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What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico

What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico

Are you worrying about what to pack for an all inclusive resort in Mexico? In this packing list for Mexico resorts guide we round everything you will need from what to wear to an all inclusive resort in Mexico on the beach, in the restaurants along with non clothing items you will need for your trip.

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This Mexico all inclusive resort packing list is a good general overview. However, we also have lists for some other destinations in Mexico as there are some differences between places i.e. some places are more considered with fashion than comfort than other places. I’m looking at you Tulum packing list. Click on the posts below for more information.

Mexico All Inclusive Resort Dress Code

What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico
What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico

The dress code for all inclusive resorts in Mexico is relatively laid back. The heat and humidity and the expectation that most people have come to the resort to spend their days relaxing by the pool and the beach.

As such the expectation is that the dress code at Mexico all inclusive resorts are casual to smart casual at most. It really depends on the resort but if your resort has some fancier or more high end restaurants or even a club, then you will be expected to have some more smart casual clothes and shoes with you.

This casual to smart casual dress code is reflected in this Mexico all inclusive packing list below.

How the weather affects your Packing list for Mexico resorts

The great thing about Mexico is that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate wildly. This means that whatever month you are traveling, your packing list for Mexico resorts doesn’t have to change dramatically.

However there are months when the humidity is higher and there is more of a chance of rain. If you are traveling in these months you may want to add toiletries to combat hair frizz and some layers and something for the rain if you are traveling during the wet season.

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What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico for women


The number one thing you want on your Mexico all inclusive packing list has to be swimwear and lots of it. The purpose, in my opinion of going to an all inclusive resort in Mexico is to lounge around the pool and sit on the beach relaxing.

Therefore the main thing you need is swimwear. There is no Mexico all inclusive dress code that stipulates that you wear a one piece or a bikini so just choose whatever you feel most comfortable in.

If you are worried about tan lines when you get home you will want to make sure you rotate your swimwear and pick items with different silhouettes to get a more even tan.

As swimwear is so small and easy to pack even if you are trying to travel to Mexico with carry on only I recommend you packing several. If you have room why not pick a different swimsuit for each day?

Top Tip for packing for Mexico all inclusive: No one wants to lose their luggage but unfortunately it is a fact of life. It unfortunately happened to us when we were traveling to Uganda which made life pretty difficult.

After this I have learnt to always pack some of the most important items in my carry on. For Mexico this means packing at least one swimsuit in your carry on bag.

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Beach Cover

As you are travelling to a Mexico all inclusive chances are you will be spending most of your time on the beach or next to the pool. But there are times when you might want to nip to the bar or to one of the on-site restaurants.

In these instances you won’t be allowed to wear just swimwear therefore make sure you have a beach cover or three with you.

My personal favorite beach covers are the over the head ones as they cover the swimwear more fully however the kimono types are also very handy as they are quickest to get on and off.

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Rash Vest

If you decide to go snorkelling or on a water sports related excursion from your Mexico all inclusive I recommend packing a rash vest.

They are great for protecting you from the sun and coral.


Although you may want to spend a lot of time in the sun and come back with a tan it is important to keep safe sun practises. Part of my safe sun routine is ensuring I always have a hat with me in the sun.

My preference for hats for on the beach in Mexico are the straw hat type. However if this isn’t your style don’t worry.

Mexico all inclusive are pretty casual places especially during the day so if a baseball cap is more your style be sure to pack it.

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When you are on the beach and moving around the resort my favorite thing to wear, aside from a beach cover are shorts.

When I am on the beach I like to have quick dry shorts in case they get wear but I also like to have a more fashion short with me such as these denim ones.

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For dining in the evening, particular if you are planning to eat at your resorts more high end restaurants I recommend taking a dress or two with you.

Now this dress doesn’t have to be formal and for me the ultimate resort wear evening dress is the maxi dress. It is cool in the heat but can be made dressy with a pashmina and some jewellery.

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Wherever I travel my number one travel accessory is the pashmina. They can be an added extra layer if you get cold and really help to dress up an outfit in the evenings. I would never travel to a Mexico all inclusive without bringing my trusty pashmina with me.

I might also bring a sweater depending on what month of the year you are visiting Mexico and are worried about the evenings being a little chilly.

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Light weight Pyjamas or Nightdress

All the rooms in a Mexico all inclusive resort will be air conditioned you will be wanting to bring light weight pyjamas or nightdress with you for use in the room.

And if you were chilly ever your room is likely to have a robe in it.

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Comfy Trousers

My favorite thing to travel in is of course comfy loose trousers and the great thing about these is once you are done with them on the plane they are definitely suitable for use around the resort.

Flip Flops / Sandals

I am not a huge fan of flip flops for vacations where you are planning to do a lot of walking. However they should definitely be on your Mexico all inclusive packing list for the days you are hanging around at the pool and on the beach.

In fact they may be one of the best shoes for Mexico in my opinion for those that aren’t planning to leave the resort much.

If you don’t like flip flips, you could opt for a sandal instead which could double up in the evenings.

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Wedges are my number one favourite thing to wear at a Mexico all inclusive at night. They are more comfy than heels but will do lots in dressing up casual dresses to help transition them to evening wear.

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Work out clothes

Now when I go on holiday to an all-inclusive the last thing on my mind is working out. However, I know that many people who want to over indulge while on vacation at an all inclusive also want to stay fit and healthy.

If this is you then be sure to remember to pack your workout clothes with you. While the gyms at an all inclusive are going to be air conditioned it is worth making sure your work out clothes are suitable for sunnier places.

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Goes without saying

What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico for men

Often when I read these sort of Mexico all inclusive packing lists they often concentrate on the women alone. However, in this section we will turn our attention to what to pack for an all inclusive vacation to Mexico for men.


As I mentioned in the female Mexico packing list, swimwear is the number one most important thing to pack for an all inclusive vacation in Mexico. This is exactly the same for men.

You will be spending most time at an all inclusive vacation on the beach or round the pool so make sure that you take at least a couple of pairs of trunks with you.

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T Shirt

As swimwear may not be allowed in some restaurants and bars at your all inclusive be sure to take plenty of t shirts with you for use on the beach.


For when you are not at the beach, I recommend taking some nice tailored shorts with you. These transition perfectly from day to night wear and usually can be used in most resort restaurants.

Short Sleeve Shirt

While t shirts will be suitable at most resort restaurants, I would recommend taking at least one short sleeved shirt with you, or maybe even a polo shirt.

If you have a very high end restaurant at your resort you will want to have a more smart casual than casual attire which this will fit the bill for.

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While shorts are accepted at most restaurants on a resort in Mexico there are some that require a more smart casual dress code. A nice pair of tailored chinos would be perfect as you won’t be too hot but you will also look smart.

Sandals / Flip Flops

For around the pool and on the beach men will want to have a pair of flip flops or sandals with them.

Smarter Shoes

Again, for the smart casual restaurant you will want smarter shoes than flip flops. My husband loves these sanuks for Mexico resorts in the evening.

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Lightweight Pyjamas

If you like to wear pjs, then you will want them to be a lightweight pair instead of a heavy flannel type pair.

Work out clothes

Again, if you want to work out at your all inclusive, and there will be a gym somewhere on the grounds be sure to remember to bring your gym clothes with.


For sun safety men should be sure to bring a hat with them for their all inclusive vacation. As Mexico resorts are quite casual during the day a baseball cap is absolutely fine.


Goes without saying

What to Pack for an All Inclusive resort in Mexico for families


Like with adults, children traveling to Mexico will spend most of their time in swimwear. Again, I recommend packing several costumes with you for each day of the vacation.

My preference for children’s swimwear in Mexico is for the long sleeved variety as they are better for sun safety.

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You may have thought about sun hats for out of the water but I would recommend adding a hat that can be worn into the pool too to protect their heads while swimming.

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Rash Vest

If you have swimwear that doesn’t have long sleeves you might want to consider adding a rash vest to your Mexico family packing list. Rash vests will provide extra sun protection and are also great for protecting your little ones skin if you decide to go snorkelling.

Sun Hats

When they are not in the pool you will want them to have a sun hat on.

Breathable fabrics

Children can’t regulate their temperature as well as adults so be sure that any clothes you bring for them are made of breathable rather than man made fabrics. Cottons and linens are perfect for the heat.


Crocs I know are a love them or hate them item. However for use on the beach and round the pool Crocs are perfect for kids. They also have better arch support for children’s feet than say flip flops.

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What to pack for Mexico Resort Excursion

Now if all your are planning to do on your Mexico vacation is relax on the Beach and around the pool then the above list should have you covered. However if you are planning to some excursions or water sports you may also want to add to your list

Snorkel gear

Although there are plenty of places to rent snorkel gear at a Mexico all inclusive resort it will be a cost saving to you to bring your own in the long run.

Depending on your preference you can either have a face mask or traditional type of snorkel.

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Water shoes

If you are planning to do water sports like snorkelling in Mexico then I would recommend bringing some water shoes with you. They protect your feet from sharp rocks and other dangers in the water.

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Good walking shoes

If you are heading to a Tulum all inclusive resort you may be thinking about going on an excursion to explore Mayan ruins. If you are then you will want a good pair of walking shoes or sandals that have good grip with you for walking on the uneven surfaces.

What to bring to an all inclusive in Mexico – non clothing

Phone Charger

An obvious one these days but it is one of those things that people do tend to forget frequently.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Whenever I am traveling somewhere where I am going to be doing a lot of water activities such as at a waterpark or beach I always take with me my trusty waterproof phone pouch for added protection.

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Travel adaptor

Depending where you are coming from and where your resort is you may need a travel adaptor.


Now if you have kids who aren’t using the kids club you can probably leave this one at home, however if not be sure to pack books or a kindle with you so you can read and relax on the beach.

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I hate airplane headphones they never work and hurt my ears so I always pack my own.


If your hair goes big in humidity then you might want to also bring some anti frizz products even if you don’t use these on a day to day basis at home.

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Have you been to an all inclusive resort in Mexico? What would you add to this Mexico packing list -let us know in the comments.