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What to wear in Rome in October Packing List

What to wear in Rome in October Packing List

Visiting the Eternal City and wondering what to wear in Rome in October? In this guide we cover what to pack for Rome in October alongside the Rome October weather to make sure you have a trip to remember.

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Weather in Rome in October

Rome in October is classified as Fall. Or autumn as we would say in Europe. As such the warmer weather is behind you and you can expect traditional Fall weather with changeable conditions throughout your trip.

As a general rule of thumb the weather in Rome in Early October tends to be better than that later in the month.

How hot is Rome in October? Is it cold in Rome in October?

The average temperature in Rome in October is 18C. However it is warmer in Early October in Rome than late October. Therefore in answer is it cold in Rome in October I would say no. Generally speaking you will get mild temperatures in Rome in October but the evenings can get quite chilly so you will want at least some layers in your case.

Does it rain a lot in October in Rome?

Rome in October is actually a bit of a mixed bag rain wise. Overall you can expect on average 7-12 days of rain in Rome in October. And by the time you get closer to November in Rome the rain gets heavier.

In fact when I was last in Rome at the end of October, I got caught in some severe downpours so it is worthwhile preparing for at least a bit of rain in Rome in October, especially if you are traveling later in the month.

Note: remember that the weather between months in Rome can change quite drastically particularly at this time of year. For this reason if your trip spans two months be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

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What to Wear in Rome in October

Note: This Rome in October packing list covers the beautiful city of Rome not the Vatican City and some of the main tourist attractions in Rome will also have their own strict dress codes. For more information check out our other related Rome guides:

Best Shoes for Rome in October

No matter the time of year you are traveling, it is really important that you have comfortable shoes with you.

That is because any visit to the Eternal city involves lots of walking over some challenging terrain such as cobblestone streets, stairs and generally uneven surfaces.

It is also worth also having some shoes that can cope with rain too, as rain becomes more frequent as the month gets later.


Whenever I go to Rome whatever time of year my number one go to shoe is a sneaker. There is a lot of walking involved in Rome and the streets are uneven and cobbled so you need to have a good pair of shoes with you.

I recommend shoes like Sketchers Go Walks, Hoka or All Birds for walking in Rome as these offer good arch support.

Just be sure if you buy shoes especially for this trip then be sure to wear them in before you go.

Ankle Boots

The weather in Rome in October is just turning and even though sneakers are ok on the what to wear for dinner in Italy, I personally prefer to wear a smarter shoe.

The best shoe in October is in my opinion an ankle boot that is water proof and also has a thick heel and good sole that will work on Rome’s uneven streets.

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What to wear in Rome in October for Women

Woman in front of church in Rome taking a photo wearing a thick cardigan and scarf in hair
What to wear in Rome in October


While I never put jeans on my Rome summer months packing lists, not because of any Rome dress codes but because of the heat, I think that Rome is the perfect time to put jeans back on your Rome packing list.

Although the Romans are stylish, jeans are perfectly acceptable to wear in October. I recommend wearing a more stylish fitted pair rather than baggy varieties. And black jeans are also very popular in Italian fashion styles.

However if you are visiting Rome in early October then you may also want to have some chinos or smart tailored trousers with you for evenings.

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Longer length skirts

I would put short skirts on the what not to wear in Rome list. That is because they are not appropriate in religious sites such as Roman churches. However I recommend taking at least one longer length skirt with you as the perfect day to night transition item and as suitable for the Vatican, Vatican Museums and other churches.


A blouse works for the cooler days and nights. Italian style tends to err on the more smart casual side so a nice blouse is the perfect Italian Fall Packing List addition.

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T Shirt

Whether you are using them just as a base layer or as your top will depend on whether you are visiting in Early or Late October. I recommend picking plain t shirts rather than graphic tees for use in Italy.

Black is always in fashion in Rome, and you will also a lot of neutral colors in many Italian capsule wardrobes at this time of year.


If you are visiting Rome in October one of the keys to your packing list will be having lots of layers. I recommend having some jumpers or some cardigans that can be used to layer up on cool days or for when it get chilly at night.

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If you are wondering what to wear to Rome in early October, one of the key items to put on your packing list has to be a light jacket or blazer. It works as both an evening and a day time item when the temperature starts to drop.


It doesn’t matter where I am traveling, a pashmina is always on my packing list and Rome is no different. A pashmina for Rome can act as a scarf or lovely accessory on warmer October days but can double up as an added extra layer in Late October.


You won’t need thick fleece or flannel pjs for Rome in October but similarly you won’t want your lightest weight nightwear.

Waterproof Jacket

You can get rainy days in Rome in October so be sure to have a lightweight waterproof jacket with you so you can carry on sightseeing in the rain. Shop smart lightweight rain jackets here.


Goes without saying.

What to pack for Rome in October for Men


For men visiting Rome in October I recommend having a couple of Pairs of smarter jeans and chinos with you. If you have a smarter tailored pair of jeans or chinos this will be the perfect day to night transition item.

Shop men’s travel chinos here.


During the day Shirts are fine but I recommend having at least one button down shirt with you for Rome in October. The Rome dress code at night tends to be more smart casual than casual so you will feel more comfortable when out in a shirt over a shirt.


However if shirts aren’t your thing then be sure to pack a smart polo on top.

T Shirts

T Shirts are fine for sightseeing in Rome during the day. However I recommend making them the plain type instead of highly graphic or slogan t shirts.


A blazer is perfect if you are going to a high end restaurant in Rome and will double up as a jacket as an extra layer if you are visiting towards the end of October.

Waterproof Jacket

Rome In October can be rainy so be sure to have a waterproof jacket with you just in case you get caught in the rain. A smart but lightweight one is most in keeping with local styles. You can shop rain jackets for Rome here.


Sneakers are perfect shoes for days of sightseeing particularly if you have the smarter type. However you will want at least one other pair of shies with you for Rome in October

Smarter Shoes

A smarter pair of shoes or ankle with a good sole will be a good choice for evenings out in Rome in October. Just try and pack a waterproof pair and leave the suede at home in case you get caught in a shower.


Goes without saying.

What to Pack for Rome in October (Non Clothing)

So now you know what to wear for Rome in October, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Rome in October other than clothes. 

Our essentials to pack for Rome in October are:

  • Backpack – for storing items on your day trips.
  • Crossbody Bag – anti theft type as with any city it can have issues with pickpockets around main tourist attractions.
  • Sun Screen – an essential for all travel packing lisst. 
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun – no one wants to get burnt however it is better to have this with you just in case. 
  • Lipbalm with SPF – Our favorite brand at the minute is sun bum. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle – There are water fountains all around the city where you can refill your water bottle. This will save you money and is better for the environment so be sure to pack one with you.
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  •  Power pack / Battery Pack
  • Travel Adapters  for electronics – Italy uses standard European outputs and plugs.

How to Dress for Special Events in Rome in October

There are no real special events in Rome in October that have special dress codes. Therefore there is nothing that you need to pack special.

It is also worth noting that Halloween is not a big thing in Rome or Italy generally so you don’t need to worry about bringing things related to this holiday.

FAQs about October Rome Packing List

What do people wear in Rome in October?

People in Rome in October know that layers are your best friend. October is a shoulder season transition month so you can have warm days and chiller ones. Layers will mean you are ready for whatever Rome has to throw at you weather wise.

What would you add to this Rome in October Packing List

R David

Wednesday 4th of October 2023

Very Helpful information however I do have one comment You might want to update your "What to Wear in Rome" to remove the reference to Greece and correct the typo "Adapaters" should be "Adapters" as noted in the following - "Camera Charging Equipment Power pack / Battery Pack Travel Adapaters for electronics – GREECE uses standard European outputs and plugs."


Thursday 5th of October 2023


Thank you for the feedback. The changes have been made. Much appreciated :)