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Can you take a hairdryer on a cruise?

Can you take a hairdryer on a cruise?

Can you take a hairdryer on a cruise? Or do cruise ships provide hairdryers for guests? In this guide we will round up the lines that provide hairdryers, the quality of hairdryers you expect onboard cruise ship and if or when you should take your own.

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Cruise ships have quite a long list of what you can and what you can not pack for a cruise ship vacation. A lot of the things that you will find on this list are there because they have an element that heats up. For instance a kettle or iron or a clothes steamers are banned for this very reason. So are hairdryers allowed on cruise ships or is this something that the cruise line will provide for you.

Do cruise ship provide hairdryers?

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I have never been on a cruise ship personally where they have not provided a hairdryer and I have been on lots of cruises on most of the big lines. Therefore the chances are that whatever cruise line you are going on you will be provided with a hairdryer in your cabin.

Sometimes the hairdryers in your cabin can be hard to find but they will be hiding somewhere in your room. The hairdryers are normally found in the bathroom, dressing area or in the desk or bedside drawer. If you have any problems locating the hairdryer or have any issues with the hairdryer in your room then speak to your cabin steward who will gladly help you locate or replace the hairdryer.

Now we know that cruise ships do provide hairdryers in most instances we have to ask what is the quality of hairdryers aboard cruise ships like?

Well the hairdryers you will find on cruise ship tend to be of quite a basic variety. They tend to be quite similar to hairdressers that you find in most chain hotels.

They are not the most powerful of hairdryers and in truth they want have very many settings, speeds and heat levels.

You will also find that the hairdryers that you get aboard cruise ships won’t have diffusers therefore if you hair requires a diffuser you will need to bring this with you in order to style your hair.

I have long hair and I find that I can style my hair straight easily with these hairdryers when I just want to blow dry my hair straight. However if you want to do a fancier blow dry or something that requires more power then chances are this hairdryer will not do the trick.

So now you know who might need to take their own hairdryers on a cruise ship, we look at whether you can take a hairdryer with you or if this is a no no.

Can you take a hairdryer on a cruise?

The good news is that you can take a hairdryer on a cruise. But if you do there are a few things that you will want to consider.

Depending on where you are traveling to and from you may have to take a flight. Now while you are usually allowed to take a hairdryer on a. flight you might not want to pack a heavy one with as you don’t want to use a lot of your luggage weight restrictions on bringing a very heavy hairdryer with you.

I would personally take a good quality travel hairdryer with you if you decide that you do want to bring a hairdryer on a cruise. It is likely, if you get a good one to be of better quality than what you have in your stateroom but is likely to be less weighty that the one you use at home and you won’t be devastated if damage is caused to it while you travel.

There are lots of travel hairdryers on the market so I would say pick the one that suits your budget yet. However this revlon one is a great option for travel as it has a collapsible handle which saves on space which is great if you are trying to travel on a cruise with carry on only.

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Can I bring my curling iron and hair straighteners on a cruise?

Now most of the things that are on the what not to bring on a cruise list are connected to items that have their own internal heating source for instance irons and kettles are not allowed on a cruise.

But what about curling irons? And can you bring hair straighteners on a cruise?

The good news it that despite the fact they have a heat source both curling irons and hair straighteners are allowed to be brought aboard cruise ships.

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