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What to wear in Corsica

What to wear in Corsica

Are you wondering what to wear in Corsica? In this guide we will give you a month by month overview so you know what to wear to Corsica in Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall whether you are hitting the beach, city or heading out into the countryside.

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But before we get into your Corsica outfit inspiration there are a few useful things to know ahead of planning your Corsican capsule wardrobe.

Corsica, despite only being separated from Sardinia by a 7 mile (11km) stretch of water know as the Strait of Bonifacio, is actually not an Italian island but a French Island. It lies 105 miles / 170km from Mainland France and is one of France’s island territories.

And while Corsica is a beautiful island, and an island with a rich history due to its naval strategic position it is most famed for being the birthplace of Napolean Bonaparte. As such, most visitors to Corsica go for a combination of historical sites and beaches.

But before we can tell you what to pack for these places, first it is best to give you an overview of the weather in Corsica.

Overview of the Weather in Corsica

The thing to know about Corsica is that it is an island that will experience all four seasons

Is Corsica warm all year round?

Despite what people think, Corsica, and other Mediterranean islands such as Sicily are not warm all year round. However I would not say it is a cold weather destination either.

How cold Corsica gets in Winter will largely depend on the month and part of Corsica you are traveling to.

What is the weather like in Corsica in Summer?

Summer in Corsica is classified as June, July and August. And you can expect hot and largely dry weather. August is usually the hottest month of the island where temperatures can reach up to 82°F.

With this weather you will want to spend at least some of your Corsica vacation on the beach and want to pack lots of light loose clothing made of natural fabrics if you decide to travel to Corsica in summer.

For more information on the weather in other regions of France in Summer check out the below guides:

Is it cold in Sicily in Winter?

Winter in Corsica can definitely be chilly.

The weather in Corsica in the Winter months (which is classified as December, January and February – though it is worth noting November definitely is chilly too), tends to be around the low 40s F. However will find that the Northern side of the island and mountains are colder and can get as low as 35F.

Of all the months January tends to be coldest with averages temperatures being a low of 40°F and high of 56°F.

Therefore if you are visiting Corsica in Winter you will want definitely want jackets and layers.

I would personally not be thinking of swimming in the sea in Corsica in Winter.

When does it rain in Corsica?

Although many people associate Corsica with sunshine, it does rain in Corsica. June July and August tend to be the dry months in Corsica while November is the rainest months on the island. However if you are traveling to Corsica in Winter you can expect to experience rain throughout the season.

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Corsica Dress Code

Woman on cliff overlooking sea in Corsica
What to wear in Corsica Dress Code

When traveling to France, I know a lot of people worry about dress codes and what not to wear. However I find Corsica one of the easiest places to dress in France.

As Corsica’s main economy is based off tourism, both domestic and internationally and therefore you will see many people dressed for sightseeing and going to the beach. Therefore you don’t really have to think about dress codes as much as you would in the cities.

Days tend to be casual, but nighttime slips into a more smart casual dress code especially for eating dinner in France.

However don’t confuse casual with not being stylish. The French are very stylish, even on vacation, though they do tend to stick to a more muted color palette.

But other than that there really aren’t any specific dress codes you should be aware of. So what should you pack and wear in Corsica?

What to wear to Corsica in Summer

Woman with sea in background in corsica
what to wear in corsica dress code

Summer in Corsica is classified as June, July and August. These are the hottest and driest months in Corsica therefore it is important to pack clothing that can cope with the heat.

We recommend only packing things that are made of natural fabrics such as cottons, linens and silks. Natural fabrics are more breathable and will prevent sweating.

Things we put on our packing list for Corsica in Summer include:

Maxi Skirt / Maxi Dresses

Whenever I am traveling to a Mediterranean island, maxi dresses and maxi skirts are my go to. They are the perfect items for day to night transitions, great for on the beach and are great for cultural sites such as churches.


Trousers, particularly those made of natural fabrics such as linen and chinos, are perfect choices for Corsica in the evening.

I find trousers are great for dinner in Corsica where you may be dining alfresco especially for those cooler nights or for locations where you may be worried about mosquitos.


Shorts are perfect for hiking in Corsica, lounging on the beaches and exploring the cultural sites.

However I personally wouldn’t wear shorts on days you are looking at visiting churches.


Blouses are perfect in Corsica in summer especially if you select a natural fabric one with a looser fit. This will help prevent sweating and is a great day to night transition piece.

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T Shirt

T Shirts are great in Corsica wherever you are traveling. They work perfectly for hiking, are good on the beach and work for cities in and towns.

I tend to stick with plain dark t shirts that are more akin to what locals weara. And I always have a cardigan or pashmina added to dress them up in the evening.

Slogan and graphic t shirts are not what locals wear in France so I find plain dark t shirts help you fit in with the locals more.


I never travel anywhere in Europe without a pashmina no matter the season and Corsica is no exception.

A pashmina can be used as a scarf or lovely accessory but can double up as an added extra layer or help provide some added modesty for churches in required.


One of the best things to do in Corsica in Summer is of course to check out of the islands many beautiful beaches. If you plan on doing this you will definitely want a couple of pieces of swimwear with you. 

There are no dress codes on beaches in France that you need to be aware of so choose a one piece or bikinis based on your personal preference. 

But also be sure to pack

Beach Covers

For moving between locations. The French don’t tend to wear beachwear on the boardwalk so you will want a beach cover with you too!


Goes Without Saying


For summer in Corsica I definitely recommend selecting nightwear that is lightweight.

And as a word of warning not all Corsica accommodation will be air conditioned so oyu may ant to check this before booking and travel.


The sun is strong in Corsica in summer so be sure to pack sunglasses whether you are in the city or a beach.


A wide brimmed hat is a necessity especially for the beach where there is no shade.

Best Shoes for Corsica in Summer

When I pack for Sicily in Summer I take the below shoes:


Great for exploring cities, ruins and mountains.


Great for walking if you take the right pair and also what I wear to dinner in Corsica.

If you plan to hike in Corsica in summer, and let me tell you there are some amazing trails in Corsica, you will want a pair of hiking sandals with you.

Flip Flops

For round pools and to wear on rocky beaches in Corsica.

What to wear to Corsica in Winter

Corsica hilltop town covered in snow
what to wear in corsica in winter

As I mentioned above, Corsica definitely gets all four seasons – so what should you wear to Corsica in Winter?

Winter in Corsica is consider December, January and February though November gets pretty chilly too. If you are traveling during these months then I recommend packing for cold weather and having the below layers.

Jacket / Coat / Blazer

Although the Winters in Corsica aren’t freezing, unless you are heading north and into the hills, you will definitely need some heavier weight coasts / jackets.

I would personally choose a waterproof coat for Corsica in Winter as it can get rainy especially in January. I would opt for a coat over a jacket but if you are visiting late/early in the season then you may be able to get away with a jacket.

For the evenings in Corsica, a blazer is also a great option for both men and women in restaurants.

Sweater / Hoodie

Layers are key to your Corsican Winter Wardrobe so we recommend packing a mix of smarter sweaters for the evenings and more casual hoodies for during the day.

Blouse / Shirt

Blouses and shirts are appropriate in Corsica in Winter for both day and night wear providing that you have some layers to combat the cold.

T Shirts

T Shirts are an appropriate base layer for Corsica whether you are exploring towns or countryside. We normally pack a mix of long sleeve and short sleeve versions so we are ready for any occasion.

Swimwear (optional)

I personally don’t find the water in Corsica swimmable in Winter. However if you are staying somewhere with a heated pool then you may want to pack some swimwear with you.

Shoes / Boots

Sports shoes are not appropriate in Corsica at night whether you are having a night out in the city or a dinner in a resort. We therefore recommend packing a pair of smarter shoes or boots.


Great for exploring Corsica during the day no matter the season you are visiting.

Hiking Boots

Required only if you are planning to go on a hiking trail in Corsica.

What else to pack for Corsica in Winter


If you are visiting during the Winter chances are you will see at least some rain so a lightweight compact umbrella is an essential.

And if you don’t have a waterproof coat with you we recommend also adding a poncho onto your packing list.

What to wear to Corsica in Spring and Fall

Corsica in Spring is classified as March, April and May while Fall spans September, October and November.

One of the great things about visiting Corsica in Spring and Fall is that these are classified as the shoulder seasons and visiting during this period you will be rewarded with pleasant sightseeing temperatures.

We recommend packing a mixture of clothing weights for these seasons as the weather is more changeable.

For instance we would add layers such as hoodies and sweaters for using the in the early mornings and evenings as well as a mixture of long and short sleeve tops so you are prepared for any temperature.

But do pack some extra layers such as microfibre fleeces and appropriate footwear if you are planning on going out walking while in Corsica.

For more information on what to wear to the rest of France in September check out this post.

Corsica Packing List FAQS

Do you need watershoes in Corsica?

If you don’t like walking on stony or rocky beaches then you may want to bring watershoes with you for Corsica. Not all of the beaches in Corsica are sandy so having something that will protect your feet from the rocks is a good ideas.

Do you need mosquito repellant in Corsica?

Corsica is not renowned for its mosquitos but you can get them anywhere in Southern Europe. We normally pack mosquito repellant for Corsica particular in the summer months however it is not an essential.

Also you will be able to purchase this and your other toiletries locally, however you ill find that you are paying a premium for them.