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What to wear in Maui (Packing List + Outfits)

What to wear in Maui (Packing List + Outfits)

Are you wondering what to wear in Maui? In this guide we will look at Maui specifically rather than just a generic Hawaii packing guide to help you put together the ULTIMATE Maui Packing List.

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Although Maui is not the largest of the Hawaiian islands, it is the most visited. One of the reasons for this is because of the great combination of things to do on the island from amazing beaches and surfing, amazing outdoor activities such as the beautiful drive and off shoot activities on the stunning Road to Hana.

In this guide we will tell you what clothes to pack for dress codes, weather and activities as well as non clothing Hawaii essentials you should never travel without!

What to wear in Maui

Woman hiker on the Wahiee ridge trail in Maui, Hawaii
What to wear in Maui Packing List & Outfits

Specific Maui Dress Codes

For the most part there aren’t strict dress codes anywhere in Hawaii. In fact most Hawaiian dress codes stress comfort and therefore casual outfits are fine for most places.

Even at luaus which are a celebration event stress comfort over formality for the most part.

What to Wear in Maui for Women

Woman on surfboard in Maui
What to wear in Maui Packing List & Outfits

For women looking at what to wear in Maui I would say that the following are really key pieces


No visit to Maui is complete without a visit to one of it’s beautiful beaches such as Wailea or the Kihea. Whether or not you plan to surf or snorkel or just hang out on the beach I would recommend taking at least two pieces of swimwear with you.

However if you plan to spend more time on the beach you could increase this.

One of the good things about Hawaii is that you aren’t restricted in the type of swimwear you can wear like countries with dress codes. Therefore we recommend packing the style you feel most comfortable in and the activities you are doing as to whether that is a one piece or a bikini.

However on top of a swimsuit/bikini you are also going to need:

A Rash Vest

If you plan to snorkel or surf then we would recommend adding a rash vest to your packing list. Rash vests will protect your skin from the sun while doing sports where it is easy to get sunburnt while you are in the water.

Beach Cover

Even at hotel and resorts beaches you will be expected to cover your swimwear when you go inside. We recommend packing either a sarong or kaftan style beach cover for on the beach in Maui.

Day to Night Transition dresses

One of the things we noticed about Maui is that it isn’t a very formal place. For instance even when looking at what to wear to a Luau you will find that even these don’t have a formal dress code.

Therefore we recommend packing dresses such as maxi and midi dresses that can be used in the day and work well at night for restaurants too.

If you do plan on attending a luau why not try embracing bright color and patterns which are commonly worn here.

Shorts / leggings for hiking

If you are planning on being more active during your Maui vacation, especially if you plan to do the Road to Hana we recommend having some practical atheleisure wear with you.

We recommend packing items that are quic dry as there are plenty of places to get wet along the way!

Shorts and Skirts

As well as your activewear shorts you will also want to pack some shorts that are suitable for the beach and round the hotel

T shirts / Tank Tops

A combination of T shirts and tank tops are perfect for Maui. BE sure to try and pack a Hawaii Capsule wardrobe so that your t shirts and tanks work with the leggings, shorts and skirts.


A lightweight compact waterproof jacket is a good idea if you are planning on visiting in one of the rainer months and want to do some hiking.

Jacket (Winter)

If you are traveling to Maui in Winter or you feel the cold we recommend packing a light jacket with you such as a denim jacket.


I also always travel with a pashmina no matter the destination as it is a useful accessory and extra layer if you find somewhere with strong air conditioning.


Goes without saying

Sports Bra

If you plan to do some more strenuous hikes or activities on your Maui vacation we recommend adding a sports bra to your Hawaii packing list.

Sun Hat

A sun hat is essential protection in Hawaii. Unlike other places, Hawaii isn’t very formal so the style of hat is really down to personal preference.

A baseball cap or straw sun hat are all perfectly acceptable on Hawaii.


The sun is strong on Maui so be sure to pack sunglasses for your Hawaii vacation to stay sun safe.

What to Wear in Maui for Men

COuple on beach in Hawaii
What to wear in Maui Packing List & Outfits

When looking at what to wear in Maui for men, it is very similar as for women. And item quantities should be adjusted based on length of stay, intended activities and amount of time you plan to spend on the beach.

A man’s packing list for Maui should include:

  • Swimwear inc rash vest
  • Shorts (smart and casual)
  • Pair of longer length trousers
  • Regular shirt and polo shirts
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

And on top of that you may want to considering adding an Aloha Shirt or Hawaiian shirt to your packing list.

This is commonly worn on Maui especially at Luaus so embrace color and pattern and add this to your packing list or buy one on arrival.

Note: if you are traveling throughout Hawaii on your vacation be sure to check out our other Hawaii guides:

What to Wear in Maui for Kids

When considering what to pack for kids going to Maui I would stress that the key things are comfort and sun safety.

We usually opt for cotton and natural fabrics that prevent sweating and that have longer sleeves etc for added sun safety.

We also take hats, swim hats and long sleeve rash vests for our little ones on Maui aswell as regular swimwear.

Best Shoes for Maui

When looking at the best shoes for Maui it will largely depend on what activities you plan on doing but we recommend the below:


Perfect for on the beach, walking around towns in Maui and for most of the hiking trails.

Our preferred trainers for Maui or anywhere in Hawaii are AllBirds as these are good for hot weather.


These are perfect for walking around the city, on the beach and for dinner in restaurants.

If you plan on doing on lots of walking on Maui in summer then you may also want to consider some hiking sandals.

We love the Teva brand for a versatile sandal.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are perfect on the beach and around the pool.

Water shoes

Also depending on what your planned activities are you may also want to consider packing some water shoes to help protect your feet.

What else to Pack for Maui

On top of these some things you may want to consider adding to your Maui Packing list include:

  • Backpack with a waterproof cover
  • Beach bag
  • Reef safe sun screen as this will protect marine life around Hawaii
  • Insect Repellant – especially for if you are planning on doing hikes and heading along the road to Hana.
  • Water bottle – more eco friendly and you will drink lots when out into Hawaii
  • Phone Charger
  • Power Pack
  • Camera and Lens if you are planning to take lots of photos.

FAQS About what to Wear to Maui

What to wear to a Luau in Maui

Luaus are a must for any Maui bucket list. Most luaus advise a comfortable, casual and colorful dress code but for full details on what to wear to a luau check out this post.

What to wear on the beach in Maui?

Beaches in Maui don’t tend to have strict dress codes. Swimsuits, shorts, t shirts, flip flops etc are all perfectly acceptable attire.

However if you plan to surf or do lots of water sports you may also want to consider adding a rash vest to your list.

But above all else at a beach in Maui be sure to wear plenty of sun screen. We recommend wearing reef safe sunscreen to help protect the waters around Maui.

What to wear on the Road of Hana?

Woman in front of a waterfall on the Road to H
What to wear on the Road to Hana

There are a lot of different acticities to do on the Road to Hana, and the time of year you visit will greatly impact what you wear. Be sure to check out our dedicated road to Hana guide for more info.