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What to wear in Spain in March

What to wear in Spain in March

Want to know what to wear in Spain in March? March is the beginning of Spring in Spain, and you will find the locals transitioning from their winter to their Spring capsule wardrobes. If you want to dress like a local in Spain in Spring keep reading for outfit inspiration and dress code information.

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Weather in Spain in March

Peak season still hasn’t started in much of Spain in March, but is it because of the weather?

How Cold is Spain in March?

View of Caceres Spain old town at night in March with people in coats in the foreground
What to pack for Spain in March

It goes without saying that the beginning of the month is much cooler than the end of the month, but no matter when you go in March we recommend packing lots of light layers. The reason for this is that it can still for cool in Spain in March with the average highs and lows being around 17°C/62°F and 2°C/35°F.

For more specific local weather guidance check out our regional posts:

Does it Rain in Spain in March?

Rain is not that common in March in Spain, In fact there is only around 14mm of rain across the whole of the month. Therefore you shouldn’t be worrying about waterproof shoes and waterproof jackets if you are traveling in March.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

How do locals dress in Spain in March

You will find that in March most Spaniards are transitioning from their Winter capsule wardrobe into their Spring ones. However one of the things I love about Spain, especially in the cities is that you will see a variety of fashion styles on the street and isn’t as restricted say as Italy.

What to wear in Spain in March

So now you know about weather and local Spanish style we will turn our attention to what to wear in Spain in March. To make this packing list more navigable we have split this packing list into sections of shoes, women’s and men’s packing list item.

Best Shoes for Spain in March

No matter what time of year you visit Spain the number one shoe has to be:


Sneakers are great for sightseeing in Spain no matter the season. Just be sure to pick a pair that you are comfortable walking long distances in. My preference is for Hoka and AllBirds but you should pick that you find most comfortable.

On top of sneakers we recommend packing one more pair of shoes. Now depending on whether you are traveling in Early or Late March this should be either an ankle boot or a sandal.

What to Wear in Spain in March for Women

Woman in front of Murcia cathedral in Spain in March
What to wear in Spain in March

So now you know what to expect from the weather and the best shoes to wear, what should women wear in Spain in March?


You definitely won’t be needing a heaving weight winter coat for Spain in March, however a jacket is still necessary. Depending on the temperatures on your week of travel it could be anything from a puffer jacket for cold early March to denim jackets for warmer Marches.

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Trousers are a great pick for March. It is still cool enough for sightseeing in jeans, and unlike in Italy, you can wear whatever style you feel most comfortable in.

But on top of these I would also pack something like a black pant for going out to smarter restaurants.

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I don’t tend to sightsee in dresses in March, however I will often have at least one dress on my packing list for dinners etc. Given the temperatures in Spain in the evening I tend to stick with dresses with long sleeves such as a wrap dress which can be easily layered with a cardigan or sweater if there is a particular cold snap.

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I would pair a blouse with a cardigan for places with a dress code in Spain in Spring.

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A smart cardigan is a great top layer for dining in Spain. I tend to stick with merino wool and thin kit cardigans as they are easier to pack and easier to layer as opposed to thick knit tops.

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I would still keep a lightweight jumper on your packing list in Spring as another layering option should you get a bit of a cold snap.

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T Shirts

T Shirts are great for Spain no matter the time of year though you may still want a mix of long and short sleeves for the March temperatures.

And similar to with out fashion advice re jeans, you can pick whatever style t shirt you feel most comfortable in as you will everything on the streets of Barcelona, Madrid etc.

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A pashmina should be on your European Spring packing list no matter the month you are visiting. They are great for layering but also for making outfits more modest.

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PJs, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

What to wear in Spain in March for Men

So now you know what to pack for women in Spain in March, we will turn our attention to men’s travel essentials. We recommend packing:


Chinos or jeans are great for day and night in Spain in Spring.

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T Shirts and Shirts

T shirts are perfect for daytime sightseeing, though for March we recommend packing a mix of both long sleeve and short sleeve t shirts.

Also, if you plan on going to any high end eateries we recommend also having at last one button down shirt with you too!


As we said for women, in March you can ditch your thickest winter coat in favor of a warm jacket such as puffer jacket. And depending on your itinerary you may also want a nice blazer for dinners out.

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Layers are essential for Spain. For a week in Spain at this time of year we recommend packing a cardigan, a hoodie and a smart sweater.

What to Pack for Spain in March (non-clothing)

Woman in Spain with the back to her camera carrying a backpack
what to wear in Spain

So now you know the clothes to pack for Spain in March, the other essentials to include on your Spain packing list are:

How to dress in Spain in March for Special Events

There aren’t any big special events in Spain in March which have a special dress code.

Have you been to Spain in March? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments.