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What to Wear in Fiji Packing List

What to Wear in Fiji Packing List

Are you wondering what to wear in Fiji and looking for the perfect Fiji Packing List? Then look no further. In this guide we round up the dress code in Fiji for both resorts and in villages, and tell you what to wear in Fiji at night and give you the best Fiji Packing List for families.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

What is the dress code in Fiji?

I would say there are two types of dress code in Fiji. The dress code for Fiji resorts and a different one for what to wear in Fiji local villages.

As the resorts in Fiji you can wear pretty much anything you like; swimwear including bikinis, shorts etc. However in the villages you can expect there to be a more conservative dress code so be sure to have something that provides more cover if you plan to go outside of your resort.

When you are in resorts in Fiji you can expect a casual dress code during the day with most people wearing swimwear, beach covers, and shorts and t shirts.

However a night the dress code can go up to smart casual and at some luxury resorts you may have some high end restaurants with a stricter dress code.

Be sure to check anywhere you plan to eat before travel in case you plan to visit one of the rarer smart dress code restaurants.

Fiji Packing List Tips

Luggage Requirements

If once you arrive in Fiji you have to transfer to your resort via a seaplane, helicopter or domestic flight then be sure to pack extremely lightly.

Internal transfers in Fiji by any of the above modes of transport mean that there are strict weight restrictions on your luggage.

The baggage allowances on these transfers can go as low as 15KG so be sure to pack light and rigorously check the baggage allowance for every section of your journey before you begin packing. Also be sure to check that your mode of transport doesn’t have any maximum dimensions for cases too.

These baggage allowances are strictly adhered to and for good reason so be sure you don’t get caught out.

One of the ways to ensure you make the most of your weight allowance is ensuring that any luggage you bring is light weight. Click here to shop the best light weight luggage.

What to Wear to Fiji

What to Wear to Fiji for Women


Most of your time in Fiji will be spent in the water. Whether that be in the sea or at the pool. Therefore we recommend packing at least two or maybe more pieces of swimwear.

Now there are no Fiji dress code rules for resorts so therefore bikinis are more than acceptable for when you are sitting around the pool. However it you plan to do some more watersports or snorkeling etc then a one piece may be more comfortable.

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Rash Vest

Now for me Fiji is all about water sports and being int he water. But being in the water I find tends to make you more susceptible to sun burn as well as any hazards or irritants in the water for your skin.

A way to protect yourself against this is by wearing a rash vest with UV protection.

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Beach Cover

For days on the beach and round the pool we recommend taking one or two beach covers. This is because swimwear alone is not usually allowed in resort bars and restaurants. Having a beach cover for me is an essential on your Fiji Packing List.


A way to add another day time look and extra cover without taking up much space in your case is to pack a sarong.

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Flip Flops

Most of the time in Fiji flip flops are the perfect shoe. They are perfect for on the beach and around the pool and also don’t take up much case space or weight.


However for the evenings I would recommend taking a pair of sandals. Although I normally would say a wedge is the perfect smart casual shoe I do not say that for Fiji.

Wedges unfortunately usually take up lots of space and add considerable weight to your case. Therefore we recommend going for a lighter weight dressier sandal such as those above.

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Sun Hat

A wide brimmed sun hat is perfect for Fiji to help protect you from the strength of the sun. These are the best types f hat for sun protection but any hat is better than no hat.

To prevent damage to your hat and to not use up space case I would recommend wearing your sun hat on your flight.

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Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses for me are perfect for Fiji both for day and night wear. They are comfy and cool during the day but can be dressed up at night for the fancier restaurants.


The air conditioning at some Fiji resorts is strong especially at night therefore we recommend taking a pashmina with you both as an extra later but also to dress up your maxi dress.

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T Shirt and Short

Perfect for being outside in Fiji.

Light weight PJs

Although many of the Fiji resorts will be air conditioned I still recommend taking the lightweight pjs with you.

What to Wear to Fiji for Men

For men traveling to Fiji I recommend packing to follow the women’s in so much as

  • Swimwear – a couple of pairs of trunks moreso than speedos.
  • Rash Vest – for same reason as women for sun protection
  • Flip Flops and Sandals – to have one pair of shoes for day time and one for evening but pick pairs that are super light weight so you don’t use up all your baggage allowance in shoes.
  • Shorts and T-shirts – Casual and Smarter for day and night use
  • Linen trousers – for use if you are going to high end restaurants
  • Collared shirts – again for use in the high end restaurants at Fiji luxury resorts.

What to Wear to Fiji at Night

Are you wondering what to wear in Fiji at Night? Or perhaps you are concerned about what to wear in Fiji for dinner with the restricted luggage allowances. 

The truth is at most of the resorts on Fiji, the dress code is casual to smart casual even at night. However if you are at a super luxurious resort at their high end restaurant they may want a smart dress code (be sure to check your restaurants dress code before you travel).

However for the most part a Maxi Dress for women is more than acceptable to wear to Fiji at night. I would also add a pashmina however as this can help transition a look from day to night but more practically man restaurants in Fiji have very strong air conditioning and it can get a little chilly.

For men looking for what to wear to Fiji at night I would recommend a pair of chino shorts and a short sleeved collared shirt. However for the more high end restaurants you may want to add a pair of linen trousers onto the Fiji packing list.

What to wear to Fiji in the Wet Season

If you are traveling to Fiji in the wet season then you will want to add to your packing list extra insect repellant, long sleeve tops and trousers to make sure less of your skin is exposed and a lightweight rain jacket.

Note: the wet season in Fiji runs from November to April.

Fiji Packing List for Families

What to pack for Fiji for families is very similar to that of men and women. We recommend packing lots of swimwear and lots of clothing with UV protection such as rash vests.

For other clothing for children for Fiji we recommend picking natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo as these are more breathable and will make you less sweaty.

They will also want some extra top layers as they are more likely to feel the child at night.

What to Pack for Fiji (Non Clothing)


YOu will be spending much of your time outside and in the water in Fiji so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with you. Sunscreen is available locally but it will cost a lot more than buying at home in advance.

Also, as Fiji has the world’s third largest coral reef – the Great Sea Reef or GSR as it is sometimes known I implore you please take coral safe sunscreen for when you are in the water.

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Aloe Vera

Although I would love for no one to get sunburnt on their visit to Fiji but the truth is that the sun is so strong and sunburn can happen easily, even with the most cautious sunbather.

Aloe Vera is the number one sunburn relief so I recommend having some with you just in case.

Again you will be able to buy this at resorts but you will pay a premium for buying this in Fiji at a resort.

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Again, it is important to be sun safe in Fiji. Sunglasses are vital for Fiji for protecting your eyes.

Water Shoes

I’m often asked “Do you need water shoes in Fiji?” and my answer is always the same. Yes! Absolutely you need water shoes for Fiji.

Some of the best things to do in Fiji are related to water sports, snorkelling and the amazing Fiji coral reef. But given all the amazing biodiversity you will find things in the water that could hurt your feet.

Don’t let a foot injury ruin your vacation and protect your feet with a cheap pair of water shoes.

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Go Pro or Underwater Camera

If you are visiting the Great Sea Reef you will want to capture some memories on an underwater camera. When we go snorkelling we like to use our go pro but any underwater camera will do depending on your budget.

Click here to shop underwater cameras.

It is important to reduce plastic waste wherever you are in the world but you are reminded of the damage plastic and climate change can do to the oceans and any visitor to the Great Sea Reef will want to do everything they can to protect it.

You can do your bit by bringing your own reusable water bottle with you.

Bug Spray

Fiji, particular Fiji in the wet season has lots of bugs including mosquitoes. Protect your self with bug spray in Fiji.

Click here to buy bug spray / insect repellant for Fiji

Travel First Aid Kit

We always travel with a travel first aid kit wherever we go He. If you are bring your hiking gear with it. However given restrictions on weight you may want to wear these on the plane.

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FAQS About Fiji Packing Lists

What should you not wear in Fiji?

Although Fiji Resorts have a relaxed dress code there are definitely things that should be on your “What not to wear in Fiji” list. These include

  • Skimpy clothes when in local villages
  • Hats in local villages as in Fijian culture only the chief can wear a headwear.

Do I need reef shoes in Fiji?

Yes you absolutely do need reef shoes in Fiji. There are hazards and irritants to the skin in the water that could ruin your whole vacation. A pair of cheap water shoes or reef shoes could save your vacation.

Can I wear Shorts in Fiji?

Yes you can wear shorts in Fiji in the resorts. However if you are in the local villages and towns then your dress should be more modest which includes having a modest short.

Have you been to Fiji? What would you add or leave off this Fiji Packing List.

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What to wear in Fiji Packing List