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How to Pack a Safari Capsule Wardrobe

How to Pack a Safari Capsule Wardrobe

Are you wondering how to pack a safari capsule wardrobe? In this guide we round up the best color palette for a safari capsule and the pieces that you must include for the perfect Safari capsule wardrobe.

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Why Pack a Capsule Wardrobe for a Safari

We recommend packing a capsule wardrobe for whatever rip you are going on. Whether that be a river cruise capsule wardrobe or a European city break. However it is particularly important for a safari.

Why? Let me tell you

If you are going on a safari and using a light aircraft to get to one or more of your lodges you will have to adhere to a very strict weight limit and not overpack. Depending on your flight your luggage allowance can be as low as 15kg.

Also on safari you won’t need to have many evening outfits or clothes for many different situations other than outdoors therefore why bother packing extra things that you just won’t be needing.

While this safari capsule wardrobe is applicable for anywhere in AFrica, if you want a country specific packing list check out our dedicated guides:

How to Pack a Safari Capsule Wardrobe Tips

So now you know why you should pack a safari capsule wardrobe let me give you the tips for putting one together.

Color Palette

Best Colors to Wear on Safari
Best Colors to Wear on Safari

Now when we are usually putting together a capsule wardrobe one of the biggest decisions you have to pack is what color palette you want for your wardrobe. however this is not a problem when putting together you safari capsule wardrobe as there are definitely best and worst colors to wear on safari.

We have a complete guide to the best colors to wear on safari above but for purpose of packing a capsule wardrobe we advise sticking to the below colors:

  • Khaki
  • Brown 
  • Green
  • Tan
  • Beige

The reasons to stick to this color scheme are:

To Blend in with your surroundings

The point of being on safari is seeing the amazing wildlife and there are definitely clothes you should add to your safari packing list that will make this easier.

If you are wearing neon clothes you will definitely stand out from your bush surroundings and this will discourage animals from coming near you.

This is important no matter whether you are doing a safari by car, by boat but especially important if you are doing a walking safari.


It shouldn’t come as a shock that going on a safari isn’t a sterile experience. Chances are you will get dusty and dirty even doing a safari in a car but certainly if you are doing a walking safari. Therefore so the dirt doesn’t show up on photographs the above colors will be best.

Health and Safety

What not to wear on safari / what colors not to wear on safari
What not to wear on safari / what colors not to wear on safari

Mosquitos and insects are attracted to certain colors. You definitely do not want to attract these while on safari due to the illnesses they spread such as malaria and sleeping sickness. By choosing the above color palette you won’t be attracting these.

You could also the Using the 5 4 3 2 1 Packing Method.

Pieces to Include

Long Sleeve Tops

It is good to have a mix of these in both pull over and button down shirts or blouses types. I would mix a variety of the above color palette into your wardrobe so there is a bit of variety in your wardrobe.

Zippable hiking trousers

These zippable hiking trousers are the best type for those with limited laundry facilities on safari. I would recommend taking at least two pairs of these trousers with you to give you time to dry a pair if they get rained on or need washing.

Hiking Boots

In my opinion there is only one essential pair of shoes to take on a safari and that is hiking boots. Lodges don’t tend to be very formal places (unless stated on their website) so you won’t need heels or evening wear with you.

If you aren’t doing any walking safari or treks however you might be able to get away with walking shoes or hiking trainers instead.

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Hiking Socks 

There is nothing worse than getting a blister while out on a hike. Be sure to pack plenty of thick or cushioned hiking socks and make sure you have worn in your boots before you arrive for your gorilla trekking experience. 

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Light Weight Fleece

A light weight fleece that sticks to the above color palette is perfect for early starts on safari or for evenings in the lodge. And the bonus is this warm layer will not cost you much in luggage weight.

Long length PJs

Mosquitos are most active at night. Be sure to protect yourself from mosquitos by having length length (in both arms and legs) pyjamas as this will help prevent you being bitten. 


You will find most African Safari lodges have pools. There was nothing more refreshing than a post safari dip. Don’t miss out by forgetting your swimwear.


Goes without saying.

Accessories for a Safari Capsule Wardrobe

How to Pack a Safari Capsule Wardrobe
How to Pack a Safari Capsule Wardrobe

Although when I usually put together a capsule wardrobe I recommend limiting the amount of accessories that you take with you. However there are three safari accessories that I think are a must if you are doing any sort of trek or walk.

Wide Brimmed Hat

It is very important to protect yourself from the elements when on safari. One of the best ways of doing this is by wearing a wide brimmed safari hat that will protect you from both the sun and rain if it happens.


Depending when and where you are going on safari you may want to add gaiters to your safari packing list as they are best used in muddy or rainy conditions. This will help keep your trousers a bit cleaner but will also add an added layer of protection from things like thorns and nettles.

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Gardening Gloves

For those that are doing treks such as gorilla treks or chimp trekking on their safari it is a good idea to bring a thick pair of gloves with you to protect you from thorns and nettles.

We looked at many different types of gloves when we went trekking but we found that gardening gloves ticked the most boxes.

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Things to Add to your capsule wardrobe (weather and season dependent)

Now the below are things that I wouldn’t say are essential for every safari but depending on where and when you are traveling you may need to pack the below:

Poncho or waterproof

If you are traveling during the rainy season this is definitely an essential. And don’t forget to either pack a waterproof backpack or have a waterproof coating for your bag too.

What else would you add to this safari capsule wardrobe?