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Your Colosseum Dress Code Questions Answered

Your Colosseum Dress Code Questions Answered

The colosseum is one of the must visit attractions in Rome but is there a Colosseum dress code? In this guide we will let you know whether the colosseum has a dress code and the outfits to wear for touring this amazing Roman attraction.

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FAQs about the Colosseum Dress Code

Does the Colosseum have a Dress Code?

No, unlike Italian churches in Rome such as the Vatican and the Pantheon there is no formal dress code for the colosseum.

However having said this, the uneven surfaces and the open air, un-air conditioned nature of the attraction mean that there are better outfits to wear.

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Best Colosseum Outfits

For any visitor to the Colosseum we recommend wearing loose clothing made of natural fabrics. And although there is no dress code for the colosseum itself, it you are planning to visit other Roman attractions on the same day such as a church like the Pantheon you will want to make sure your outfit will be suitable for both places.

For women we recommend:

  • Long trousers with a long sleeved t shirt or blouse
  • Maxi skirt – providing it does not have a slit that reveals the knee
  • Long dress with sleeves or with an added cardigan or pashmina for modesty.

For men we recommend:

  • Long Trousers or Jeans with T Shirt, Polo Shirt or sleeved shirt.

If you are visiting Rome in one of the summer months we also recommend adding a hat as the sun in the open air spaces is very strong.

Conversely if you are visiting Rome in the Winter then we also recommend adding a jacket to this list.

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Can you wear shorts in Colosseum?

Yes you can absolutely wear shorts in the colosseum. There is no dress code enforced at the colosseum. However if you want to wear shorts we recommend making sure they either cover your knee or your wear them and visit the colosseum on days where you know you will not be visiting a church where it will not be allowed.

Is there shade at the Colosseum?

In some areas of the colosseum you will find shade however for the most part there is no shade at the colosseum. Therefore it you are visiting Rome in one of the summer months or on a sunny day in a shoulder season we recommend taking a sun hat with you to protect your head.

Do you need to cover your shoulders at the Colosseum?

No you do not need to cover your shoulders at the Colosseum. However if you plan to visit a religious attraction on the same day we recommend wearing a top that covers your shoulder or carry something like a cardigan or pashmina with you to add your outfit if you do decide to go inside a church.

Can you wear sandals to the Colosseum?

There is no colosseum dress code which means you can wear whatever shoe you like. However having said that there are better shoes. The walkways at the colosseum are uneven and cobbled and there are also lots of stairs of varying steepness.

As such shoes which do not have good arch support or a sole aren’t good for walking on these surfaces. We therefore recommending leaving the sandals and flip flops at home for a visit to the colosseum and instead wear sneakers.

Are backpacks allowed in the Colosseum?

Large backpacks and suitcases are not permitted in the Colosseum. However fanny packs and smaller items are allowed but will be subjected to security screening.

What is not allowed in Colosseum?

On top of large bags and suitcases not being allowed in the colosseum you are also not permitted to enter the colosseum with glass bottles, weapons including seasons and sprays.

Do you have any other questions about what to wear to the Colosseum in Rome – be sure to leave us a comment and we will get back to you