

What do I need to pack for a Norwegian Fjords cruise (non clothing)?

Cruise Ship at Svartisen glacier in Norway
what to wear on a norwegian fjords cruise

Passport and identification

For a European cruise always pack a passport and identification. And remember that this needs to be in your embarkation day carry on bag.

Documentation including Covid 19 related paperwork

Alongside your passport and identification you will also need all other important cruise travel documents which includes but is not limited to:

  • Travel insurance
  • Covid Related paperwork such as vaccination certificates and PCR/Lateral Flow test results depending on your cruise line and port requirements.
  • Cruise Suitcase labels – these are provided by the cruise line but are usually required to be completed and put on your suitcases before you arrive at the cruise terminal.


I would say this is an optional item, however in my experience most cruisers like to have a lanyard. Cruise cabin keys are the most important thing on a cruise as they are used as your form of identification to get back on and off the ship in ports, pay for things on the ship and is used for photographs, dining reservations and more.

Many people find a lanyard the best way to keep their cabin key safe and on them at all times on a cruise. The best ones are waterproof so can be used on shore excursions where you will be spending a lot of time in the water and can also be used to keep small amounts of cash and a government issued id. 

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Waterproof Phone Case

As well as the lanyard for your card we also recommend having a waterproof phone case. If you plan on heading in the sea or just want to keep the phone with you while you are in the hot tub and pool you will need a waterproof phoen case with you.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Depending on where you are from, who you are sailing with and where you may need to take a travel adaptor with you to ensure that all your electronics will work. Newer ships also tend to have USB charging points in the cabins so you may also want to have a USB charging cable with you.

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You will also need to pack any medications you need in your carry on and be sure to have prescriptions with you.

As well as prescription medication some other medications you may like to travel with include:

  • pain medications such as Advil, paracetamol, Tylenol and Ibuprofen 
  • Reflux Meds such as Gaviscon, Tums etc. 
  • Birth Control
  • Inhalers

Sea sickness medication or motion sickness bands

I personally have never gotten sea sick on a cruise ship and Fjords crusies are known for stheir excessively rough seas but it is always possible. For this reason or if you are concerned about seasickness be sure to pack some sea sickness meds and some anti motion sickness bands.

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Although most ships provide toiletries I will always pack some on my own as I think they are better quality than those you get on board

For more information on the best toiletries to bring on a cruise check out this post.

On top of the regular travel toiletry essentials we also recommend packing bug spray, after sun / aloe vera as well as a small first aid kid including blister plasters.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Although toiletries are usually provided you will need to bring your own tooth brush and toothpaste.


Although when you think about Norway you may think first about glaciers and colder weather. However you can still get sun burnt in Norway so be sure to bring sunscreen with you.

Note: Sunscreen is usually available onboard but will cost you a premium if you wait and buy on board or in Norway itself as it is an expensive country. Therefore you should bring this with you if you can.

Lip balm

The contrast between the nice weather on a warm weather cruise with the cruise ship air conditioning and the cooler air around glaciers such as the Mendenhall Glacier is the perfect recipe for dry lips. 

We always recommend packing lip balm that has an SPF so your lips are protected when on beach excursions etc. Again our favorite brand is sun bum.


A backpack is another essential for an Norwegian cruise. The variety of activities on board an Norwegian Fjords cruise range from train trips, hiking, glacier walking, helicopter rides, fishing, whale watching and more. For this reason we think a backpack is the type of bag that suits this range of activities most.

If you plan on doing some long day activities where you will spend lots of time outside we recommend also having a waterproof cover for your backpack.


The Fjords are beautiful be sure to have a good quality camera with you.

What to Wear on a Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Woman stood by water looking at cruise ship in Norwegian Fjords
What to pack for a norwegian fjords cruise

So now you know what to pack we will turn our attention to what to wear on a Norwegian Fjords Cruise.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises typically run from May right through to August / September. Although summers in Norway are warm, the weather is still pretty changeable. Typically you can expect the temperatures to hover between 13°-18°C /57° to 65°F. However, it is not unheard of for the temperatures to rocket to 25°C – 30°C / 77°F – 86°F.

But it can also be pretty rainy so be sure to pack plenty of waterproof wear with you as well as some waterproof shoes.

Best Shoes for Norway Cruises in Summer

So first we will turn our attention to the best shoes for a cruise in Norway.


Sneakers are absolutely the best shoe for most shore excursions in Norway. These are great for walking around cities and cultural attractions and are comfortable for walking long distances.

My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are Hoka and AllBirds, however you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes. However for Norway you may also want to consider a sneaker with some waterproofing such as the Ecco Soft Seven.

Hiking Boots

If you plan on doing hiking excursions then we recommend packing hiking boots. I prefer these over hiking sandals as boots with some waterproofing will cope better if you get rain in Norway.


Of course no Norway capsule wardrobe is complete without sandals. Sandals are breathable and are good in the heat. We just recommend you picking one with arch support.  We also like to wear these at night too so be sure to pick a pair that can double up.

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What to Wear in Norwegian Fjords Cruise for women

Waterproof Jacket 

Although you won’t need thick coats in Norway in Summer, it is worth having a lightweight packable waterproof jacket with you in case of rain.

But if you go with a packable jacket then you will need to layer with fleeces.


Lots of layers are the most important thing for your Norway packing list. Hoodies are a good choice, but I also like to pack a lightweight fleeces as they are really insulating, layer well but also packaway easily and dry quickly if they get wet.

Trousers / Pants

Trousers and pants are a great versatile pick for Norway and are way more useful than dresses and skirts especially if you are doing lots of outdoors activities.

Now depending on your Norway itinerary I would consider packing the below pants:

  • Convertible Hiking Trousers that can double up as shorts and trousers if you plan on doing hikes
  • Jeans – for in cities and towns
  • Shorts – for hotter months for hiking and cities
  • Athleisure – if you prefer hiking in leggings these can be a good pick.

You could also add linen trousers or chinos to your packing list which could double up for use in the main dining room on board your ship.

Skirts and Dresses

These aren’t essential for day times but are perfect for formal and smart casual evenings in the main dining room.

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T Shirts 

T Shirts are perfect base layer for Norway.

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Loose blouses are perfect for Norway cruises. I particularly like them for evenings paired with a waterfall cardigan or blazer or even for hiking.

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There are lots of opportunities for a swim or sauna in Norway as well as the on ship pool and hot tubs so I definitely recommend having one piece of swimwear with you.

Just remember if you want to use these on embarkation day to put them in your cruise carry on.

Formal Outfit

If you plan on attending formal night on a cruise be sure to have an evening dress or formal dress wiht you.

PJs or Nightie, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.


Be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses with good UVA protection as the sun can be strong in Norway.

What to Wear on a Fjords Cruise for Men

Alongside our regular men’s travel essentials we recommend adding the following items to your men’s packing list for Norway in Summer:


Again a lightweight waterproof jacket is perfect for summer visitors so long as you have something like a fleece to go underneath.

Pants and Shorts

As with the ladies packing list we recommend packing:

  • convertible walking trousers,
  • shorts and
  • something like chinos or jeans for cities and towns and for use in the formal dining room.

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T Shirts and Shirts

T shirts are great for days sightseeing. And on top of t shirts you may also want to pack a button down shirt for use on formal nights.


A hoodie, jumper and fleece alongside your waterproof are the perfect layers for 7 days in Norway.

Formal Outfit

If you plan on attending formal night on a cruise be sure you have either a tux, suit or blazer tie and chinos with you.


For same reason as the female packing list. Just remember to put them in your carry on bag.


Goes without saying.

What else to pack for Norwegian fjords cruise

Woman on cliff edge in Lofoten Islands in Norway in Summer
What to wear in Norway in Summer
  • Compact Umbrella  – important for any month you visit Norway.
  • Reusable Water bottle – again, important if you plan on hiking.
  • Mosquito Spray – if you are buy lakes and still water this is absolutely an essential.
  • Sleeping Mask – in the land of the midnight sun a sleeping mask is an essential throughout summer if you have a porthole, seaview or balcony cabon..
  • Travel First Aid Kit – especially important if you plan on doing lots of hiking.
  • Blister plasters
  • Binoculars – the Fjords are beautiful be sure to have some binoculars with you to fully appreciate them.

FAQs About Norwegian Cruises

Cruise Ship at aurlandsfjord-norway
What to pack for a norwegian fjords cruise

Can you wear jeans in Norwegian Fjords Cruise?

You can absolutely wear jeans in Norway however I advise against wearing them on hikes as they are uncomfortable to wear on long hikes.

Have you been to Norwegian Fjords Cruise? What did you wear? We would love you to tell us in the comments below