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What to wear in Scotland in November

What to wear in Scotland in November

Wondering what to wear in Scotland in November? In this guide we will tell you everything you need to pack for Scotland in November for the weather, dress codes and more whether you are planning on visiting cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, or are going hiking in the countryside in the Highlands.

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Weather in Scotland in November

Scotland in November is still technically classified as Fall. Or autumn as we would say in Europe. However there is definitely a Wintery chill in the air. But what can you expect from the weather in Scotland in November?

In this guide we will give you a top level overview of Scottish weather. But if your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly:

And while this guide will talk about what to wear in Scotland generally in November, if you want more specific regional guidance be sure to check out the below seasonal and monthly specific posts: 

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How cold is Scotland in November?

Depending on where you are going in Scotland will obviously impact the temperatures you can expect. However generally speaking the average temperature range in Scotland in November range from 4-6°C / 39-43°F.

Therefore layers are going to be really important on your Scotland Fall packing list.

It is also worth noting that the later in November and the further north you go the colder it will be. Also if you plan on doing mountain hikes, the higher you go the cooler it will feel.

Does it rain a lot in November in Scotland?

Edinburgh castle after rain in Scotland in November
What to wear in Scotland in November

I always say that there is no such thing as a dry month in Scotland. However November is one of the rainier months to visit.

And it really depends on where in the country you visit as to how rainy you can expect it to be. But rather than a North/South divide it was an East/West one.

For instance you can expect 115mm of rainfall in the east and 75mm in the west. This means that Glasgow is rainier than Edinburgh for example.

Therefore good waterproof wear and a compact travel umbrella are definitely necessary no matter where you are visiting.

Does it snow in Scotland in November?

Depending on the region you are visiting will depend on how likely and how heavy snowfall will be. For instance the higher you are i.e in the more mountainaous regions such as the Highlands and the Cairngorms will get most snowfall.

However if you are in the cities you are unlikely to experience snow more than a fluttering.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

How do Locals Dress in Scotland In November

Anyone who has lived, worked or even visited Scotland will tell you that you always need to have layers with you. And one of those layers should be a waterproof one including some waterproof shoes.

What to Wear in Scotland in November 

Light dusting of snow over edinburgh castle in scotland in november
what to pack for Scotland in November

So now you know what to expect of the weather in Scotland in November we will turn our attention to what to wear. The guide is split out into men, women’s and shoes section to make for easier navigation.

Note: looking for tips on creating travel capsule wardrobes be sure to check out our packing techniques:

Best Shoes for Scotland in November

Scottish weather in November is notoriously changeable. It can go from sunny one minute to rainy the next, and snow can’t be ruled out either. Generally speaking for Scotland in November you will need:


Sneakers are a great shoe for Scotland no matter the season. They can cope with city terrains, hills and some of the less challenging hikes. 

However due to the weather in Scotland in November we do recommend packing sneakers that have some waterproofing or water resistance. One of our favorite brands of waterproof sneakers are Ecoo.

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Ankle Boots

Again due to the changeable weather we recommend having a leather boot with some waterproofing as well as a sneaker. Click here to shop ankle boots.

Note: Though it is worth noting that many restaurants in Scotland will allow you to wear sneakers. Check any higher end restaurants for dress codes, and if they have none you could consider using smarter sneakers for evenings too.

Hiking Boots (optional)

If you plan on sticking with the cities then you won’t need hiking boots. However if you are heading to the countryside and plan on doing some hiking in the highlands or near the lochs then hiking boots are an absolute must.

Also if you are planning on doing serious hikes in rainy weather then n you may also need to add gaiters to your packing list. As the weather gets Rainier, the trails get muddier so gaiters can become an essential.

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What to Wear in Scotland in November for women

Woman sat on rock overlooking edinburgh at sunset in November
what to wear in Scotland in November


Trousers are a great pick for Scotland in November as opposed to dresses and skirts. The reason is that they can cope with Scottish November weather such as wind and rain better especially if you plan on visiting more outdoor attractions.

I would recommend packing chinos and jeans as a better weight for November, especially the later in the month you travel.

But if you plan on going hiking in Scotland then I recommend you bring hiking trousers with you. Bringing a pair with some waterproofing and wind resistance is a good idea due to the weather conditions. 

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Micro Fiber Fleece

Also if you plan on doing day hikes or going for days out on the coast then a microfibre fleece is a good idea as it is very warm but also condenses down in backpacks easily.

For more information on not overpacking check out this post.

Skirts and dresses

Personally I find trousers more versatile for November during the daytimes. But I still like to dress for dinner. As the weather is so cold in Scotland at night I stick to wearing sweater dresses / jumper dresses.

Also I would never wear a dress out in Scotland without

Click here to shop Fall dresses for Scotland.

T Shirts

T Shirts are perfect everywhere in Scotland no matter the month of travel. As with jeans, the style is completely down to personal preference as you will see all sorts of t shirts on Scottish streets. 

For November I would recommend having a mix of long and short sleeve t shirts with you as the weather in November is quite changeable.

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A blouse works perfectly for base layer for smarter locales and dinners.

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Sweater / Hoodie  

As November progresses you will need more and thicker layers.

As Scotland is a relatively casual place hoodies and sweaters are perfect for daytimes in the city aswell as the countryside.

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Waterproof Coat

A waterproof warm coat is a good idea for Scotland. We recommend picking something that has a good wind resistance too if you are planning on doing some walks.

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Thicker socks good for hiking rather than sneaker socks are best for Scotland in November.

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Goes without saying. 


A pashmina is always on my European packing list whatever the month. It is useful as it can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler days. 

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PJs or Nightie

Goes without saying again.

What to pack for Scotland in November for Men

Our Scotland packing list for men in November tends to follow the same rules as for women in of essential items.

However more specifically we recommend packing the below items for men visiting Scotland in November. 


Chinos and jeans are perfect for Scotland in November as they are the perfect weight for the weather. 

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On top of this we also recommend hiking pants if you plan on doing outdoor activities.

T Shirts and Shirts

Llong sleeve t shirts are a better pick for November.

However for evenings I would recommend having a button down shirt with long sleeves.


As it can be cool in Scotland during November we recommend having a couple of weight layers with you. Usually for 1 week in Scotland in November we recommend a smart jumper, a casual hoodie and a jacket. 


For November a waterproof and wind resistant coat is definitely a necessity.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

What to Pack for Scotland in November

So now you know what to wear in Scotland in November, we will turn our attention to what to pack for Scotland in November other than clothing. 

FAQs about what to wear in Scotland in November

Do I need a coat for Scotland in November?

A coat is an absolute essential for November in Scotland. We recommend picking one that is both waterproof and wind resistant.

Do I need jeans for Scotland in November?

Jeans are a good pick for sightseeing in the cities in Scotland in November. However I don’t recommend them for hiking as they aren’t comfortable when wet.

Also jeans are acceptable in more restaurants, pubs and bars in most places.

Note: if you plan on visiting other parts of the UK as well be sure to check out our other British packing lists: 

Do you have any questions about what to wear Scotland in November? Drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.