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What to wear in Europe in Fall

What to wear in Europe in Fall

Do you want to know what to wear in Europe in Fall? Our Europe in Fall packing covers you whether you are travelling to Europe in September, October, or November.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Fall in Europe is actually one of my favorite times to visit. The summer crowds have left but the weather is still pretty mild and the continent looks beautiful with the Fall colours.

In this guide we will:

Weather in Europe in Summer (September, October and November)

The weather in Europe in Fall is varied depending on the region you are travelling to but generally speaking the weather will be warm.

Generally speaking however Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and the Nordics tend to be the coldest area but even there you can expect pleasant temperatures, though you can also expect some rain. While Southern Europe is the warmest region with the temperatures heating up.

Note: if you want some specific country packing lists be sure to check out our regional posts:

Note: Fall has quiote temperamental weather. For this reason we always recommend checking the weather forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

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How do local people dress in Europe in Fall?

September in Europe still feels pretty summery. And you will find that many of the locals are still wearing there summer capsule wardrobes and embracing natural fabrics like linens and cottons.

However the temperatures tend to drop as October draws in and lots of light layers are key to any successful European packing lists for the Fall.

For more tips on putting together a capsule wardrobe (a capsule wardrobe is a method of preventing overpacking by making every item you pack work in multiple different outfits) check out these posts:

What to Wear in Europe in Fall

couple sat with back to camera next to canal in Amsterdam in Fall
What to wear in Europe in Fall

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Now depending on the part of Europe you are traveling to will obviously affect what you need to pack. But generally speaking we recommend packing:

Skirts and Dresses

Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear in Europe in Fall. I end to wear dresses that are Maxi in length and that also have a cap sleeve as then you can wear these if you decide to tour religious places such as Florence Duomo, the Vatican and the Sagrada Familia for instance in September. However for October and November however I end some sweater dresses to the packing list for when the temperatures start to drop.

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Depending on where you are traveling to in Europe and what activities you are doing once you get there will depend on what type of trousers you require.

Jeans are a great choice of trousers for sightseeing in Northern Europe and Scandinavia however in Southern Italy I don’t think you can go wrong with a linen pant in September . However by October I tend to wear denim no matter the European destination.


A loose blouse is another good pick for visiting religious sites and for evenings in Europe. Personally I like plain white linen shirts as they are very easy to use as part of a capsule wardrobe.

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T Shirts

T Shirts are a great base for Europe no matter what season you are visiting. For allke to pack a mix of long and short sleeve t-shirts and style-wise, I tend to stick to a plain or lightly patterned t-shirt instead of neon, graphic or slogan tees as these are more in keeping with local styles.

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The amount and thickness of layers needed for Europe in allly depends on where you are going. In September light layers such as waterfall cardigans and light weight hoodies are a good pick. However the later in Fall you are traveling the thicker the layers will need to be.

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Coat / Jacket

Now in Southern Europe in September your top layer may only need to be a blazer or denim jacket. However in Northern Europe and for October and November you may want a lightweight puffer jacket or a pack away raincoat.


It doesn’t matter where I am traveling to in Europe a pashmina is always on my packing list. A pashmina can be used as a scarf or lovely accessory but can double up as an added extra layer.

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As not many places in Europe have air conditioning we recommend packing lightweight night and lounge wear.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying really.


The sun can be strong in Europe even in the Fall so be sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection with you.


Although in October and November it may be too cold for baeches, it is worth packing swimwear for vacations in September or if you are staying somewhere with a heated pool.

And the great thing about Europe is you can pack any style for the beach and feel comfortable.

What to pack for Europe in Summer (non Clothing)

Woman in brown fur coat with budapest skyline in background
What to wear in Budapest in Fall (September, October & November)

Crossbody Bag

A cross body Bag is an essential for women and men in Europe no matter what month you are visiting. Unfortunately, as with any big tourist attractions around the world, Europe’s attractions do attract pickpockets. A good deterrent is a crossbody bag with lots of zips. We love the travelon brand as it is very practical but also comes in a wide variety of colors.


A backpack is an essential for storing items on your longer day trips in Europe.

Travel Adaptor

Most places in Europe uses the traditional European plugs (though the UK has a different plug). So if you are coming from the UK or USA etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work.

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Power Bank

You will have your phone out a lot taking pictures, as well as for using for navigation, essential travel apps and more. For this reason you will want to have a battery pack with you at all times

Travel First Aid Kit

No matter where we go we never travel without a travel first aid kit which includes all required medication blister plasters. As nothing will ruin your European Fall vacation quicker than sore feet.


Including but not limited to passports, travel insurance, vaccination certificates, visas etc.


For our essential toiletries packing list click here.

Best Shoes for Europe in Fall

Woman sat on bridge looking at river and Charles Bridge in Prague
What to wear in Prague in Fall (September, October or November)


Sneakers are my number one shoe anywhere in Europe in Fall. In Europe you will be walking over lots of different surfaces, such as cobbled stone streets. The best shoe for walking across these is definitely sneakers.

One of my favorite white sneaker is the Addidas Cloud Foam as I find them comfortable for walking long distances but I also love the Hoka range for lots of walking.

However it is worth considering a waterproof sneaker for Late fall.


Although for September a sandal is still a versatile shoe, for Later in Fall an ankle boot is more appropriate in Northern Europe.

Flip Flops

Flip flops aren’t great for walking in European cities. However if you have a beach or pool on your itinerary it is worth taking a pair of flip flops as they don’t take up much space in the case.

For what not to wear in Europe check out this post.

FAQs About Europe in Europe Packing List

Do you need sandals in Europe in Fall?

If you are visiting Europe in September then a sandal is a great pick. However in October and November in Northern Europe an ankle boot is a better shoe

Can you wear jeans in Europe in Fall?

Jeans are the perfect choice of pants for Europe in Fall. I never travel in Europe in Fall without packing my jeans.

Have you been to Europe in Fall? What did you wear? We would love you to tell us in the comments below!