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What to Wear in Rome in March

What to Wear in Rome in March

Visiting the Eternal City and wondering what to wear in Rome in March? In this guide we cover what to pack for Rome in March alongside the Rome March weather to make sure you have a trip to remember.

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Weather in Rome in March

Rome in March is classified as Spring. As such you can expect traditional European Spring weather with changeable conditions throughout your trip trip to Italy at this time.

As a general rule of thumb, the weather in Rome in March improves as the month progresses.

Note: It is worth being aware that the weather between the months in Rome changes quite dramatically. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

How hot is Rome in March? Is it cold in Rome in March?

March in Rome is a shoulder season which is one of my favourite times to visit the Eternal City. And one of the best things about visiting Rome in the shoulder season is that you don’t get the extremes of temperatures as you do in Summer Winter.

The average high temperature in March tends to be around 17C and the low around 6C. This means the weather in Rome in March is perfect for those who want to sightsee however I would also recommend adding some layers to your packing list as it get feel chilly when eating dinner in Italy and on some cooler days.

Does it rain a lot in March in Rome?

Rome in March is not the wettest month of the year by a long way. If you are visiting Rome in March you can expect to get only about 7 days of rain in the month.

What to Wear in Rome in March

Vatican Dress Code - can you wear jeans to the Vatican
Vatican Dress Code – can you wear jeans to the Vatican

Note: While this Rome in March packing list covers the city of Rome what it does not cover is the Vatican City. That is because the Vatican Dress code is very specific and also strict, as is the dress code in Italian churches so be sure to check out our dedicated posts.

Also if you are worried about what to wear to other tourist attractions in then be sure to check out our related Rome guides:

Best Shoes for Rome in March


I have repeatedly read online that you can’t wear sneakers in Italy. However I do not think this is true and to be honest sneakers are actually my go to shoes for Rome in March. In fact no matter what time of year I visit Rome I will usually pack a sneaker. This is because there is a lot of walking involved in any vacation to Rome and on top of that you will find the streets to be uneven and cobbled so you need to have a good pair of shoes with you.

Personally, I recommend shoes like Sketchers Go Walks or All Birds for walking in Rome. If you buy shoes especially for this trip then be sure to wear them in before you go as there is nothing worse than getting a blister during your vacation.

Sandal / Boots

It is difficult to know whether you will need a sandal or pair of boots for a trip to Italy in March. The reason being that March as we mentioned is a shoulder season so it depends on the year as to what type of shoe will be more appropriate.

If you are getting a warm March I would recommend a nice smart pair of sandals which can be used when you go out for dinner in Italy. However if you are going earlier in the month or during a colder March an ankle boot or closed toe shoe may be more appropriate.


As well as the rumour about not being able to wear sneakers in Rome, some people also believe that jeans will also make you look like a tourist in Rome. However I do not think this is the case, certainly in March.

I would however recommend you select a pair of jeans that are more fitted and are in a darker colour as Italians don’t usually wear pairs of loose baggy jeans. Form fitting pairs of jeans are definitely more in keeping with he local style.

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I would also add to your packing list a pair of smart casual trousers such as Chinos for evenings.

Longer length skirts

I would put short skirts on the what not to wear in Rome list but Midi or Maxi skirts are a great choice for Rome especially if you are looking for a day to night transition look.

However if you want to wear a skirt in Rome be sure there don’t have a slit or anything that shows the knee if you plan visiting Italian churches.


A blouse works for the cooler days and nights. Italians are a stylish bunch especially for dinner so a nice blouse is the perfect Italian Spring Packing List addition.

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T Shirt

Depending on when in March you are visiting we recommend using a t shirt either as a base layer or as your top. If you are visiting in March then you will definitely want a mixture of both long and short sleeve t shirts with you so you are prepared whatever the weather.

I also recommend sticking to plain and dark colours instead of t shirts that have a graphic or text and that are in neon colors as this will make you look like a tourist in Rome.

Cardigan or Jumper

Although the weather in Rome in March is perfect for sightseeing you may get chilly in the evenings or on some cooler days so taking a couple of cardigans and a jumper is a good shout.

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While March has relatively good weather it is worthwhile packing a jacket for Rome in Spring. Out preferred type of jacket for spring in Italy is a blazer as again this can be used during the day and for a smart casual look at night.


I never travel anywhere without my trusty pashmina. A pashmina for Rome can act as a scarf or lovely accessory or as an added layer if you et chilly.

It is also great if you ar going somewhere that requires slightly more modest attire.


Fleece or flannel pjs for Rome in March aren’t necessary but a pair of mid weight pjs will be perfect for this time of year.

Waterproof Jacket

It surprises a lot of people but the truth is that you can get a rainy day in Rome in Rome so be sure to have a lightweight waterproof jacket with you so you can carry on sightseeing in the rain.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying

What to pack for Rome in March for Men


Italians are stylish and this goes for the men too so I recommend packing the following trouser wise:

  • a couple of Pairs of smarter jeans and
  • chinos

Again as with the packing list for women in Rome we recommend sticking to jeans that are of a smarter more fitted variety to help you look less like a tourist in Rome. I personally wouldn’t pack shorts for Rome in March but if it is hot and you like to wear them then pack away but just pick a more tailored pair.

T Shirts and Shirts

During the day t shirts are great. Again I would recommend avoiding anything with a graphic or slogan or in overly loud colors. And as with the women’s packing list we recommend having a mix of long and short sleeve t shirts with you.

You should also pack at least one button down shirt with you for Rome in March especially for going out to nicer restaurants. The Rome dress code at night tends to be more smart casual so a button down shirt or polo shirt for evenings is a good pick.


As with the female packing list a blazer is a perfect to a men’s Spring Packing List for Rome as it is perfect attire for restaurants and will double up as an extra layer for those cooler spring days.

Waterproof Jacket

Rome In March can be rainy (thought usually light showers not heavy downpours) so be sure to have a waterproof jacket.


Smarter sneakers are great for long days of walking around the Eternal city.

Smarter Shoes

A smarter pair of shoes or boogts with a good sole will be perfect for evenings out in Rome in March. Just try and pack a waterproof pair and leave the suede at home in case you get caught in a shower.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

What Else to Pack for Rome in March

  • Umbrella
  • Small Umbrella
  • Crossbody bag
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger

How to Dress for Special Events in Rome in March

There are several special events in Rome in March. They are:

  • International Women’s Day where women will enter CIVC museums free on this day
  • Feast Day of Saint Frances of Rome – March 9th. The Tor De Specci Monastery is only open one day a year and it is on this day so worth adding to your Rome itinerary if you are there during this time but be sure to dress modestly and follow the rules as you would for visiting the Vatican or an Italian church.
  •  La Festa di San Giuseppe (Fathers Day) – 19th March – you will find many of the restaurants busy and smart casual dress code in restaurants at lunch.
  • St Josephs Day – also March 19th – Vatican Museums are closed on this day.

FAQs about March Rome Packing List

Vatican Dress Code
Vatican Dress Code

What do people wear in Rome in March?

People in Rome in March know that layers are your best friend. March is a shoulder season and a transition month so you can have warm days and chiller ones. Layers will mean you are ready for whatever Rome has to throw at you weather wise.