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What to Wear in Amsterdam in April

What to Wear in Amsterdam in April

Wondering what to wear in Amsterdam in April? In this guide we round up what to pack for Amsterdam in April for every occasion for men women and children. We even include a great Amsterdam in April packing list to be sure you miss nothing from your suitcase. 

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Weather in Amsterdam in April

What to wear in Amsterdam in April / Amsterdam Spring Packing List

The main factor when packing wherever you are going in whatever month is of course the weather. In this section we round up the top things you need to know about the weather in Amsterdam in April to make sure you have the right clothes with you. 

What is the temperature in Amsterdam in April

So what is the temperature in Amsterdam in April? The truth is April is a relatively mild month in Amsterdam, but it is not unknown to get warm in Amsterdam in April which can make it tricky to know what to pack for Amsterdam in April. 

The average temperature for April in Amsterdam is usually between aa minimum 6 degrees Celsius or  43 Fahrenheit and max 13 degrees Celsius / around 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does it rain a lot in Amsterdam in April?

When we lived in Amsterdam I was really surprised that Amsterdam in April is actually one of the least rainy months of the year. 

On average there are only around 12 days of rain a year in April and it doesn’t tend to be too heavy. So in answer to does it rain a lot in Amsterdam in April I would say not as a much as other months. 

But as an ex-Amsterdam resident I would advise that you never visit Amsterdam without a rain jacket or umbrella because you never know when rain will fall. 

The lack of large periods of rainfall also means that April in Amsterdam is also one of the least humid months of the year. 

Note: the weather between months changes quite dramatically and there are always special events in Amsterdam in certain months. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides.

What do people wear in Amsterdam 

if you want to look like a local in Amsterdam then you need to know what do people wear in Amsterdam on a day to day basis.

I would definte the Dutch style as:

  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Casual

Given the amount of cycling the Dutch do everything they wear tends to be defined by practicality and being casual. But that being said do not misinterpret that as unstylish. The Dutch are very stylish in a laid back casual way. 

What to wear in Amsterdam in April

Now you know what the temperatures and likely weather conditions are likely to be for your visit to Amsterdam in April we can now turn our attention to what to wear in Amsterdam in April.

Comfortable Ankle Boots

As the weather in Amsterdam can still be changeable in April we recommend having a sturdier pair of shoes with you (on top of sneakers). Due to the temperatures we recommend picking an ankle boot. 

Boots are especially important too if you are thinking of renting a bike in Amsterdam as a small heel is safer to cycle in than a trainer. 

When looking for the perfect travel ankle boot I would recommend getting something with a chunkier heel i.e. no thin heels. There are many cobble stones in Amsterdam and you do not want to get your heel stuck. 

Note: Do not bring any thin heels or stilettos to Amsterdam (unless you plan on changing into these at your destination). These are top of my what not to wear in Amsterdam list as they are dangerous on the cobbles and while biking. 

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While boots are perfect for when you are cycling in Amsterdam and on those rainy days, a trainer is perfect for days you want to do a lot of walking. 

And trust me, Amsterdam is a great city for walking. If you have a water proof pair that will be even better in case you do get a rainy day. 

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Leather Jacket

Although the temperatures in Amsterdam in April are warming up, do not come to the city without a jacket. 

While any light jacket would be suitable we recommend bringing a leather one for those that want to fit in with the locals. 

Amsterdam is a relatively casual city – though still smart and stylish and a key piece in any Amsterdammers wardrobe is a leather jacket. 

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Again, while the temperatures are heating up there can be cold days and Amsterdam at night can get chilly. 

A great day to night piece that can both dress up a casual look or be used as a extra layer is a pashmina. 

We never travel to Amsterdam without one. 

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Rain Jacket 

Although Amsterdam in April is one of the least rainy months of the year, we recommend taking a rain jacket with you. 

When on the streets of Amsterdam you will see a range of jackets from a more sporty to hiking waterproof to more stylish trench coat style raincoats. You will not be out of place in either. 

However if you are considering cycling in Amsterdam in the rain then you will want a looser fit rain jacket. 

We also love the Maium Amsterdam trench coat waterproofs with a zip at the side that transitions perfectly from loose rain jacket on the bike to ctylish fitted jacket for more formal locations. 

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Waterproof Trousers

Again, if you are planning on doing big cycles in Amsterdam you will want a pair of waterproof trousers with you. 

We recommend packing them and taking them with you. However if you should forget your waterproofs we recommend heading to local brand Hema which can be found throughout the city as they have a great cycling range. 

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As I have mentioned before Amsterdam is a casual city. Jeans will not be out of place anywhere in city from museums to restaurants. 

Most days in April I would wear jeans in Amsterdam so you will not feel out of place among the locals. 

T Shirts 

T shirts are perfectly commonplace on the streets of Amsterdam. The Dutch tend to be a practical people and you are more likely to find plain white or black tees than bright colored slogan t shirts. 

But in truth t shirts are fine. 

I recommend taking short sleeve ones with you. Maybe just have one long sleeved one or a blouse with you in case you get a cooler day.


For cooler days longer sleeved blouses are perfect and will transition well from day to night in Amsterdam. 

A cardigan

Although the days are getting warmer in Amsterdam in April it is worth noting that a cardigan may still be needed especially at night. 

Having a cardigan or another couple of layers with you is a definite must pack.

Underwear and socks

These ones kinda of go without saying but just in case and because I would hate you to miss anything be sure to pack the correct amount of underwear and socks for your trip.


As the days are getting warmer and sunnier be sure to add a pair of sunglasses to your list. The canals can get pretty dazzling in spring and summer and it is good practise to always pack sunglasses whatever the season to protect your eyes. 

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Theft Proof Bag

Amsterdam is generally a safe city. But as with any tourist destination pickpockets can appear.

I recommend taking a bag with a least zip compartments. A theft proof bag like the one above would be even better. 

For days when you are just walking then a cross body bag is more than suitable. However if you are planning on doing a lot of cycling you will definitely need a backpack with you. 

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How to Dress in Amsterdam in April for Men

To be honest if you are asking for how to dress in Amsterdam in April for men I would have to say the rules are generally the same. The key things you will need for your wardrobe are


As I said these are a staple for all Amsterdam wardrobes. But it might also be worth adding a pair of smart chinos too. 

Best Shoes for Amsterdam in April for men

Again, an ankle boot and a pair of sneakers or converse are the best shoes you can wear in Amsterdam in April.

What clothes to pack for Amsterdam in April at night

Are you wondering about the Amsterdam dress code at night. Well don’t fear Amsterdam is a relatively casual city. In fact I would add any type of formal wear to your what not to wear in Amsterdam list.

For a dinner in Amsterdam I would recommend wearing the same things as you would wear during the day in the city but maybe smarten it up with boots over sneakers and a blouse instead of a t shirt.

What to Pack for Amsterdam in April (Non Clothing)

FAQS about this Amsterdam Spring Packing List

What do people wear in Amsterdam for Kings Day?

One of the big events in Amsterdam in April is Kings Day. Now there aren’t many events or situations where there is a strict Amsterdam dress code. However Kings Day in Amsterdam does have its own very unique dress code.

Kings Day is in celebration of when the current king became king and is celebrated every year on 27th April. It doesn’t matter whether it is a week day or weekend, Kings day will always be celebrated on 27th April until a new King or Queen is coronated.

Note: Kings Day is not just celebrated in Amsterdam it is an event that is celebrated all over the Netherlands in April.

On Kings Day throughout the Netherlands people will wear:

  • Orange – and lots of it!
  • Red, white and blue (to a lesser extent that orange) the colours of the Netherlands flag.

Usually people will be in almost head to toe orange but may choose the red, white and blue to accessorise i.e. face paint or flower crowns or belts etc.

If you are wondering what to wear on Kings Day in Amsterdam then we recommend

Orange T Shirt

Everyone will be dressed in orange on Kings Day. I recommend picking an orange t shirt if you are traveling to Amsterdam on 27th April.

Many people will have orange t shirts with royal related slogans on. However if you don’t want to buy a t shirt just for the event you could just go with a plain orange t shirt like this.

Red, White and Blue Accessories

For your Kings Day accessories I recommend sticking to the red, white and blue colors. I noticed that a lot of people – myself included like to wear these red, white and blue leis.

If you have any red, white and blue accessories from the 4th of July you could also use them on Kings Day providing they stick to the colour scheme and don’t have the American flag on them.

What do people wear to see Tulips in Amsterdam

Woman at Keukenhof Gardens in A Dress
What to wear to Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Fields in Amsterdam

One of the main reasons to visit Amsterdam in April is to see the tulips. Now there will be tulips all around the city in April but to truly see the tulips in the Netherlands you need to head out to Keukenhof and to the tulip fields.

While there is no specific dress code to see the tulips in the Netherlands you will want to make sure you are wearing something practical as mentioned above if you are cycling around the tulip fields.

Also a day at Keukenhof will involve a lot of walking so take practical shoes for that.

But it is always worth noting that Keukenhof and the tulip fields are an instagrammers dream so you will also see lots of people wearing pretty floral patterns.