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What to wear in Budapest in Fall

What to wear in Budapest in Fall

Do you want to know what to wear in Budapest in Fall? In this guide, we will tell you EXACTLY what to pack for Budapest no matter if you are visiting in September, October or November. This includes guidance on how to dress for the weather, dress codes as well as for special events in Budapest in Autumn.

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Weather in Budapest in Fall 

Fall in Budapest is classified as September, October or November. But how hot can you expect the weather to be in Budapest in Fall?

How cold is Budapest in Fall?

View of Budapest and river in Fall
What to wear in Budapest in Fall (September, October & November)

How cold Budapest is in Fall feels very much depends on when you visit. There are average temperatures in September of 23°C / 13°C which drop substantially as you reach November when the average highs / lows plummet to 9°C / 4°C. For this reason we recommend packing layers no matter the month of travel.

How rainy is Budapest in Fall?

Generally speaking there are about 4 days of rain in September and October, and 6 in November. For this reason a compact travel umbrella can be a handy addition to your packing list. .

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

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What to Wear in Budapest in Fall

Before we get onto the specifics of what to wear in Budapest in Fall for women and men, we wanted to reiterate that we think it is a great idea to pack a capsule wardrobe. It means you are less likely to lose your luggage when traveling and prevents you from overpacking. For help in packing a capsule wardrobe check out these posts:

Best Shoes for Budapest in Fall

But first we will turn our attention to shoes for Budapest in Fall.


Sneakers in my opinion are the best shoe for Budapest no matter when you are traveling. That is because Budapest, like many European capitals, is a historic city and filled with cobbled stone streets. This combined with the amount of walking you will be doing means that you will need comfortable walking shoes.

My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are Hoka and AllBirds, however you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes.

However on top of sneakers you will also want:

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the perfect second shoes for Budapest especially in October and November. As there are lots of cobbled stone streets we recommend choosing boots. We recommend avoid suede because of the rain and picking a boot with a flat good sole as opposed to thin heels.

Note: as the temperatures are still quite high in September you may want to pack sandals instead of anjle boots.

What to Wear in Budapest in Fall for Women

Woman in brown fur coat with budapest skyline in background
What to wear in Budapest in Fall (September, October & November)

So what does a Budapest Packing List for Fall look like? For women we recommend packing: 

Waterproof Jacket

Although not as rainy as Summer you will still want a compact waterproof with you. If you are visiting in November then you will also want:

Puffer Jacket

As the temperatures drop you will also want to have a puffer jacket with you.

Please note: it is worth keeping your eye on the weather to be sure there isn’t a cold snap and a larger parka coat isn’t required.


Lots of layers are the most important thing for your Budapest packing list. Hoodies are a good choice, but I also like to pack a cardigan for evenings in some of the nicer restaurants in the city.

Trousers / Pants

Trousers and pants are a great versatile pick for Budapest and are way more useful than dresses and skirts especially if you are doing lots of outdoors activities.

Personally I like jeans for October and November while in September I still tend to lean towards linen trousers and chinos.

Skirts and Dresses

These aren’t essential but are nice to have if you plan on going to nicer restaurants for upscale dinners. For Fall I recommend a nice sweater dress that can be paired with boots and tights.

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A loose blouse is another good pick for visiting religious sites and for evenings in Budapest. Personally I like plain white linen shirts as they are very easy to use as part of a capsule wardrobe for September while in October and November I tend to pack a slight thicker shirt..

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T Shirts

T Shirts are a great base for Budapest no matter what season you are visiting. For Fall I like to pack a mix of short and long sleeve t-shirts and style-wise, I tend to stick to a plain or lightly patterned t-shirt instead of neon, graphic or slogan tees as they work better in a capsule wardrobe.

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A pashmina should be on your v packing list no matter the month you are visiting. They are great for cool evenings but also to make outfits more modest for churches. Click here to shop pashminas

Swimwear (optional)

Only required if your hotel has a pool or you plan on visiting the famous Budapest Baths!

PJs or Nightie, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.


Budapest can be a dazzling city even in Fall so be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses with good UVA protection.

What to Wear in Budapest in Fall Packing List for Men

Alongside our regular men’s travel essentials we recommend adding the following items to your men’s packing list for Budapest in Fall:


The later in Fall you travel the thicker the jacket you will need.

A compact waterproof is also a good ideas.


Chinos are great for daytime sightseeing in Budapest. Linen trousers are also a great pick for September but by November you may want some thicker trousers and jeans on the list on the list.

Shop men’s travel chinos here.

T Shirts and Shirts

T shirts are great for days sightseeing. For September shorts sleeves are most appropriate but you will want to add some long sleeve tees as Fall commences.

And on top of t shirts you may also want to pack a button down shirt for use in more upscale restaurants. 


Some top layers are a good idea for Budapest.


Goes without saying.

What to pack for Budapest in Fall (Non Clothing)

View of Budapest in Fall
Budapest Packing List for Fall

FAQs About Budapest in Fall

What to wear in Budapest in night?

Depending on where you are going in Budapest at night will depend as to the dress code. For smarter and more upscale restaurants I recommend having at least one smart casual outfit with you.

Can you wear jeans in Budapest?

You can absolutely wear jeans in Budapest in Fall. In fact they are my favoured Fall trousers.

Have you been to Budapest in Fall? What did you wear? We would love you to tell us in the comments below!