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What to Wear in Amsterdam in October

What to Wear in Amsterdam in October

Are you wondering what to wear to Amsterdam in October? In this guide we round up our perfect Amsterdam in October packing list including what to wear to Amsterdam in October for the weather and , non clothing items essentials that shouldn’t be left out of your case.

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Weather in Amsterdam in October

Is it cold in Amsterdam in October?

The weather in Amsterdam in October ranges from average highs of 15C and average lows of 7C. Therefore I would say, in answer to is it cold in Amsterdam in October, no it isn’t very cold however it can get a bit chilly in the evenings and cold into the the night.

Therefore the key to an Amsterdam Packing list for October is to have plenty of laters with you.

Does it rain a lot in Amsterdam in October?

It can rain a lot in Amsterdam in October. On average there are around 11 days of rain in October in Amsterdam.

As someone who has lived in Amsterdam I can say that I experienced a fair bit of rain in October in Amsterdam and it ranges from heavy downpours to light drizzles.

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What do people wear in Amsterdam ?

Local people in Amsterdam are very practical and this is reflected in the Amsterdam October dress code. The locals in Amsterdam in October tend to wear plenty of layers, smart casual attire and are always prepared for the rain.

What to wear in Amsterdam in October


If you are traveling to Amsterdam in Fall or even in the Spring I would always advise you to add a pair of thick heeled boots to your Amsterdam packing list.

Thin heeled shoes generally are on my what not to wear in Amsterdam list. This is because Amsterdam has lots of cobbled streets and uneven walkways. Therefore thin heels are dangerous so should be replaced with thick heels.

Thick heeled boots are also much safer to cycle in if you are planning to do so and are much better even than sneakers.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam in early October then ankle boots are a better choice but if you re traveling in late October and prefer them and have room in your luggage you could add longer length boots to your Amsterdam packing list.

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T SHirt

Amsterdammers during the day are relatively casual. But don’t confuse casual for unstylish. The Dutch are in fact very stylish.

T Shirts are a common thing to be seen on the Dutch streets however I would advise plain and stylish ones over bold, bright and graphic t shirts.

If you are heading to Amsterdam in Late October I would advise adding some long sleeved t shirts to the list as well as short.

Blouses / Shirts

Blouses for women and shirts for men are the perfect thing to wear in Amsterdam at night.

Jumpers / Sweater / Cardigans

Although not very cold, the key to how to pack for Amsterdam in October is layers, layer s and more layers.

Jumpers, sweaters and cardigans are perfect additions to the Amsterdam packing list and I would say to make them thicker as the month goes on.


Jeans are the perfect thing to wear in Amsterdam. They are good if the day is slightly cool and windy and if you have a smarter pair then transition into night very well whatever you plan to do in Amsterdam in the evening.


Jackets are the perfect top layer for Amsterdam in fall especially in early October. Leather jackets are frequently seen in Amsterdam in October and I would say if you don’t want to look like a tourist in Amsterdam this is the perfect thing to add to your packing list.

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Although on many days a jacket will be the perfect top layer for Amsterdam I would also advise taking a coat with you.


No one in Amsterdam goes out without waterproofs especially those cycling. Most people cycling will wear waterproof jackets and trousers. If you plan on cycling round the city I would recommend you taking some with you.

However if you don’t have any and decide you need them stop in at HEMA. HEMA stores are everywhere around Amsterdam and always stock waterproofs for cyclists.

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Although boots are in my opinion the shoe for Amsterdam, on days you are not cycling I would have a pair of sneakers with you.

If you can find a pair of waterproof sneakers these would be ideal.


Goes without saying …


Amsterdam in October won’t require thick flannel PJs but the days to thin nighties and PJs are far behind you. A normal thickness pair of PJs is perfect for Amsterdam in October.

What clothes to pack for Amsterdam in October at night

The dress code for Amsterdam in October at night is smart casual. Amsterdam is not a very formal place and therefore I would leave formal attire off your Amsterdam packing list.

And although casual would be acceptable in many places I would say the you would feel most comfortable in smart casual attire in restaurants, bars and theatres in Amsterdam.

If you are looking for more guidance on what to wear for dinner in Amsterdam check out this post.

What to Pack for Amsterdam in October (Non Clothing)

Theft Proof Bag

As with any tourist city around the world there are pickpockets in Amsterdam. Therefore we recommend using a cross body anti theft bag with you such as this one.

Click here to shop theft proof bags.

Travel Adaptors

Amsterdam uses the traditional European plugs. So if you are coming from the UK etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work. Click here to purchase! 

Power Pack

Amsterdam is a beautiful city so you will be using your phone lots to take photos. On top of that you will be using your phone for navigation and public transit info. This obviously is a drain on your phone battery. Be sure to have  a power pack with you to recharge those batteries. 

Compact umbrella

Amsterdam in October is rainy. Be sure to have a handy compact umbrella with you.

FAQs about Amsterdam Fall Packing List

Should I pack Swimwear for Amsterdam in Fall?

Swimwear really isn’t necessary for an Amsterdam Fall Packing List. It is too cold to swim in the sea and I don’t advise any tourist to try and swim in the canals or Rivers whatever the season.

Also as most hotels in Amsterdam do not have a swimming pool. there is really no need for you to pack swimwear unless you are in one of the rare hotels with a pool