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What to Wear in Cappadocia for every season

What to Wear in Cappadocia for every season

Are you wondering what to wear in Cappadocia? This guide tells you what you should pack for Cappadocia whatever season you are visiting and for whatever activities you are doing from hiking, hot air ballooning or just for getting that great Instagram snap!

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Where is Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is a region located in Central Turkey that is now a world renowned UNESO World Heritage Site.

It is famed for its amazing geological features and landscapes with extra-terrestrial like landscapes. But most recently has become famous, certainly amongst instagrammers, due its proliferation of hot air balloon rides which are the best ways to view the remarkable landscape.

And although some weather is better than other for visiting the region, Cappadocia really is a 365 day destination which is why we have you covered with what to wear in every season.

Cappadocia Dress Code Rules

Couple on blanket watching hot air balloons in Cappadocia
What to wear in Cappadocia

But before we can get into specific outfit recommendations for Cappadocia, first it is worth taking a moment to discuss Cappadocia’s and more generally Turkey’s Dress code requirements.

Many people forget that Turkey is a Muslim Country and therefore more conservative and modest attire is more respectful of local culture. Therefore we recommend sticking to clothes that aren’t too skimpy i.e. cover your shoulders and knees.

This is good advice if you plan to visit the Middle East generally and is very important if you are visiting religious sites in Turkey such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

However having said that, Cappadocia is a known tourist attraction and therefore they are used to seeing a variety of attire. But personally I would always stick to keeping shoulders and knees covered.

So now you know about the Turkey Dress Code rules, we will turn our attention on what to wear to Cappadocia season by season and things you should consider for traveling to this amazing part of Turkey.

Considerations for What to wear in Cappadocia

Before we get onto the seasonal packing guides, it is worth first pointing out the things you need to consider when traveling to Cappadocia no matter the time of year you are traveling.

As we mentioned above there is the Turkey Dress Code and Islamic Faith to consider when packing for Cappadocia.

There is also the weather which we will discuss in greater detail in our seasonal sections. But on top of those it is really important to think about the activities you will be doing in Cappadocia.

Of course, nowadays there is one activity that Cappadocia is most famed for – hot air balloons! These take place 365 days a year, although there can be cancelled due to bad weather which is of course more likely during Winter.

Now you make think that you can wear the same things in the air as on the ground but there are definitely things that you should wear on a hot air balloon ride and things you shouldn’t.

For instance, skirts and dresses really aren’t practical for hot air balloon rides and it can be chilly as these rides usually happen at sunrise and sunset, so be prepared for some chillier temperatures.

But on top of hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia there are also plenty of amazing hiking trails to go through the amazing Cappadocia landscape.

And on top of that there are more unique tours through the landscape on ATVs and horseback to name just a few.

Therefore it is really important you pack clothes that are suited to the activities you are doing when putting your packing list together to make sure it is practical for your itinerary.

What to wear to Cappadocia in Summer (June, July and August)

Woman in Cappadocia in Summer with hot air balloons in the background
What to wear in Cappadocia in Summer

Cappadocia in Summer is classified as June, July and August and is famed for its hot weather. Summers in Cappadocia tend to be hot and dry. On average the temperatures in Cappadocia in Summer tend to hover around 25-30°C (77-86°F).

Therefore it is really important to pack for the heat.

As such we would recommend putting the below on your Cappadocia summer packing list:

Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts.

Because of the combination of hot weather and conservative dress code maxi dresses and maxi skirts are the perfect addition to your Cappadocia in Summer packing list.

We recommend selecting items made of natural fabrics as opposed to man made fabrics. These are more breathable and will reduce sweat when outside.

We also recommend selecting items that are more loose and flowing as opposed to tight fitting as these are better for heat and dress code adherence.

And for this reason, I would always select a dress with a cap sleeve or longer i.e. no spaghetti straps. I would also watch out for any revealing slits or backless dresses which might not be modest enough for local sensibilities.

However if you plan on taking a hot air balloon ride it is important that you have

Loose Trousers

These are safer for balloon rides.

T Shirts and Blouses

These are perfect for out exploring Cappadocia and can be paired with skirts or trousers. However be sure to pack a top that has shoulder coverage.


Although it is hot in Cappadocia in Summer, if you plan on going in a hot air balloon or being out for sunrise and sunset be sure to have a top layer with you as it can get chilly at these times even in summer.

Hiking Clothes

On top of the above, if you plan on doing some hikes or more physical activity in the area we recommend having one set of clothes that are suitable for hiking. Be this walking shoes and yoga pants or walking trousers or even leggings.


I never travel anywhere in the Middle East without a pashmina. These are perfect for chilly mornings and evenings, for places with fierce air conditioning such as restaurants and malls for instance, and are great for making outfits more modest especially when visiting religious sites.


Hats are the perfect instagram accessory so if you plan on taking some insta snaps this is a good addition to your packing list.

However if you plan on going on a hot air balloon then leave your wide brimmed hats at the hotel. This are at risk of being blown away.


It is bright during the summer months at Cappadocia so don’t leave the sunglasses at home.

What to wear to Cappadocia in Winter (December, January and February)

Woman in hot air balloon looking at other balloon
What to wear in Cappadocia in Winter

Winter in Cappadocia is classified as December, January and February. And Winter in Cappadocia can be one of the most picturesque and quietest times to visit this amazing place. However you will need to pack for cold weather.

The average lows during this period at -3/-5C or 22-25F and average highs are 4-6C / 40-44F with January taking the title for coldest month of the year.

You can also expect to see about 12 days of rain during each of these months so it is worth being prepared with some some waterproof wear.

But the good news is that hot air balloon rides, which are on most people’s Cappadocia bucket list, are still running, however not as frequently and are disrupted by Winter Weather. The reason for this is that they can’t run in the rain and they can not land when it is too icy on the ground so be prepared.

But if you do get up during the Winter, you are rewarded with some of the most stunning views of the region as tehre is nothing quite like seeing this amazing lunar like landscape dusted with snow.

So what should you wear to cope with the Winter in Cappadocia?


And lots of them! I’m talking thermal base layers for going up in the balloon, shirts, hoodies as well as warm coats.

It is better to have too many layers and be able to remove some than find yourself shivering.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves

As I mentioned above it definitely does snow in Cappadocia in Winter therefore you will be wanting all the normal regular Winter accessories with you.

Beanie hats are a good choice as they won’t blow off during a balloon ride. We also recommend taking gloves that allow you to use your phone while still wearing them as this will stop faffing in the cold.

You may also want to a pair of earmuffs for a particular cold snap.

Jeans / Trousers

Jeans are a great choice for Winter in Cappadocia as they are thicker than other trousers. But you will also want some trousers that are more comfortable for walking in, especially for walking in the rain in.


A coat is absolutely a necessity during Winter in Cappadocia. We recommend something warm like a down parka. However we also recommend picking a coat that has some water resistance or waterproof coating to cope with the rainy days in Cappadocia.

Hiking Socks

For me there is nothing worse than cold feet so you will want hiking socks with you for out of trails and in the outdoors.

Shoes with Good Sole

We talk about shoes more in the best shoes for Cappadocia, however it is worth pointing out here that is is essential to have shoes with a good sole for Winter in Cappadocia due to cold, snow and ice are being likely weather during the season.

What to wear to Cappadocia in Spring and Fall (March, April and May and September, October and November)

Woman at caves in Cappadocia
What to wear in Cappadocia

Cappadocia in the shoulder season is one of the best times to visit for both crowds and weather. Depending on the month you are traveling in will depend on whether your list should lean more towards the summer or the winter packing list.

Generally speaking however, for March and November I would consider packing more layers as they are closer to Winter. And for April, May, September and October I would add more summer wear but still have layers with me.

I recommend adding the below to the Shoulder season packing lists

Hoodie / Sweater / Jumper / Poncho

You will definitely want top layers with you during this period. For May and September you can probably get away with a lighter weight hoodie. However for the Winter adjacent months you will want thicker and more layers with you.

For November you may also want a heavy weight coat.


Great no matter the month you visit Cappadocia.


Again this is perfect as an additional layer for cooler periods and is great for making outfits more modest.

Best Shoes for Cappadocia

My number one shoe for Cappadocia for Summer and the shoulder seasons in particular is a sneaker. Sneakers cope well with the terrain on trails and for activities such as ATVs in the region. THey also are great for clambering in and out of hot air balloons.

However for summer you may want some hiking sandals for trails in the summer.

In the Winter however we recommend having hiking boots with you as these will be needed on trails when there is snow and ice on the trailheads.

You could also take flip flips with you in Summer for using round resort pools but thes eare not really suitable elsewhere in Cappadocia.

What to Pack for Cappadocia – non clothing

As well as clothing you may be wondering what to pack for Cappadocia that isn’t clothes.

Well we recommend adding the below to your CAppadocia Packing List no matter the season:

  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger
  • Crossbody bag 
  • camera – it is a beautiful place you will want to take lots of photographs.

FAQs about What to wear in Cappadocia

What to wear on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

Woman with hot air balloons in Cappadocia
What to wear on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

If you want to know what to wear on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia I would recommend wearing at least one more layer than you would on the ground.

That is because it gets cold as you get higher up.

We also recommend trousers over dresses, sneakers over heels and leaving the hat at home for safety and practicality reasons.

However for a more in depth look at what to wear on a hot air balloon ride, no matter the destination, check out this post.

What would you add to this Cappadocia Packing List