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What to Wear in Amsterdam in March

What to Wear in Amsterdam in March

In this what to wear in Amsterdam in March guide we look at how the weather in the Netherlands in March affects your Amsterdam Spring Packing list for men, women and children to make sure you are prepared for every scenario.

Weather in Amsterdam in March

What is the temperature in Amsterdam in March / Is it cold in Amsterdam in March?

The temperature in Amsterdam in March tends to range from 10 C at its highest to 2 degrees at its lowest. Therefore it can feel cold in Amsterdam in March especially if you get strong winds during your visit.

However depending on the year March can also be quite mild which makes it one of the trickier seasons to pack for.

Also the weather in March is known amongst the locals for being pretty erratic. The day can stay mild and dry and turn wet and windy and back again all in the space on a couple of hours. Therefore we recommend always having an extra layer and some water protection wear with you when you are out in the city in March.

Does it rain a lot in Amsterdam in March?

The bad news for those who are wanting to visit Amsterdam in March is that it is one of the rainiest months of the year. Amsterdam usually gets around 80mm of rain through the month of March so it is important that your Amsterdam March packing list prepares you for wet weather.

How do people dress in Amsterdam in Spring

The locals in Amsterdam in Spring tend to dress both casually and practically. The Dutch tend to be a practical bunch anyway and March is a month that really does call for practicality because of the rain.

You will find most locals wear jeans and jackets but also will usually carry waterproof clothing with them at all times too.

What to wear in Amsterdam in March

Now we know about what the weather in March is like and how the locals dress we will turn our attention to our what to wear in Amsterdam in March Packing List.

Note: If your visit spans a couple of months then we recommend checking out our other monthly Amsterdam guides. As you may think the weather doesn’t change too dramatically from month to month but it can and these guides also feature any special events that may affect your packing list.

Waterproof clothing

As we have said, March in Amsterdam is one of the rainiest months. Therefore you will need good waterproof clothing for your stay.

If you aren’t planning on cycling then a stylish rain coat would be perfect however if you are planning on lots of outdoor activities such as cycling which in our opinion is the best way to see the cit then you will need some more utility waterproof clothing such as a jacket and waterproof trousers.

These don’t have to be expensive and most people in the city cycle round in very plain black or navy waterproof gear like these ones you can buy online.

However if you forget them and hit the city during a very wet spell you are best heading to Amsterdam chain store HEMA. There are lots of these throughout the city and in stations and nearly all of them will always stock waterproof clothing for cyclists no matter what time of year you are visiting.

Ankle Boots

Again if you are cycling then you will want some ankle boots with you. Most people think sneakers are the best thing to cycle in but actually you are better with something that has a bit of a heel.

Just be sure to leave the suede shoes at home as these are on our what not to pack for Amsterdam in March list as the wet weather will ruin these in minutes.

We recommend having a pair of boots that are either completely waterproof or are at least water resistant.

Also please do not bring any boots or other shoes that have very thin heels such as stilettos. These are extremely dangerous in Amsterdam due to the cobbled streets, public transit access and of course are a huge hazard if you are considering cycling.

Chunky heels are the only heels you should even contemplate bringing with you to Amsterdam.


One of the best things to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day is visit one of the city’s amazing museums. We also recommend heading to museums in sneakers as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Our personal favourite sneakers are All Birds and Sketchers go walks but pick whatever you find comfiest. Just be sure if you buy new ones that you wear them in before you travel.

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As I mentioned Amsterdam is quite a casual, but also stylish city. I would say that most people in Amsterdam at night or day will be wearing jeans in the spring.

Long Sleeve T Shirt

I would pack a long sleeve top for each day you are in Amsterdam as these are likely to be the most useful thing for your stay.

If your weather forecast shows you will have a mild spell it might be worth throwing in a couple of plain short sleeve t shirts too for a bit of variety.


A Jacket is essential for Amsterdam in March and if you can find something waterproof that is going to be even better.

Another popular option amongst the locals in Amsterdam is a leather jacket which is a staple of an Amsterdam night out.

Jumpers / Hoodies

Layers are really the key to any Amsterdam Spring Packing List. I would take a mix of smarter jumpers for the evening and a couple of hoodies for cooler days.


To dress up outfits for Amsterdam at night I would always take a pashmina. It also has the added bonus that it can be an extra layer during a cold snap.

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What to Pack for Amsterdam in March (non clothing)


Much of this what to pack for Amsterdam in March list concerns the rain so it should come as no surprise that an umbrella should be on your Amsterdam spring packing list. While I normally would recommend a compact umbrella I want to stress it is important to have a sturdy umbrella.

I lived in Amsterdam for three years and I broke a number of flimsy compact umbrellas during my stay there as the wind by the canals and sea can get very strong.

Therefore make sure whatever company umbrella you pack can tolerate winds otherwise you will be buying a replacement while you are there.

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Power Pack

There are lots of amazing photo opportunities in Amsterdam and you will be using many Amsterdam related apps. Your phone battery therefore will drain quickly.

Don’t be caught out and make sure you travel with a good power pack.

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Crossbody Bag

The best type of bag for visiting Amsterdam as women is a crossbody bag with zips – and lots of them. Although as an ex Amsterdam expat I wouldn’t say Amsterdam is a very dangerous city, there can be pickpockets as with any tourist city or attraction in the world. The best way to prevent pickpockets is to have a bag that is hard to get into.

This crossbody bag is our favourite type.

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FAQS About This Amsterdam Spring Packing List

What should I wear to see the Tulips in Amsterdam in March?

Although the Keukenhof Botanical Garden, one of the most famous places in the Netherlands to see tulips usually opens in March it is unlikely that you will be seeing the tulips at the best if you are visiting in March.

Obviously the tulip bloom is largely contingent on the weather conditions, but generally speaking you are better to wait to visit Amsterdam in April if you tulips are the main point of your visit.

Will I need to take swimwear to Amsterdam in March?

Unless you have a hotel with a swimming pool, which is quite rare in central Amsterdam you will not be needing any swimwear?

Do I need evening wear for Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a casual city so unless you are going to a specific event that requires formal wear you will not need to take any with you.

Please note: don’t mistake casual for not chic. Amsterdammers dress very well but their style is more laid back than formal.

Do you have a question about what to pack for Amsterdam in March? Leave us a question below in the comments and we would be happy to answer.