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What to wear in New York in Fall

What to wear in New York in Fall

Do you want to know what to wear in New York in Fall? Then you have come to the right place. No matter whether you are visiting NYC in September, October or November we have the best packing list and outfit inspiration for you.

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Weather in NYC in Fall (September, October or November)

New York City skyline with park in Fall in the foreground
New York Packing List for Fall

Fall in NYC is classified as September, October and November but the weather across the Fall months varies greatly by month. In September it still feels pretty Summery and your summer capsule wardrobe will still be in play as they temperatures have average highs of 25C.

While by November the temperatures have plummeed to 13C.

The rain in NYC in alllso pretty consistent with around 7 rainy days per month.

Note: this guide is intended as a New York City packing list for Fall. However if you are vistiing other areas of New York state be sure to check out the following packing lists too

What to Wear to New York in Fall Women 

Woman taking picture of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York in the Fall
What to wear in New York in Fall (Packing List & Outfits)

When putting together you wardrobe for NYC in Fall we recommend trying to pack a capsule wardrobe to reduce space and potentially even travel with carry-on alone.

For more information on methods for packing light be sure to check out our explanations of the 54321 packing method and the sudoku packing method here.


Depending on where you are traveling to in NYC and what activities you are doing once you get there will depend on what type of trousers you require. In September we recommend light weight trousers like chinos and linens. However by October jeans are a great pick.

Also you can never go wrong with a pair of black pants in NYC.

Skirts and Dresses

As the city is warm in summer we recommend packing a good supply of summer dresses. I normally pack midi length dresses for New York as they won’t drag on the floor like Maxi dresses and by October sweater dresses are a great addition.


A loose blouse works for the cooler evenings or days and can pair well with trousers for evenings out on Broadway.

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T Shirt

T-Shirts are a great base for New York at anytime of year but particularly in Fall. T Shirts that are plain or are lightly patterned are easier to make work as part of a capsule wardrobe.

By the end of November you will also want to start adding some long sleeve tees into the mix.


Depending on the month you are traveling will depend on the thickness of jacket you require. In September a denim jacket or blazer is appropriate. However by October a puffer jacket is a good pick.

Top layers

As the weather cools it is worth having a variety of top layers with you. A merino wool sweater is a good pick as it works for smarter restaurants and theatre shows but isn’t too bulky if you are trying to pack light.

However a hoodie is also a good pick for casual daytime sightseeing.


Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying. Sneaker socks are a good way of reducing sweat and odour in your shoe.

What to Wear in NYC in Fall for Men

For men visiting NYC in Fall, I actually recommend actually keeping things similar to the women’s packing list.

The items we recommend including on your mens New York Fall packing list are:


Having a couple of pairs of linen trousers with you is a good idea for New York in September. But for later Fall you may want to add a mix of jeans and chinos too.

T Shirts and Shirts

During the day t shirts are great. For men short sleeve tees are probably going to be the most useful for you. 

You should also pack at least one button down shirt with you for NYC in Fall going out to dinner. 

However if shirts aren’t your thing then be sure to pack a smart polo.


Lightweight ones are recommended.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

Best Shoes for NYC in Fall


Sneakers are my go to shoe for NYC in the Fall. They are great for days when you are doing lots of walking whether that be in Central Park or Battery Park.

Ankle Boots

These are appropriate for October and November. I personally would avoid anything suede due to the rain and steer clear away from thin heels as they aren’t good for lots of walking.


Sandals are perfect for September in New York. Just be sure you are comfortable walking long distances in them.

What Else to Pack for NYC in Fall 

Woman in white coat in New York City's central park in fall
What to wear in New York in Fall (Packing List & Outfits)

  • Sun screen
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sunglasses –
  • Camera
  • Crossbody bag  – unfortunately any tourist site attracts pickpockets and New York is no different. Protect your belongings by having a crossbody bag with lots of zips. 
  • Compact Umbrella  – important for any month. Our favorite brand of travel umbrella is Repel.
  • Travel Adaptor – if you are visiting from Europe or further afield.
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger

How to dress in New York in Fall for Special Events

There are no special events in NYC in Summer that will affect your Packing List drastically.

FAQS About New York in September, October or November

Do I need swimwear for New York in Fall?

This is only required if you are staying at accommodation with a pool.

Can you wear shorts in NYC in Fall?

You are fine to wear shorts in most places in NYC in September however it is probably be too cool for them in October and November.

What to wear to a Broadway Show in Fall?

A Broadway show is a must for any New York bucket list no matter the time of year you visit. However if you are visiting in Fall we recommend picking an outfit that you feel cool in. Theatres on Braodway are old and get hot and stuffy in summer so w recommend wearing something like a sweater dress or loose trousers and blouse.

Can you wear jeans in New York?

Jeans are an essential on your New York packing list. On the streets of New York you will see a variety of styles from ripped, skinny, boyfriend cut to baggy. Therefore wear the style of jeans you feel most comfortable in. However personally I avoid them and pack cotton pants, linen and shorts instead as I find them more comfortable to tour the city in the heat.

Have you been to NYC in Fall? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments.