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What to wear in Belgium in Summer

What to wear in Belgium in Summer

Do you want to know what to wear in Belgium in Summer? Then you have come to the right place. So whether you are going to the cities like Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges or heading to the countryside such as the Ardennes we will tell you exactly what you should pack for Belgium in June, July or August.

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Weather in Belgium in Summer (June, July or August)

The main factor when packing no matter the destination or season is of course the weather. But how hot does it get in Belgium in the summer?

How hot is Belgium in June?

Woman looking at brussels cathedral in belgium in summer with back to camera
What to wear in Belgium in Summer (June, July or August)

Generally speaking the average temperatures throughout Belgium in summer is around 20C-25C. So you will definitely want to pack your summer capsule wardrobe.

However, having said that there can always be anomalies when travelling in Northern Europe so it is worth having at least a couple of layers with you. I personally never visit Belgium or the rest of the Benelux region (Netherlands and Luxembourg) without a compact travel umbrella with me.

On that note, what can you expect in terms of rain in Belgium?

Does it rain a lot in Belgium in Summer?

You can get rain no matter the month of travel in Belgium however generally speaking you can expect to see rain on 9 days in each of the summer months. However, this tends to be in the form of light showers rather than huge downpours.

Having said that its always worth having some waterproof wear or an umbrella on your Belgium packing list even in Summer.

Note: the weather between months changes quite dramatically and there are always special events in Amsterdam in certain months. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides.

What do people wear in Belgium 

if you want to look like a local in Belgium then you need to know what do people wear in Amsterdam on a day to day basis.

I would actually say that the local fashion aesthetic can be summarised quite easily as:

  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Casual

However I think It is important to stress that although casual, this does not mean that they are not stylish because they definitely are.

Also if you are travelling to the capital, Brussels, then you will find more people wearing business attire than in other parts of the country.

What to wear in Belgium in Summer (June, July and August)

Now you know what the temperatures and likely weather conditions are likely to be for your visit to Belgium in Summer we can now turn our attention to what to wear in Belgium in Summer.

What to wear in Belgium in Summer for women

Woman in garden in Brussels
What to wear in Belgium in Summer (June, July or August)

Lightweight Pjs / Nightdress

It surprises many people who come to Europe in summer that there are very few air-conditioned hotels. And this is definitely true across Belgium. Therefore be sure to bring only lightweight night and loungewear with you so you don’t bake at night.

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Summer Dresses

I love a summer dress and I think they are perfect for nights out in Belgium and for touring many of the tourist attractions. Personally, I like to wear midi dresses in case I decide to ride bike or so it doesn’t drag on the floor.

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As Belgium doesn’t tend to be a formal place it is not uncommon to see people wearing nice tailored shorts around the cities.

You could also opt for denim shorts but personally I find these a bit uncomfortable and hot for summer in the city.

T Shirts

One of the things I love about Belgium is that it’s dress code isn’t very formal. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the locals are a stylish bunch just not formal. T-shirts are a staple of everyday wear in the city and will be comfortable for cycling. You can also wear these in the evening no problem if you are in a bar or restaurant that doesn’t have a dress code that says otherwise

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However if you do want something for cooler days or for smarter restaurants we recommend packing some light summer blouses. 

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Although summer in Belgium I still recommend packing a lightweight jacket such as denim jacket or a packaway rain jacket just in case you get some cooler or rainier weather.


Again, while the temperatures are heating up there can be cold days and Belgium at night can get chilly. 

A great day to night piece that can both dress up a casual look or be used as a extra layer is a pashmina. 

To be honest I never go anywhere in Europe with my trusty pashmina as you never know what the weather will do!

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As I have mentioned before Belgium is relatively casual. Jeans will not be out of place anywhere in the cities from museums to restaurants. 

However if you are lucky you may find that it is too hot for jeans so midi dresses and skirts are a great alternative.

Midi length skirts

Midi length skirts are great for Belgian summers.

Hoodie and Cardigan

Although the temperatures are warm you will still want some top layers for early mornings and evenings.

Hoodies are perfect for during the day. However in the evening, I would opt for a smarter sweater or cardigan.

Underwear and socks

These ones kinda of go without saying but just in case and because I would hate you to miss anything be sure to pack the correct amount of underwear and socks for your trip.


As the days are getting warmer and sunnier be sure to add a pair of sunglasses to your list.

Theft Proof Bag

As with any tourist destination pickpockets can appear.I recommend taking a bag with a least zip compartments. A theft-proof bag like the one above would be even better. 

For days when you are just walking then a cross body bag is more than suitable.

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How to Dress in Belgium in Summer for Men

The rules of what to pack for men is similar to what to pack for women in Belgium. Casual wear is absolutely acceptable though you may also want some smarter shirts for dinner.


As I said these are a staple for all Belgian packing lists. However you may also want to add


Lightweight trousers might be better for the summer months when it is hot.


Shorts are very acceptable in Belgium in summer. Locals tend to wear more tailored shorts over cargo shorts.


A great choice for during the day in the city.


Although t shirts are perfect for the day I would add a button down shirt for the evening and going out to eat.

Hoodie and Jumper

Perfect for cool mornings and going out at night.

Lightweight Jacket

Needed for those cooler mornings and evenings.

Best Shoes for Belgium in summertime

I think the most difficult think about packing for Belgium in Summer is getting the footwear right. So what are the best shoes?

Well my number one pick for Belgium no matter the season is:


Any trip to Belgium no matter where you are heading will involve walking. You also may try some cycling like the locals. Therefore sneakers are perfect piece of footwear. My favorite sneakers for travel are hoka or All Birds however a standard white Addidas sneakers is a versatile choice.

Comfortable Sandals

I personally don’t wear sneakers on a night out therefore I recommend a change of shoes for the evening. I recommend a sandal that has a small but chunky heel or a wedge as these cope better with the cobbled streets of the city.

Stilettos and thin heels should be avoided at all costs.

What to Pack for Belgium in Summer (Non Clothing)

Woman in front of the royal palace in brussels in belgium in summer
Belgium packing list for summer


As I mentioned, Belgium can be a pretty rainy place no matter the time you visit. Therefore we recommend taking a handbag-sized umbrella. Our favorite brand is Repel as we find them the sturdiest travel umbrella on the market.

Power Pack

Belgium is beautiful especially in the summer and I promise you your phone will be constantly out so be sure to have  a power pack with you to recharge those batteries. 

Plug Adapaters 

Belgium uses the traditional European plugs. So if you are coming from the UK or USA etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work. Click here to purchase! 

FAQS about this Belgium Summer Packing List

Do I need Swimwear for Belgium?

As you are traveling in the summer you may want to know if you need swimwear for Belgium. The answer is it depends.

Not many of the hotels in Belgium have swimming pools however Belgium does have some amazing beaches. If you are not planning on going to one of the above you will not need swimwear however.

Have you been to Belgium? What did you wear? And if you are travelling this year be sure to tag us in you