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Your Pantheon Dress Code Questions Answered

Your Pantheon Dress Code Questions Answered

The Pantheon is one of the most famous buildings to visit in Rome but did you know that there is a Pantheon dress code? In this guide we will let you know what to wear when visiting the Pantheon whatever the season to make sure you don’t get turned away at the door.

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FAQs about the Pantheon Dress Code

What to Wear in Rome in April Packing List - Pantheon Dress Code
What to Wear in Rome in April Packing List – Pantheon Dress Code

Does the Pantheon Have a Dress Code?

Yes the Pantheon does absolutely have a dress code. For some reason people do tend forget that the Pantheon is a working church. I think this is because the Pantheon was originally created as a place of worship to all of the Roman Gods. However it was converted into a site of Christian worship in 609 after Pope Boniface IVI consented to Mart the Martyr Saints. Therefore it has the same dress code as other Italian churches.

You will find there is a dress code at all Italian churches that you visit while on vacation in Rome.

This dress code extends to even the most famous churches which get thousands of tourist visitors a year including but not limited to The Vatican, Il Duomo in Florence, St Marks Basilica in Venice and of course the Pantheon in Rome.

Note: Some of the other main tourist attractions in Rome will also have their own dress codes. For more information check out our other related Rome guides:

What is the Pantheon Dress Code?

So now you know that there is a dress code at the Pantheon, it is time to discuss what the Pantheon Dress Code is.

As with all churches in Italy the dress code rules are:

  • shoulders must be kept covered at all times
  • knees must always be covered.
  • No uncovered midriffs

This dress code also applies to both men and women.

How strict is Pantheon dress code?

dress code for visiting churches in italy - dress code for churches in Rome
dress code for visiting churches in italy – dress code for churches in Rome

All churches in Italy have a dress code but the level it is enforced does differ. For instance I have personally seen people being asked to cover up at the Vatican before being granted admission as the dress code at the Vatican is very strict and enforced.

At the Pantheon on the other hand I don’ have such first hand experience but this isn’t to say it isn’t enforced.

I would recommend that you adhere to the dress code whatever Italian church you are visiting as firstly you could get turned away but more importantly you should want to be respectful of the local culture.

Best Outfits for Visiting the Pantheon

Personally whenever I travel in Rome I try to wear clothes that would be acceptable in churches as you never know when you are going to see one that you want to pop into. Therefore we recommend the following types of outfits

Pantheon Outfits for Women

The types of outfits I recommend wearing for women visiting the Pantheon – or any other church visit in Italy are:

  • Long trousers with a long sleeved t shirt or blouse
  • Maxi skirt – providing it does not have a slit that reveals the knee
  • Long dress with sleeves or with an added cardigan or pashmina for modesty.

Whenever I am traveling around Italy I always have a pashmina for me to make sure I always have something with me that can add more modesty if required.

Pantheon Outfits for Men

As the Pantheon dress code applies to both men and women I would recommend the following outfits for men at the PAntheon

  • Long Trousers or Jeans with T Shirt, Polo Shirt or sleeved shirt.

Do you have to wear pants in Pantheon?

What to wear to dinner in Italy / what to wear to dinner in Rome
What to wear to dinner in Italy / what to wear to dinner in Rome

Wearing pants (or trousers as the British would say) isn’t a prerequisite to the Pantheon dress code. However it is important that you wear something that covers your knees. For these reasons then pants might be easier.

I would avoid wearing shorts to the Pantheon as they can reveal the knee.

Can you wear jeans in the Pantheon?

For some reason there is a rumour that you won’t see many jeans being worn in Italy. However I have never found this to be the case. Although Romans do tend to prefer to wear fitted and more tailored smart jeans instead of baggy ones.

And it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans in the Pantheon especially if you are visiting Rome in a colder month or during a shoulder season, for instance if you are visiting Rome in April. Yet we would advise against wearing ripped jeans as they may reveal your knee or thigh and cause you not to meet the Pantheon dress ode.

Can you wear sandals in the Pantheon?

My best memory of visiting the Pantheon happened when I was visiting Rome in October. The rain was pouring and we stood in the Pantheon watching the rain pour through the oculus in the ceiling.

This was a great thing to see but made the floor of the Pantheon very slippery. Therefore you can wear sandals into the Pantheon but if you are going on a day when it is due to rain we recommend making sure whatever shoes you wear have a good sole and some grip.

Have you visited the Pantheon – what did you wear? Let us know if you have any other questions about the Pantheon dress code in the comments and we would be more than happy to answer them