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What to wear to Disneyland Paris in October

What to wear to Disneyland Paris in October

Heading to the park and wondering what to wear to Disneyland Paris in October? In this guide we cover what to wear to Disneyland Paris at Halloween and how to dress for the Paris in October weather as well covering the Disneyland Paris dress code.

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Disneyland Paris in October weather

When you are considering what to wear to Disneyland Paris in October the number one thing that will affect your Disneyland Paris Outfit is of course the weather. 

In Disneyland Paris the average temperature in October is around 12°C. However it has been known particularly in the early part of the month to get up to 16°C in the middle of the day.

In the evenings and overnight however the temperatures can drop to as low as 8°C. As there are lots of night-time activities at Disneyland Paris in October, you will therefore need to dress for the evening drop in temperatures.

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Does it rain at Disneyland Paris in October?

The answer to does it rain at Disneyland Paris in October is yes it does! There is rain at Disneyland Paris whatever season you visit. October usually gets around 50mm of rain in the month of October so you will need to pack for rain.

What to Wear to Disneyland Paris in October

Now we have discussed the weather in October at Disneyland Paris, we will turn our attention on what to wear to Disneyland Paris in October


Jeans are my top pick for what to wear to Disneyland Paris in October. When I recommend what to wear at Disney World in October or even what to wear to Disneyland in October, I always leave jeans off the list. That is because the weather is too hot and there are lots of water rides.

However at Disneyland Paris there are no water rides and the weather is cold therefore having a pair of jeans will be perfect for the weather.

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T Shirt

The biggest things for any Disneyland Paris Packing List for October should be layers layers and more layers!

I recommend the base layer of being a t shirt, that could be long or short sleeved. I would say the earlier in the month of October you visit Disneyland Paris the more likely you should have short sleeved t shirts. As the month moves on I recommend going for picking a long sleeved one.

While costumes are on the what not to wear to Disneyland Paris list, you can wear themed t shirts. My personal favourite t shirt for Disneyland Paris in October is a halloween themed one either having a Mickey pumpkin shirt, a Nightmare before Christmas t shirt or even a Hocus Pocus T Shirt.

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As I mentioned layers are key to any Disneyland Paris packing list. I recommend picking a hoodie to have as your top layer.

If you can find a Disney one then that’s great, but any hoodie will do.

Sneakers / Trainers

As with any day at any Disney park around the world there is a lot of walking. I recommend packing as your main best shoe for Disneyland Paris a sneaker or trainer.

Sneakers are best for your feet for a long day of walking and you don’t need to worry about them getting wet on water rides as there are no wet rides at Disneyland Paris.


However if you are experiencing a rainy day then I recommend leaving the sneakers behind in favour of a flat pair of waterproof boots.

I like a pair of ankle boots with a good sole that doesn’t slip for when I am walking around the parks in the rain.


As the month of October moves on, the weather gets colder. As such you will need a coat and I would recommend making it thicker as the month goes on.

Waterproof Coat

Although not every day is very rainy at Disneyland Paris in October there are plenty of days where you will experience rain. Therefore I recommend having a waterproof layer with you.

If you don’t have one with you you can purchase a poncho in the parks but you will pay a premium fort this. If you don’t have a waterproof coat to bring with you then we recommend bringing a poncho from home just in case. There are plenty available for good prices online.

Costumes for Kids

For my children a big part of the Disneyland Paris experience is dressing up to meet their favorite characters. While you can purchase these at the parks again they will cost more.

We therefore you recommend you bringing these from home to save money.

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Please note: it is against the Disneyland Paris dress code rules for adults and teenagers to wear costumes except for at special events. An exception to this is the Halloween parties (though not during the daytime). Please see below for more info.

What to Wear to Disneyland Paris at Halloween

Any discussion on a Disneyland Paris in October Packing List has to of course include Halloween. Halloween at Disneyland Paris runs from September throughout October and has its own special Disneyland Paris dress code.

Disneyland Paris at Halloween means special events and new character meet and greets. The villains will be out in force as will Jack Skellington.

I love to theme my Disneyland Paris outfits to characters I may meet and therefore in October I look towards the villains. I like to add a Disneyland Villain t shirt to my Packing list for Disneyland Paris in October or even do a Disney villain Disneybound – click here for information on how to put together a Cruella Disneybound).

While a big no no on the what not to wear to Disneyland Paris list is costumes for adults, the exception is during the Halloween evening parties (Which are a separate ticketed event to other Disneyland Paris entry tickets). Here you as an adult can wear costumes (within the rules).

Therefore if you are attending one of these Halloween Parties At Disneyland Paris be sure to pack a costume.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris in October? Or have you attended one of the Disneyland Paris Halloween parties – we’d love to hear what you wore so do leave us a comment below