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What To Wear To The Acropolis Dress Code

What To Wear To The Acropolis Dress Code

Wondering what to wear to the Acropolis in Athens? In this guide we round up everything you should consider when putting your acropolis outfit together from is there is an Acropolis dress code, how to dress for the weather, the surfaces and the month you are traveling in.

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Is there an Acropolis Dress Code?

Woman at the Acropolis - What to Wear to the Acropolis dress code
What to Wear to the Acropolis dress code

The good news is that there is no official Acropolis dress code. The Acropolis is not a religious site so unlike religious sites it does not require a modest attire. 

Therefore the main thing to consider when planning what to wear to the Acropolis is more dependent on weather than dress codes. 

What to Wear to the Acropolis

Good Shoes 

The most important thing to wear to the acropolis is good shoes. And by good shoes I mean shoes that have some arch support and good grip. 

When I visit the acropolis I prefer to wear a sneaker instead of sandals or flip flops as I find sneakers better on the uneven surfaces and sometimes slippery floors.

My usual go to sneaker brands are 

  • Hoka,
  • Sketchers Go Walks or
  • All Birds

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However you should wear whatever brand you feel most comfortable in. But if you do buy shoes for your trip be sure to wear them in before you travel. 

In the Greek heat and walking uphill on uneven surfaces your feet are at risk of swelling and you don’t want to get blisters in new shoes. 

Natural Fabrics

If you are visiting the acropolis the biggest concern for what to wear should be regarding the heat. For this reason we recommend selecting natural fabrics such as:

for your acropolis wardrobe. We recommend these fabrics because these are the most breathable and will help reduce sweat. 

Man made fabrics should really be avoided if you are traveling and spending time outside in Greece in the summer (for more information check our our what to wear in Greece in July guides). 

What not to wear to The Acropolis

Flip Flops 

Flip Flops are a big no no at the Acropolis. This isn’t because of an Acropolis dress code but for health and safety. 

Flip flops offer no foot support or grip that you will be need to walk over the uneven surfaces and slippery marble that you will get at the Acropolis. 

Man Made Fabrics

Man Made Fabrics are not breathable and will make you sweat. If you are visiting the Acropolis in summer be sure to avoid any man made fabrics. 

What to wear to the Acropolis Monthly Guide

Woman at the Acropolis / What to wear at acropolis dress code
Woman at the Acropolis / What to wear at acropolis dress code

As I mentioned above, as there is no Acropolis dress code to speak of the biggest deciding factor for your Acropolis outfit will be the weather. 

What to wear to the Acropolis in Summer

Summer is obviously the hottest month in Greece. Summer in Greece is classified as June, July and August with August being the hottest month. 

If you are visiting Athens in Summer the temperatures can soar to 40°C/104°F. Therefore we recommend dressing for extreme heat. 

You can also help yourself by visiting the Acropolis early in the morning so the temperatures aren’t too stifling for walking around. 

If you are visiting the Acropolis in summer we therefore recommend wearing:

  • Summer Dresses or T Shirt and Shorts to keep cool
  • Sneakers to support your feet
  • Sun hat – to add sun protection to your face. 
  • Sunglasses with a UV factor to protect your eyes. The marble at the Acropolis can be dazzling. 

For men we recommend wearing shorts and t shirts or linen trousers and loose cotton shirts again to deal with the extreme temperatures. 

For more information on what to wear in Greece in Summer check out these posts:

What to Wear to the Acropolis in Winter

Winter in Greece is classified as December, January and February. Greece in Winter can be cold and it has even been known to snow in Athens in Winter on a rare occasion. 

The average temperatures are 5-8°C / 41-46°F so you will want to have some layers with you and shoes with good soles. It has been known to rain in Greece in winter and even snow so you will need to have shoes that will be able to provide grip on the marble in these conditions

At these temperatures you could even get away with wearing jeans or trousers to the Acropolis.

What to Wear to the Acropolis in Spring

Spring in Acropolis is March, April and May. The temperatures in Spring really do start to heat up and the average temperatures for this season are 19°C-20’s°C or 66-77°F.

Depending on the weather will depend on how lightweight you will want your outfit to be but we recommend loose trousers and long length blouses as the perfect attire for the Acropolis in Spring.

What to Wear to the Acropolis in Fall

The Acropolis in Fall will still be relatively warm. The average temperatures in September, October and November in Athens range from 18-23°C / 64-73°F.

You can wear what you would to the Acropolis in Spring however you may want to take a waterproof with you if you find there is rain forecast for your trip.

What to Wear to the Acropolis Museum

The acropolis is more than just the parthenon. There is also the Acropolis Museum which is absolutely a must when you are in Athens. The museum is air conditioned so you may want a pashmina or top layer with you if you feel the cold.

Otherwise you should wear here whatever you would wear to an Art gallery

Have you been to the Acropolis? What did you wear? We would love to find out in the comments