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Royal Albert Hall Dress Code Explained

Royal Albert Hall Dress Code Explained

The Royal Albert Hall is one of London’s best concert hall but is there a Royal Albert Hall dress code? In this guide we explain all the dress code rules and give examples of what to wear to the Royal Albert Hall with real life examples of outfits whatever season you are traveling to London.

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Royal Albert Hall Dress Code Rules

Side view of Royal albert hall and the albert memorial
Royal Albert Hall Dress Code

It surprises many people when they find out that there actually isn’t a set Royal Albert Hall dress code.

And by this I mean that the venue itself does not have a year round dress code. However there are definitely some shows and concerts which do have a dress code.

In this guide I will explain the shows which do have dress codes and give you some outfit inspiration for them as well as telling you what to wear to the Royal Albert Hall more generally.

How to Find Out if a Royal Albert Hall concert has a dress code?

The best place to find out if the Royal Albert Hall has a dress code is the venue website. This will normally state whether or not there is a specific dress code and what you should wear.

What Royal Albert Hall Shows have a dress code?

ROyal Albert Hall with flags for the Last NIght of the Proms
What to wear to the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall

Perhaps the most well known event at the Royal Albert Hall is the Proms. In particular the Last Night of the Proms.

Many people believe mistakenly that there is a dress code for this event. However there is not an enforced dress code. Although many people will choose to wear a silly hat or some fancy dress accessory.

Just be sure if you do pick a hat, that it does not obstruct other concert-goers views.

It is also worth noting that many people also have some Union Jack accessories. For example a union jack waistcoat. It is quite a patriotic event so having some with a Union Jack Flag is appropriate.

However you will find that some people do like to dress to impress for the Proms.

But just because the Proms doesn’t have a dress code doesn’t mean other shows don’t. For instance the Metropolis Music presents Robbie Williams in November 2022 had a black tie dress code but this is more of an outlier event than the norm at the Royal Albert Hall.

What should I wear to the Royal Albert Hall? Best Royal Albert Hall Outfits

Best Royal Albert Hall Outfits for Women

A Little Black Dress

For events like the proms you can not go wrong with the classic black dress.

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Low Heels

There are lots of stairs in the Royal Albert Hall, and unless you are getting a taxi to the venue you are likely to have a long walk from the Underground station (the closest is South Kensington).


If you are visiting in the winter or a shoulder season having a pashmina as an extra layer is a good idea.

Smart Coat

For winter you will want to have a smart coat with you. I prefer a dark wool one. These can be left at the cloakroom so you don’t have to have it with you all night.

Trousers and Blouse

You really don’t need to feel like you have to wear a dress for visiting the Royal Albert Hall. Personally I like to be slightly dressier than jeans and a tee so opt for trousers and a blouse instead.

What to Wear to the Royal Albert Hall for Men


Suits are not necessary for the Royal Albert Hall. But feel free to wear when if you like it.

Chinos and Blazer

Chinos and blazers are great if you don’t want to be formal but look smart


Ties really aren’t required for the Royal Albert Hall unless the dress code explicitly states it.

FAQs About what to wear to the Royal Albert Hall

View up of Royal Albert Hall
Royal ALbert Hall Dress code

Is the Royal Albert Hall Dress Code strict?

No the Royal Albert Hall is not strict in regards to dress codes. Because there really isn’t one.

So unless you have a particular event that states it, you really don’t need to worry about your outfit.

And even though jeans are not on the what not to wear to the Royal Albert Hall list you really don’t see many people wearing them as most prefer to go to the smarter end of the smart casual dress code.

Do People Dress Up for the Royal Albert Hall?

The answer to do people dress up for a show at the Royal Albert Halls how is it depends on the person and the show.

The Last Night of the Proms often sees people getting more dressed up and include some fancy dress elements such as Union Jack suits. However do not feel you have to dress up unless an event stipulates you have to.

Have questions about what to wear to other London theater shows? Check out this post.

Can I wear jeans to the Royal Albert Hall?

For most events at the Royal Albert Hall jeans are fine to wear.

Can I wear sneakers to the Royal Albert Hall?

I haven’t found evidence to say you can’t wear sneakers to the Royal Albert Hall but personally I prefer a smarter shoe like a sandal or ankle boot. Just be sure whatever footwear you wear you can cope with stairs.

Have you been to the Royal Albert Hall? What did you wear to the Royal Albert Hall? We love you to tell us about your Royal Albert Hall outfit in the comments.