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Moulin Rouge Dress Code Explained (with examples)

Moulin Rouge Dress Code Explained (with examples)

Have you got tickets to Paris’ most famous windmill but and wondering about the Moulin Rouge Dress Code? In this guide we explain all the Moulin Rouge Dress Code rules and give examples of what to wear to the Moulin Rouge with real life examples of the best Moulin Rouge outfits whatever season you are traveling to Paris.

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Moulin Rouge Dress Code Rules

There is definitely a Moulin Rouge Dress Code. This dress code applies to those that are attending the Moulin Rouge dinner and show and for those who are attending the show only.

The Moulin Rouge dress code is defined as smart casual. As such there are a few things that are banned from been worn into the performances.

The items on the what not to wear to Moulin Rouge are:

  • Any shorts which definitely includes Bermuda shorts
  • Flip Flops
  • Sports Wear
  • Sports Shoes which includes even smart sneakers.

It is a similar dress code to what to wear to dinner in Paris at the more high end establishments. Remember also that tickets are best bought in advance for the Moulin Rouge. For ticket options and prices click here.

Note: This post re the dress code at the Moulin Rouge is for the original Moulin Rouge show in Paris not the Broadway / West End theatre show based on the movie by Bay Luhrman. If you are wondering what to wear to this and what to wear to the West End Theatre / Broadway shows more generally please see the below posts.

What should I wear to the Moulin Rouge? Best Moulin Rouge Outfits

Best Moulin Rouge Outfits for Women

A Little Black Dress

I’ve spoken before about how common it is to see locals in Paris wearing black and other dark and nude colors. If you are going to the Moulin Rouge you really can’t go wrong with a little black dress.

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A Red Dress

Although if you want something brighter than a little black dress, the color most commonly associated with the Moulin Rouge is red. Why not go for a red evening gown instead

Note: You can pick other colors of course but red is in the title of the place so you are bound to see it a lot in Moulin Rouge outfits.

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Although I normally recommend leaving the heels at home for Paris, at the Moulin Rouge heels are worn a lot. Add these to your Paris Packing list if you are visiting the Moulin Rouge.


If you are visiting the Moulin Rouge in winter or even Paris in October having a pashmina as an extra layer is a good idea.

Smart Coat

For winter at the Moulin Rouge you will want to have a smart coat with you. I prefer a dark wool one. These can be left at the cloakroom so you don’t have to have it with you all night.


Although Parisians can be more subdued in their dress sense, this is not the case for the Moulin Rouge. If you love sequins be sure to pack some for the Moulin Rouge.

What to Wear to Moulin Rouge for Men


Although jeans are acceptable at the Moulin Rouge, most people will be smarter. A Suit is perfect for Men attending a Moulin Rouge show.


Again I think it is impossible to be overdressed for the Moulin Rouge so if you want to wear a Tux go ahead.

Velvet jackets are very on trend at the minute and would be a perfect Moulin Rouge outfit.

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Chinos and Blazer

Chinos and blazers are great if you don’t want to be formal but sticks well to the smart casual dress code.


Ties are not compulsory at the Moulin Rouge but many men will wear a tie to the Moulin Rouge.

FAQs About the Moulin Rouge Dress Code

Is Moulin Rouge Dress Code strict?

Yes the Moulin Rouge Dress code is absolutely strict. They can turn people away who do not meet their dress code requirements.

And even though jeans are not on the what not to wear to the Moulin Rouge dress code list you really don’t see many people wearing them as most prefer to go to the smarter end of the smart casual dress code.

Do People Dress Up for Moulin Rouge show?

The answer to do people dress up for Moulin Rouge show is yes they do! Although the dress code at the Moulin Rouge is smart casual you will find that people do go for more formal evening wear attire for a night at the moulin rouge.

Whereas formal and evening wear is usually on my what not to wear in Paris list I think it is impossible to feel overdressed for the Moulin Rouge.

Can I wear jeans to the Moulin Rouge?

Although the Moulin Rouge has a strict smart casual dress code jeans are actually allowed to be worn at the Moulin Rouge.

Having said that however jeans are not the most frequently see item at the Moulin Rouge as most people like to dress more elegantly when attending the Moulin Rouge.

Can I wear Shorts to the Moulin Rouge?

No you can not wear shorts to the Moulin Rouge. Bermuda shorts and even tailored chino shorts are not allowed to be worn to the Moulin Rouge.

Can I wear sneakers to Moulin Rouge?

No sneakers are not allowed to be worn at the Moulin Rouge. Shoes for the Moulin Rouge shouldn’t be sneakers or flip flops and should be the smarter variety.

What not to bring to the Moulin Rouge

Although the Moulin Rouge has a cloakroom you are not permitted to bring the following to the Moulin Rouge

  • Backpacks
  • Suitvases
  • Big luggage

Have you been to the Moulin Rouge? What did you wear to the Moulin Rouge? We love you to tell us about your Moulin Rouge outfit in the comments.