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Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code

Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code

Are you traveling to UAE to get some sun but wondering what the Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code is? In this guide we will tell you how to dress on the beaches in Abu Dhabi and what not to wear.

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Beaches in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code
Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code

Before we go into detail about the dress code on Abu Dhabi Beaches it is first worth differentiating the type of beaches there are in Abu Dhabi as this will effect what you can and can’t wear in Abu Dhabi. There are two types of beaches in Abu Dhabi which can be categorised as:

  • Public Beaches
  • Private Beaches

Now the differences between these is that hotel and resort and other private beaches have rules which are a lot looser than on their public beach counterparts. It is also worth noting too that the dress code in Abu Dhabi is stricter than the Dubai Beach Dress Code.

And if you are visiting other countries in the region be sure to check out our wondering what to wear in the Middle East post which offers a helpful country comparison.

Public Beaches Vs Private Beaches in Abu Dhabi

The difference between public beaches vs private beaches in Abu Dhabi is that the private beaches have a fee for admission.

These beaches are generally attached to hotels and resorts or to beach clubs in Abu Dhabi. Our favorite beach club happens to be the Saadiyat Island Beach Club. You will find that the dress code in these places is far more lenient than the public beach counterpart.

I always try to be conservative wherever I am in Abu Dhabi and this applies to my swimwear. Having said that however I would feel more comfortable in a bikini on a private beach whereas I prefer a one piece on the public beaches.

It is also worth saying that some of the public beaches are more conservative than others. Having lived in Abu Dhabi I would say that you can expect anything that has the designation “family beach” will be more conservative. For instance the Corniche Beach has the designation family beach and is one with a more conservative and stricter dress code.

Questions About What to Wear on Abu Dhabi Beaches?

One of the reasons that people have so many questions about what to wear on Abu Dhabi Beaches is because of Abu Dhabi being part of the UAE which is a conservative Islamic country. As such there are strict rules what to wear in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

What are Abu Dhabi Swimwear Rules?

On Abu Dhabi Beaches we have seen all of the below types of swimwear:

  • One Piece Bathing Suits
  • Bikinis
  • Burkhinis
  • Trunks

But in my personal opinion you should always opt for a more conservative swimsuit i.e. one piece for women and longer trunks for men as opposed to bikinis and speedos on the public beaches. At private beaches however the rules are more lax but I still prefer a more conservative outfit.

It is important to note that while it may be accepted on the beach it will not be accepted away from the beach.

Therefore it is very important that you have beach covers with you for if you want to walk around off the beach and to enter the beach restaurants and bars.

Also be sure to use changing rooms when changing out of your swimwear and don’t just change covering yourself with a towel in Abu Dhabi as this could be considered offensive. I would also never wear wet swimwear under my clothes when off the beach in Abu Dhabi .

It is also important to remember that whenever you leave the beach to either go for a boardwalk walk or to go into a restaurant or bar etc that you are appropriately dressed and are wearing shoes.

Another type of swimwear in Abu Dhabi I would avoid wearing would be any bathing suit in white. This is because they have a higher possibility of going slightly see through when wet which be highly offensive and potentially troublesome in Abu Dhabi.

Swimwear in Other Emirates (i.e. Dubai, Was Al Khaimah)

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates which is made up of seven Emirates. While it is the capital it is not the tourist centre or the least conservative by far. That goes to Dubai on both counts.

Out of all the Emirates, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah tends to be the most conservative and tourists may see signs regarding appropriate attire. Be sure you reflect this by dressing more modestly in these Emirates.

FAQs about Abu Dhabi Beach Dress Code

In this section we will answer specific questions about the Abu Dhabi Beach Code in relation to specific clothing items and rules regarding swimwear

Can you be nude on the beach in Abu Dhabi?

You absolutely can not be nude on the beach in Abu Dhabi or any of the Emirates for that matter. This would be against all UAE rules and could get you in serious trouble if you did this. Therefore make sure you never sunbathe nude on a beach in Abu Dhabi.

What happens if I am asked to cover up on a Abu Dhabi Beach?

If security or anyone asks you to cover more up while you are on an Abu Dhabi beach be sure to do so immediately and without argument.

Do you have any other questions about the Abu Dhabi Beaches Dress Code? If so leave us a comment and we will do our best to answer them.