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What to wear in Palm Springs Seasonal Guide

What to wear in Palm Springs Seasonal Guide

Are you wondering what to wear in Palm Springs? In this month by month guide, we will tell you exactly what to pack for Palm Springs in every season. 

Palm Springs Dress Code


Palm Springs is a stylish city and a city renowned for its 50s architecture. And much of the fashion style is a reflection of the city’s own aesthetic. You’ll see lots of 50’s silhouettes, high-waisted bikinis and vibrant colors and patterns. Palm Springs definitely isn’t a place for a monochrome capsule wardrobe!

You will also find that people also lead into bohocore so you will see lots of hippe styles especially around Coachella.

Also Palm Springs has some amazing restaurants and country clubs with smart casual dress codes, so you will want at least one smart casual outfit with you.

What to wear in Palm Springs in Summer (June, July and August)

Palm Springs sign
What to wear in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert city and so should come as no surprise that summer is hot, hot hot! This Palm Springs summer packing list covers what to wear in Palm Springs for the desert heat as well as for activites you may be doing.

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and Skirts are great for Palm Sprigs in Summer. Now my personal style normally leans towards things in a Maxi length however you will see lots of Midi length style dresses in Palm Springs and lots of bold colors and patterns.


As the summer weather in Palm Sprigs is very hot you will want to avoid thicker weight materials like denim. Instead we recommend packing loose linen trousers for summer.

 If you do decide to pack linen be sure to check out our guide on how to pack linen to prevent wrinkles. 


Shorts are another must for Palm Springs. If you plan on spending lots of walking and hiking in Joshua Tree we recommend having hiking shorts with you. However for in the city you will find a lot of short short denim shorts. But personally I find these a bit hot in the desert so I tend to stick to shorts in natural fabrics instead.

Tank Tops and T Shirts 

hese are perfect for out exploring Palm Springs and can be paired with skirts or shorts. Again don’t be scared to throw in some bright colors. 


A loose blouse made of natural fabric is another great choice for dealing with the heat in Palm Springs.


Palm Springs is famous for having some amazing swimming pools. We recommend taking 2 pieces of swimwear with you for Palm Springs as in summer oyu will be spending a lot of time in the pool You can pick whatever style you feel comfortable in but I love a high waisted 50s bikini for posing in Palm Springs.

Sun Hats

Sun hats are a staple on any Palm Springs packing list for summer. Be sure to pick a wide brimmed one for maximum sun protection.


Goes without saying Socks We recommend wearing sneaker socks when visiting in Palm Springs in Summer when wearing sneakers to help reduce odor and sweat. 


We recommend packing lightweight PJs for Palm Springs. 

Note: If you want to know what to wear in Palm Springs for men I recommend packing a mixture of chinos and linen trousers and some smarter shorts alongside plain t shirts and polos and short sleeve shirts for summer. 

What to Wear to the Palm Springs in Spring (March, April, May)

Spring is a great time to visit Palm Springs as the temperatures have not peaked yet. However there is still going to be a lot of overlap with your summer capsule wardrobe. But you will want some extra top layers as the mornings can be cool especially if you plan on going up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

So on top of the items listed above we recommend bringing:

Cardigan / Layers

Spring evenings and early mornings in Palm Springs can be cold so be sure to add a cardigan or two to pair to your dress and trousers outfits. 

You may also want a sweater and a beach hoodie too! 

What to Wear to the Palm Springs in Fall (September, October and November)

What to wear to the Palm Springs in Fall is very similar to what to wear in Palm Springs in Spring and Summer. If you are visiting Palm Springs in September you can pretty much select the same outfits as you would in August in Palm Springs. 

However the later in Fall you visit the cooler it becomes and peak season tends to end in mid–October. You will want cardigans and sweaters on your packing list, and in November you may even want a jacket and a thicker hoodie than just a beach one.

What to Wear to Palm Springs in Winter (December, January and February)

Winter is actually one of the most popular and therefore most expensive times to visit Palm Springs. Even in Winter, and January which is traditionally the coldest month, the temperatures are still in the high 60sF. With this in mind you can start with the same base wardrobe as in the shoulder seasons however you might want a couple of slightly heavier weight top layers just in case (though nothing as thick as a thick knit jumper).


A lightweight jacket like a denim jacket can be a great addition.

 Cardigans, Sweaters and Top Layers

We recommend packing a few different types of top layers with you for instance a combination of cardigans, sweaters and hoodies of different weights so you have enough variety in case of a very cold snap. 


Although jeans are too warm for summers in Palm Springs they are a great pick for Winter.

Best Shoes for Palm Springs


The best shoes for Palm Springs no matter the season is a sneaker. For summer I don’t think you can go wrong with a plain white sneaker however in dusty weather you may want something in a color so they don’t discolor as quickly.


Sandals are a great pick year round for Palm Springs. If you plan on hiking in Joshua Tree National Park then you may want a hiking pair. However for in Palm Springs itself then you may want a dressier pair that can be use for restaurants.

And if you want something with a bit of height then I don’t think you can wrong with a wedge.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a great addition to your packing list for hanging round the pool. y

What Else to add to your Palm Springs Packing List

View of traffic in Palm Springs CAlifornia
What to wear in Palm Springs

Sun Cream / Sunscreen

No matter when you traveling you will need sun cream with you. We recommend getting a high SPF, we recommend SPF 50. 

 Aloe Vera

No one wants to get burnt on vacation but just in case we recommend packing aloe vera / aftersun. Click here to shop aloe vera / aftersun

Lip Balm with SPF

Although it is very important to protect your skin from the sun, it is also important to protect your lips. For this reason we recommend packing a lip balm with SPF. Our current favorite lip balm with SPF is Sun Bum. Click here to shop lip balm with SPF.


You will always be able to get toiletries on arrival in Palm Springs however our toiletries packing list will give you a quick overview of things you may want to pack if you have space in your case.Click here to shop the best shampoos and conditioners for tropical climates. 

Also when looking at packing makeup remember to pack waterproof mascara afor if you plan to use the pool. 

Beach Bag

For use around the pool. 


As I have mentioned, there are some amazing pools in Palm Springs. Be sure to pack some fun inflatables for posing for Insta shots or just for having fun in the pool.


Palm Springs is an architectural gem and a beautiful city so you will want a camera with you. i.Battery packA requirement of any packing list. Click here to shop battery packs. 

Travel adaptor

Travel adaptors are required if you are traveling from Europe but not if you are coming from elsewhere in the US. Click here to shop universal travel adaptors.

FAQs About what to Wear in Palm Springs

What to wear to Coachella

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Coachella Camping Packing List / Coachella Camping Necessities and Essentials

April is a really popular time to visit Palm Springs due to the Coachella Festival just outside the city in Coachella Valley. If you are planning to head to Coachella check out our Coachella packing list for outfit inspiration and festival essentials.

What to wear to dinner in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is a pretty casual place though people do tend to dress. I recommend packing a mix of summer dresses, tighter fit dresses or just jeans and a nice top for dinner in Palm Springs paired with a wedge shoe. 

Have you been to Palm Springs? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments below!